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Jackie Chan at his best!
smashattack20 January 2002
This is a great film! Just last night I watched one of his not-so-great films and felt I needed to watch something that fits him, so I chose Supercop. I've forgotten how great it is!

Unlike most Jackie Chan movies, this one has a nice plot that is easy to understand and characters that you can easily take a liking to. The music isn't bad in some spots and the storyline is great. Let's not forget the action scenes, which are some of Chan's best (not his VERY best, but good nonetheless)!

I really recommend this movie to all Chan fans out there.
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Astonishing stuntwork and action set-pieces!!
Libretio19 February 2005
POLICE STORY III - SUPER COP (Jing Cha Gu Shi III: Chao Ji Jing Cha)

(USA: Supercop)

Aspect ratio: 2.39:1 (Technovision)

Sound format: Mono

Police officer Chan Ka-kui (Jackie Chan) goes undercover within a criminal gang whose millionaire boss (Kenneth Tsang) plans to dominate the Asian heroin trade.

Though co-scripted by Chan regular Edward Tang (also responsible for the first two entries in the "Police Story" franchise), POLICE STORY III - SUPER COP is slightly darker in tone than its immediate predecessors and offers a much more streamlined combination of comedy, drama and action. This shift in focus was occasioned by the hiring of stuntman-turned-director Stanley Tong (RUMBLE IN THE BRONX, CHINA STRIKE FORCE, etc.), who keeps a tight rein on the film's narrative excesses whilst indulging some of the most spectacular action set-pieces ever filmed, *anywhere*.

Nothing in the first half of the movie - Chan's fight with gymnastic beauty Sam Wong at a mainland police training center; his initiation into Tsang's criminal gang by helping the villain's brother (Yuen Wah) escape from a prison work camp; a battle with police in a crowded marketplace, etc. - can prepare viewers for the *astonishing* climactic confrontation between Good and Evil, involving a series of hair-raising car stunts, Chan dangling (apparently unassisted) from a rope-ladder beneath a helicopter as it swings *high* above the streets of Kuala Lumpur (!), and the final hand-to-hand battle on top of a speeding train, upon which the aforementioned helicopter has become precariously entangled - and not a CGI shot in sight! Filmed with breathtaking gusto by artists working at the top of their game, this is commercial cinema at its most astounding (check the outtakes during the final credits, in which various participants come perilously close to serious injury or *death* during filming!).

Maggie Cheung makes another extended cameo appearance as Chan's beleaguered girlfriend, though the film is stolen clean away by Michelle Yeoh (billed as 'Michelle Khan' in some prints) as a mainland policewoman who assists Chan in his undercover operation, and who proves to be Chan's equal during the fast and furious combat sequences (the character proved popular enough to warrant her own spin-off feature, PROJECT S, in 1993!). Easily the best of the "Police Story" series to date, and one of the most memorable efforts to emerge from HK in the last fifty years, POLICE STORY III - SUPER COP is a winner. Followed by FIRST STRIKE (1996).

As usual, the movie was re-edited and rescored for its 1996 US debut under the title SUPERCOP. That version is missing only a few minutes of material, but should be avoided nonetheless.

(Cantonese and Mandarin dialogue)
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rutt13-120 June 2001
Probably my fave Jackie flick so far, this has great story, GREAT stunts, great action, and great work from an awesome cast. The helicopter/train finale is an absolute rollercoaster. I'm fortunate enough to have scored a chinese-language DVD, and this cut is definitely better than the Americanized version, with more exposition, and probably more MICHELLE YEOH! She's the greatest, nearly upstaging Jackie every moment she's onscreen, and they work great together! And of course the terrific Yuen Wah always makes a good villain! All around a great, slick, fast paced action adventure, that anyone could enjoy! A blast all around! Oh, and let's not forget the gorgeous Maggie Cheung, pretty funny here...
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Mr. Chan: more like this; less like the Americans, please!
saraarts3 January 2000
This is a really fun movie. Jerry Bruckheimer could learn a thing or five from Stanley Tong. I can only give it 8 out of 10 because it's not exactly deep, y'know? It is light as a feather, but it's also fun, fun, fun -- far more interesting and surprising than any "action" film I've seen out of Hollywood in a long, long time, all of which have seemed to me to be recycling the same script, plot, characters, and score to desperation. (Beats me how people could shell out eight bucks a pop to see Enemy of the State aka Mercury Rising aka Absolute Power...when they could rent Supercop for two bucks and actually see something unexpected.)

