Basic Instinct (1992) Poster

Jeanne Tripplehorn: Dr. Beth Garner



  • [Nick just had rough sex with Beth] 

    Beth Garner : You've never been like that before. Why?

    Nick : You tell me, you're the shrink.

    Beth Garner : You weren't making love to me!

    Nick : Well, who was I making love to?

    Beth Garner : You weren't making love at all.

  • Beth Garner : [Nick finds out that Beth and Catherine had slept together in college]  What was I supposed to say? "Hey, guys, I'm not gay, but I did fuck your suspect"?

  • Nick : I'm working my ass off, I'm off the sauce, I even stopped smoking.

    Beth Garner : How's not smoking?

    Nick : It sucks.

  • Beth Garner : [knocks on the door at Nick's apartment]  Nick! Nick, are you there?

    Nick : Go away, Beth! I don't want to see you.

    Beth Garner : [unlocks the door and enters the apartment, finding Nick drinking]  I still have my keys.

    Nick : Put 'em on the table and leave.


    Nick : [shouts]  Put 'em on the goddamn table and leave!

    Beth Garner : [throws the keys on the floor]  Damn it! Don't shut me out, you owe me more than that!

    Nick : I don't owe you anything! And you don't owe me anything. We went to bed 10, maybe 15 times. That's miserable enough to carry an obligation.

    Beth Garner : Sometimes I really hate you.

    Nick : Oh, then why don't you get yourself some friendly little therapist and try to work out all that hostility. Then maybe you can get off once in a while.

  • Beth Garner : Something's going on. You're sleeping with her, aren't you?

    Nick : Why are you interested in her?

    Beth Garner : My interest is in you, not her. She seduces and manipulates people. She'll do anything she can.

    Nick : I thought you hardly knew her?

    Beth Garner : I know the type. I'm a psychologist.

    Nick : That means... you manipulate people too! You're a practicing psychologist. You're better at it than she is!

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