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  • A flighty teenage girl learns that she is her generation's destined battler of vampires.

  • Buffy Summers has the lifestyle any young woman could want. Cheerleading, dating the captain of the basketball team, and copious amounts of time spent shopping with friends. She had no idea of her true calling until a mysterious man named Merrick approached her and told her that she is the Slayer; one woman called to defend the world from vampires. Reluctant to concede to the fact, Buffy soon learns that Merrick speaks the truth and so begins to take her new life seriously while trying to maintain the sense of normality her life had once been. With her best friends slowly abandoning her, Buffy finds solace in the town outcast, Pike, who knows very well the terrors that have arisen. Together, they combat the forces of the old and powerful vampire, Lothos, who has his eyes set on Buffy.

  • Buffy thinks very highly of her keen fashion-sense. In fact, fashion, cheerleading, movies and parties are all she ever thinks about. Then one day, Merrick approaches her; telling her she has a specific mission in life - killing vampires. What good is her "keen fashion-sense" in her new daily tasks?

  • Buffy is an air-head cheerleader who is chosen by a guy named Merrick to fend the world of Vampires. When Merrick first informs Buffy that she is the "chosen one," she thinks he's crazy, but then strange things begin to happen. First, Buffy's friend Cassandra and many other kids form her school turn up missing and are later found "dead" with bite marks on their necks. After many other strange ocurrences, Buffy then realizes that those bite marks were made by vampires, and that they really are out there. She comes to to horrifying truth that she is the "chosen one."

  • Buffy is a bimbo! She shops and shops and, well, shops! That is until one day she comes across a man who informs her that she is the chosen one!!! She has been chosen to kill vampires and must now train to do so! With the help of her instructor she learns the kicks, moves and attitude essential to any vampire killer. With the help of her friend, Pike (played by Luke Perry) she defeats the master vampire and saves the planet....


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  • "Since the dawn of man, the vampires have walked among us, killing and feeding. The only one with the strength or skill to stop their heinous evil is the slayer, she who bears the birthmark, the mark of the coven. Trained by the watcher, one slayer dies and the next is chosen."

    In 1992 Los Angeles, the new vampire slayer is cheerleader Buffy [Kristy Swanson]. Three bodies have been found with "really gross hickies" on their necks. It takes Merrick the Watcher [Donald Sutherland] some time, but he finally convinces Buffy that she is indeed the chosen one. When Merrick is killed by the master Lothos [Rutger Hauer] and Buffy links up with nerdy Pike [Luke Perry], she realizes how serious the vampire business really is. Things come to a head when vampires crash the senior prom.

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