Of course, this film stars Jackie Chan being his usual goofy self, deftly making his extraordinary skills as a martial artist, stuntman, and physical comedian look as natural as breathing, but the other amazing talent in this piece is exhibited by the fantastic stuntwoman Michelle Yeoh (aka Michelle Khan), the same woman who for the first time blew away many Western moviegoers in Tomorrow Never Dies.

I think this woman is made entirely of rubber and springs. Most of her stunts in this movie are actually scarier and more daring than most of Chan's, and some of the most brutal took more than one take. And she did a lot of them in a dress!

Fortunately, she is also in the sequel to this, Supercop II. It's seven years old, and I can hardly wait to rent it. (When was the last time you were in a hurry to see an action flick almost ten years old?) Too bad I can't say the same for Rush Hour, which I had to click off after less than 10 minutes because Chan's co-lead character was such an obnoxious idiot.

I really hope Hollywood learns from Chan and his Hong Kong associates, and not the other way around. Indicators are not positive. Keep your fingers crossed. Meanwhile, watch Supercop and enjoy something fresh.
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Now this is a good sequel!
pabloramson1 January 2018
After the dissapointing Police Story 2, Jackie steps off the director chair and let's Stanley Tong do the job. This entry in the series tones down the acrobatic fights trademarked by Chan, focusing more in vehicle chases, shoot-outs and regular (but well coreographed of course) hand to hand fights, and instead of Ka Kui running around Hong Kong, he travels from country to country while infiltrating a gang of drug dealers. Funnily enough this feels more of a natural sequel to the original than the jarring Police Story 2. The addition of Michelle Yeoh's Capt Yang brings a lot of freshness and contrast to Chan's Ka Kui wacky and hot-blooded persona, and steals the show for the most part. The only downside is that most of the secondary characters from the previous movies are either ditched or have just small roles. Still, you can go wrong with this one.
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The best Jackie Chan action film yet
modius28 November 2000
I've seen a lot of Jackie Chan films and its rare to find gem in the many jewels in the films he's made. There are real drama films like Crime Story, or the frentic action in the original police story, there's the three-brother action in Project A, there's the frenctic kung-fu in Drunken Master 2, and then there's this gem.

This is certainly the best in the police story series, the action is fantastic, the humor brilliant, the story well put together. The duo of Michelle Kahn (Yeoh) and Chan is amazing, and Yeoh almost steals the show in her own right - her persona and her instance to do her own stunts (like Chan) makes her a marvel to watch - this is why she is so damn good in Tomorrow Never Dies, but its a shame the director of TND never captured her in the same way Stanley Tong does!

Chan maybe getting older, and its getting harder and harder for him to surpass his best. In that respect, this is possibly the last, best action film we'll get to see. I enjoyed it, and I'm sure most chan fans will enjoy it too.

My Rating: 9/10.
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7 Things You Usually Find In A Jackie Chan Film
ccthemovieman-120 August 2006
With most of these Jackie Chan films, you are guaranteed of getting the same material, meaning: (1) tons of violence; (2) extraordinary stunt scenes; (3) good sound; (4) some hokey dubbed voices; (5) a juvenile story with even more- juvenile attempt at humor; (6) very little profanity and blood; (7) a stupid but still enjoying movie (for at least one viewing.)

All of this adds up to a "fair" rating. The fun part of watching Chan's films are the outrageous action scenes and stunts by The Man, himself. Especially for someone getting up their in age, Chan is incredible since he does his own stunts.

In this film, Chan's girlfriend, played by Michelle Yeoh, does her own stunts, too. She is an excellent martial arts talent in her own right and a pretty lady. By the way, during the closing credits they show some of the stunts that went wrong. Not all of these are shown for laughs. In a few of them, Chan is injured.

