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  • The movie was directed by Albert Pyun which apparently seemed to have similar consequences as his most famous movie Cyborg. After differences during the production process, the studio altered the movie quite heavily and the final cut didn't have much in common with Pyun's original version. Furthermore, the scheduled theatrical release was postponed several until the movie was released direct-to video in 1992.

    The Director's Cut available on disc 2 of the 3-Disc-Set from Pyun's homepage and it's approx. 14 minutes longer than the regular US-Version. Unfortunately, the end result isn't as spectacular as expected due to its history. There's just a longer block of scenes in the middle of the movie which is a nice charakter development. The new footage proves the stronger focus of Captain America's inner conflict. Besides new footage, some footage has simply been recycled as flashback. As already mentioned, it's rather unspectacular and it doesn't look very professional either.

    The Commentary Version

    AS mentioned before, the Director's Cut (differing from the Original Version) is only available on Pyun's homepage. The customer always receives a 3-Disc-Set whereas the 3rd disc contains a newer production of Pyun's company. Technicalla, the first 2 discs BOTH contain Pyun's favorite version (verifiable due to the alternate beginning and the flashback at the end) but there's still a difference of several minutes which is confusing. But don't worry, the following comparison will shed some light on it.

    Disc 1 contains the unedited workprint with a director's commentary track instead of the regular audio track (there's a black screen for 4 minutes at the beginning which contains nothing but Pyun's voice). In this commentary, Pyun mentions his plans to edit this version for a future release on Blu-ray. On Disc 2, this already seems to have happened which means it contains the actual Director's Cut: the image quality still sucks but it was at least improved a bit. As a result, some scenes look much better than they do on the first disc. The same goes for the introductory text box in the beginning. The two spelling mistakes from the Commentary Version on disc 1 have been corrected. A further introductory text is only available in this edited version. But more than that (and the actual reason for this comparison), there's an 11-minute-block of scenes in the middle of the movie which is missing in the Commentary Version on disc 1. This means, the entire footage exclusively in the Director's Cut is withheld because the differences in the beginning and end is nothing but recycled footage. Edit (Coming Soon)


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