The sound was amazing for a VHS. I can only imagine the stereo on the DVD. Overall, a dumb movie with unrealistic fight scenes (people just about get killed, but keep getting up for more!) but if you know that and just want to enjoy a lightweight action film, it serves its purpose.
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sacerongray-962085 April 2018
Great action scenes with a young Jackie Chan doing all his own stunts, including some pretty incredible ones. It is also a very funny comedy movie. Sure he's not an awesome actor or anything but he is definitely likable and a funny guy with an amazing level of talent for the physical fight scenes and stunt work. We really enjoyed this one.
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Third entry with Jackie Chan as intrepid and likable cop from Hong Kong police headquarter
ma-cortes7 July 2011
A Hong Kong detective named Inspector Chan Kui (Jackie Chan) teams up with his female Red Chinese (Michelle Yeoh) counterpart to arrest a Chinese drug czar . ¨Police Story 3¨ packs a violent confrontation between Jackie and an evil drug lord . This stirring story about the cop named Chan of the Hong Kong precinct is well played by Jackie Chan. Hong Kong police officer, Chan is sent undercover to mainland China to break up a drug smuggling ring and later in border of Thailand and Cambodia. After breaking the brother of the drug lord out of jail camp , he escapes along with the nasty smuggler . The wife of the crime boss has been detained in Malaysia for drug trafficking and is soon to be executed. However, she is the only person who knows the account number of a secret Swiss bank account hiding millions in drug money. While the two officers are in Malaysia preparing for the prison break , Chan accidentally runs into his girlfriend May, who has travelled there from Hong Kong. Soon his cover is blown, the villains abducts his sweetheart (Maggie Chung) and he is forced to help them pull off the jail break . The story follows him as he tries to stay alive and chase the villain , being pursued by the wicked criminal band . But then Chan turns into an unfortunate cop when the drug lord learns who has been double-crossed . Then Chan looks for vengeance against the ominous villains at a cat and mouse game.

This exciting movie is crammed of action-packed, spectacular fights, comedy , breathtaking stunt-work and lots of violence . Jackie Chan is top notch as one army man fighting a group of heinous criminals and as always he makes his own stunts like is showed on the final fake-shots. This time Chan join forces with another agent , a beautiful communist policewoman , well performed by Michelle Yeoh, both of whom are taken to Hong Kong to work for the syndicate . Awesome,incredible stunts and brief comic touches, as usual , the picture is better constructed than its predecessor. The lighting-paced storyline slows down at times because the runtime is overlong , but frenetic action sequences make up for it. Spotlights movie include Jackie jumping over a train , furthermore dangling and downing a helicopter, among others. This is a phenomenal action movie distinguished by fine cinematography of the spectacular sequences , and contains nice sense of humor as well as the previous entries. In this outing Jackie teamed up to prestigious actresses and good action stars in their own right , such as Maggie Cheung and Michelle Yeoh or Khan . The first version titled ¨Police story(1985)¨ directed by the same Jackie Chan was a perfect action film for enthusiastic of the genre ; the following was ¨Police story 2(1988)¨also pretty violent and with abundant humor touches. It's followed by this ¨Supercop¨ or ¨Police story 3¨ and finally, ¨Police story IV : Crime story. The motion picture is professionally directed by Stanley Tong . Stanley started his career as a stunt man, but got his first crack at directing in 1983. After that , he founded his own film company, Golden Gate. He wrote, directed, produced, and stunt-directed ¨Swordsman II¨ , "Stone Age Warriors", which was so successful that Tong was given the job as director of "Supercop", starring Jackie Chan. His first American film was "Rumble in the Bronx", another Chan film. He directed yet another Chan film "First Strike" and ¨China Strike Force¨. He recently won the Golden Horse Award, a Chinese version of the Oscar , for Supercop. His most recent work is the family comedy "Mr. Magoo" , and ¨The Myth¨ , also he has realized some episodes of ¨Martial Law¨ series for Sammo Hung . Rating : Good , the picture has its sensational moments , mostly provided by its agile star, the great Jackie Chan.
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One of the best Hong Kong Martial Arts Buddy films ever - Yeoh is terrific!
Sonatine9712 August 2000
I've never really been a great fan of Jackie Chan, often feeling that he somewhat downgrades the true force & meaning of pure martial arts. Instead he turns it into a caricature mixed with lots of excessive special effects such as flying through plate glass windows or jumping over cars on a motorbike.

I prefer the more natural, aethetic Bruce Lee when it comes to studied martial arts. He took the art far more seriously and didn't take it to extremes just for the sake of another "gee whiz" effect.


Jackie Chan DOES take his art just as seriously, (although not in a spiritual sense), this is proved by the number of near-death accidents he has received for the sake of his art over the years. He doesn't use stunt doubles very often and spends hours & hours going over potentially lethal special effects before finally performing them for us.

Police Story 3 is a superior Chan product, much better than his paper-thin stories as of late (although this could be down to the heavy Hollywood influence that perpetrates most of the latter films, and IMHO he is worse off for it).

PS3 is no different from his earlier films although on this occasion he has a more equally efficient lead in Michelle Yeoh, as his Chinese army partner.

Yeoh is a perfect foil for the extroverted yet dumb Chan. She screams screen presence, and her beautiful face belies her hidden deadly martial arts skills. And more significantly she, like Chan, very rarely uses stunt-doubles. (Best example is her jump onto a moving train while riding a motorcycle. Previously a stunt-double tried to do this but failed, ending up with a broken leg. But then Yeoh tried it and hey, perfect jump!)

Together they bring a more spirited edge to a rather humdrum story of drug traffiking. Chan isn't allowed to wallow in his ego because Yeoh is never far behind to push him out the way. The "buddy" chemistry works surprisingly well, perhaps because we have a woman who is truly independent and can definitely look after herself, thank you very much.

Chan does his usual stunts and his martial arts are good enough to get by with, although he is becoming just a tad predictable with more & more extravagant stunts for every new film. Which goes back to my earlier argument that he should really concentrate on the more natural side of his art and push all these boring pyrotechnics into the corner and let the character drive the story rather than the action sequences.

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Probably the best Jackie Chan movie
fernandez_198919 December 2006
The storyline of this movie brings us from a prison in China to Hong Kong. With its large Manhattan-style skyscrapers and its gangsters.

Jackie Chan plays an undercover detective with wonderful charisma and has the will to achieve its purposes with total disregard of his own security. He puts duty first.

Thank God he is not alone. A gorgeous Chinese woman, martial-arts expert and efficient cop is doing her part all the time to protect Jackie Chan's back. Michelle Yeoh is the perfect complement.

Wah Yuen is another top actor from Hong Kong and plays a successful role as the Hong Kong top gangster's little brother. He is so brilliant in his role and this give us a good impression of the excellent actors there are in Hong Kong who deserve an opportunity to go to Hollywood. When the action gets to Malaysia things even improve much more. And the city of Kuala-Lumpur with its American-style buildings is another great scenario for this good movie.
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Surprisingly this third installment is better than the previous two
KineticSeoul19 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Third time is the charm for this franchise. The previous two movies is good, but this one is better. Not only does it have a better storyline, it has better action as well. This time Jackie Chan as a cop is going undercover in order to infiltrate a Chinese criminal organization. And it has some good action and slapstick humor along the way. Which is expected from Jackie Chan movies. It's just done really well in this one. Maggie Cheung is back again as May(Jackie's girlfriend in the movie). And again she goes through getting put into another conflicting situation. She must really love the hero of this franchise Jackie. It just seems like she is constantly being used as a plot device to put the hero through one troublesome situation after another in this franchise. But at least she is incorporated into the plot somewhat instead of a girlfriend character that pops up once in a while for irrelevant reasons in movies. The relationship between the two reminded me of Mario and Princess Peach. To spice things up a bit, Michelle Yeoh is in this as well and plays the partner in the undercover work with Jackie Chan. And she actually adds a lot to the film and her fighting and stunt works are just fantastic. This movie alone shows how great of a stunt-woman she really is and plus she is a actress. And highly entertaining to watch, probably a bit more than Jackie in this case. Maybe it's because I enjoy the female lead kicking ass in movies. Also when it comes to the undercover work, there is actually quite a bit of creativity and good humor behind it as well. In a lot of cases the third installment just isn't as good as the previous ones. But in this case the third installment is better...Well until the 4th installment. If your one of the audiences that liked the previous Police Story films, there is a high chance you will enjoy this one. This is one of the best buddy cop movie I seen. Although it lacks in bonding development, it backs it up with the chemistry between the two and the action sequences.

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Favorite Part
mitchellstoutapp4 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I have always wanted Chackie to mix in more serious roles. His movies are more interesting that way. My favorite part is the who multi-part fight scene. Can you think of a movie with a fight scene with so many protagonists? In that whole scene my favorite bit is when Chackie and Michelle are trying to hide by jumping through the window back into the meeting room and Michelle trips the stick holding open the shutter, leaving Chackie to slam into and bounce off. Michell then pokes her head out and berates him for fooling around. One thing I also liked was that the film kept in a certain amount of comedy, but enough to affect the film enough to make it an outright comedy. Also, liked that first kick Michelle does as she jumps up and kicks two guys at once.
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Don't worry about the plot, just watch the action
michaeljhuman25 September 2014
This would be a pretty typical Jackie Chan movie except for two reasons

1) Production values are really high in the movie; there's some really epic action here. I tend to fastforward through the boring parts, but I still give it a 7/10 because of how amazing some of the action is 2) Michelle Yeoh, who is a superstar here - one of the best female martial arts roles of all time; don't doubt her skills, she did that motorcycle stunt for real, and it remains one of the most amazing things I have ever seen knowing how risky that was

This is action, this is martial arts and even the boring parts are not too boring. I have watched countless martial arts movies, and in some ways this ranks high up in the list. I leave the artistic martial arts movies for people who love them - I just want 90 minutes of mindless action to relax to most days.

Definitely has to be a top 5 Chan film
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Better than the first.
zedthedestroyer7 March 2001
Police Story 3:Supercop (or Supercop, if you prefer) is one of Jackie Chan's best movies. It's got some great fight sequences, such as the gang shoot-out at the drug dealer's compound and the amazing fight/chase sequence at the end of the movie. Jackie is funny, and fun to watch. There's a little, but not too much of the silly slapstick humor that always seems to fall flat in his other movies. This may be due in part to the spectacular Michelle Yeoh, who is a perfect foil and anchor to Chan. Kenneth Tsang is hilariously over the top as the villain, Chaibat.

Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh are two of the hardest working people in the biz today, and it shows here. Please, Jackie, make more films like this!
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A lot of action.
jgusw17 November 2000
This movie is good. Super Cop has a good story, it's funny, and, most importantly, it has lots of action. This movie should be watched by any Jackie Chan fan or any action fan for that matter. If only there were real super cops out in the world?
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Objectively The Best Sequel In The Franchise
ikhwan-7252624 November 2018
The fact that it only has 6.9 rating on IMDB shows that you should never take ratings at face value. Supercop (or Police Story 3) is by any metric - production, acting, plot, script, action, stunts, - is probably the best among the Police Story installment.

I don't agree that the story is convoluted; it's not. It's easy to follow and while you may argue that a lot of it is predictable (all Jackie Chan's films are predictable) there is coherence and no wasted filler in the film at all.

The stunts in Police Story 3 is top notch, especially towards the end with scenes of Jackie dangling 100 meters off the air. A criticism that I could give is that the action feels slow compared to his 80s films but by this time, Jackie is considerably older.

Speaking of which, the acting and screen time given to the actors here are proportioned and delivered well enough. Let's be real, Chinese/Hong Kong stars are excellent physical actors but not much else.

Emotionally, Asian actors tend to either underact or overact which is good in comedy and action but is horrible for drama. Here though, everything is tolerable and adequate enough as to not distract from the pacing of the story.

Maggie Cheung is still underused, meh. Michelle Yeoh is adequately good. And Jackie Chan manages to make Chan Ka Kui feel slightly more mature and less juvenile, whoch is also good. True to all Jackie Chan's films, the bad guys tend to be forgettable (with exceptions).

Still, along with Project A, Drunken Master 1&2, Supercop (Police Story 3) is among the top Jackie Chan movies that is a recommended watch.
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Great fun
MOscarbradley21 October 2017
Jackie Chan is the "Supercop" of the title in Stanley Tong's martial arts caper. Forget about the plot and just sit back and enjoy the spectacular stunts, broad comedy, (it's even funnier in this dubbed version), and first rate action sequences including an absolutely terrific climatic chase scene involving a train, a helicopter and a rope ladder between the two while the redoubtable Michelle Yeoh proves to be every bit Chan's equal when the chips are down. Not a Chan classic perhaps but hugely entertaining nevertheless.
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A different beast to the first two films, but still spectacular entertainment
Leofwine_draca12 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A slicker, glossier and altogether bigger sequel to the first two in the POLICE STORY series, this is another triumph for action man Jackie Chan, this time teamed with the inimitable Michelle Yeoh to deliver some seriously effective thrills and spills. The movie flies along effortlessly and is packed with tension, comedy, and lots of fun antics along the way as Chan and Yeoh infiltrate a gang of drug pushers and desperately attempt to stop getting their covers blown. When staying at a hotel resort, Chan's girlfriend May turns up and all kind of desperate hijinks ensue which are a delight to watch. The action sequences rely more heavily on guns and vehicles here which makes for a pleasing change, although there is a sufficient amount of martial arts combat to appeal to Chan's loyal devotees.

This time around, links to the first two films are severed as new locations are introduced and old characters dropped into the background. No superintendent Raymond this time, although Uncle Bill puts in a small but funny turn and Maggie Cheung is around for some comedy antics and looking as lovely as ever. Most of the emphasis comes on Chan and Yeoh, who sparkle with great chemistry, and some nice nasty bad guys in Kenneth Tsang and Yuen Wah. Even Shaw Brothers legend Lo Lieh has a small but welcome role. The action is constant and never-ending, ranging from a major drug deal turned shoot-out and a fight with the police in the restaurant.

However, where this film really scores is in the intense final twenty minutes of the climax, which is basically one huge chase taking in cars, vans, a helicopter, and finally a train. I've always been a fan of train-top battles and this offers one of the best with plenty of fights and dangerous situations. Chan's major stunt involving hanging on to a rope ladder from a flying helicopter high in the sky, whilst Yeoh gobsmacks the viewer with a motorbike jump on to a moving train which easily beats Arnie's similar stunt in TERMINATOR 2 by virtue of the fact that it isn't faked - this is real, no wires. Great fights, acting, humour, and production values make this film a feather in the cap of all involved.
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Back in action...
paul_haakonsen19 December 2015
With the third movie in the "Police Story" franchise Jackie Chan is indeed bringing the greatness back after a bit disappointing part two in comparison to part one.

Part three brings lots of action, fighting and fun. Jackie Chan continues to impress with his jaw-dropping stunts and action sequences. And not only does he have the beautiful and talented Maggie Cheung in part three, but Michelle Yeoh joins the action as well. And oh boy does she shine and impress in "Police Story 3: Supercop" (aka "Ging chat goo si 3: Chiu kup ging chat").

"Police Story 3: Supercop" has the trademark combination of action, stunts and laughs that Jackie Chan is known and famous for.

If you enjoy Hong Kong cinema and Jackie Chan movies then you most definitely don't want to miss out on "Police Story 3: Supercop".
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Chan and Yeoh team up
Maniac-923 January 2013
Supercop brings together Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh two of the best biggest stars from Hong Kong and both made successful transitions to Hollywood films. Jackie returns with more of his death defying stunts and amazing fight scenes. Michelle even does some big stunts herself, like riding a motorcycle onto the top of a moving train. While Jackie fights off a handful of guys with nothing more then a ladder.

The movie is the 3rd movie in Jackie's Police Story series of movies, which have all redefined the action genre with their amazing stunts. But just like all good Jackie Chan movies they're all movies with tons of comedy in them.
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Best of Police Story series
ebiros229 October 2011
This is my favorite of all Jackie Chan's "Police Story" series.

This movie has lot going for it. It's probably the only movie Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeo stars together, and two best talents in martial arts action movie teams up together to get the drug lord in mainland China. Covertly, this is the most comical of all the "Police Story" series drama, but has the most intense action as well. Interaction between Jackie, and Michelle is so funny, but when they get into the action scene, I would dare to say that this is THE best action movie Hong Kong has ever produced.

These guys were really "Super Cops", and it's one of the few movies from the early '90s that still doesn't look dated.

Simply fantastic, and highly recommended.
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supercop, entertaining chan flick
daworldismine15 November 2009
i am a huge jackie chan fan, i love rumble in the bronx, first strike who am i and mr. nice guy. so obviosly i had to see supercop as id heard it was his best yet, and i can honestly say it isn't nowhere near, but it's still a good chan flick that delivers the goods there is some breathtaking stunts, brilliant fight scenes the perfect recipe for a great chan flick, i thought the movie was a bit dull in places but it has enough action to keep you glued, it's nowhere near as enjoyable as rumble in the bronx or who am i, but it's still a solid chan flick. another plus is michelle yeah who is fantastic here. overall if your a chan fan you will like this movie, even if it is a bit routine
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An action trilogy of the finest quality
AndreiPavlov31 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
There is one detail, which is not very common for Jackie Chan movies, but which is present here. It has some very tough and serious atmosphere about it while the funny elements are present too. Jackie is menacing and psychotic here. He is not a hero who is attacked and only then fights back (in a usual laid-back pattern), but he is the one who can go and start the tumult. His manner of hitting that evil guy in the glasses is amazing (every time it goes "crack!"). Another highlight is the scene when Jackie goes to the pub and thrashes the villains who had fronted on his girlfriend. It's one of the best blitzkriegs put on screen. Besides, the whole scene is shot with the background of some action character painted on the wall (it also looks like a poster of "rabochiy" from the Soviet era) and some lines in Russian on the left. That looks terrific (and nostalgic for Russian people). I also like when the windows are being smashed in the movies. Here there's a lot of this stuff. It's quite amazing watching the characters falling/jumping/running/driving through all manner of panes.

All three movies are great. There is no down-slide in the quality - it's a perfect trilogy with sense and incredible stunts (and not only Jackie Chan's character appears in all three movies - that's also excellent and keeps continuity up).

Each movie can be described in a few words: No.1 - great (in all aspects - it is one gripping story from the very beginning to the very end) and funny (many scenes are ridiculous); No.2 - raging (Jackie is really off the hook here) and painful (Jackie gets tortured); No.3 - unbelievable (the woman that fights alongside with Jackie is incredible) and bombastic (should a lot of guns and explosions be mentioned?).

As to the rest - much has been mentioned by the others.

It's a trilogy that can be watched over and over again (at least by me). Its place is in top 10 among action jewels. Yes, to me it is a trilogy. Further "parts" are of no interest, while they simply cannot keep the same pace.

A solid 10 out of 10. Thank you for attention.
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Just plain super!
GOWBTW19 August 2006
Compared to other Jackie Chan movies I have seen, "Supercop" is super! I liked everything they have, all the action, all the stunts, and all the fun this can provide. I liked the part where Chan(Jackie Chan) goes to this martial arts school where everyone were in school uniform, and the perform every feat possible. I liked it when the kids chanted Kevin's name, and I liked when the volunteer pulled off his moves in him. Quick and precise, the blows were strong and hard, at least no serious injury could be inflicted. Michelle Yeoh plays the counterpart, and she's just as deadly. She can fire and gun, and kick serious butt at the same time. Dodging bullets and other enemies is always a thing, and for the outtakes of the movie, there you can enjoy the comedy of the stunts and scenes gone wrong. Trying to hold Yeoh so she can fire at the bad guys wasn't to easy for Jackie. Then when Jackie fell on her, he touches her AHEM! At least she didn't sue him, they were equally embarrassed. This movie I say it's a lot of fun, and I enjoyed it very well. 4 out of 5 stars.
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