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Peter Coyote: Oscar



  • Oscar : What happened to your dance classes?

    Mimi : Dancing has to come from the heart.

    Oscar : So?

    Mimi : My heart is broken.

  • Oscar : It's no fun hurting someone who means nothing to you.

  • Oscar : Have you ever truly idolized a woman? Nothing can be obscene in such love. Everything that occurs in between it becomes a sacrament.

  • Mimi : I want to marry you. I want to give you babies. I want to give you the rest of my life!

    Oscar : I don't want the rest of your life. I want my own.

  • Oscar : She came to see me when I got out of Intensive Care. She said, there's bad news and there's good news. You're paralyzed from the waist down - permanently. OK, I said, let's have the good news. That was the good news, she said. The bad news is that from now on, I'm taking care of you.

  • Oscar : In the eyes of every woman, I could see the reflection of the next.

  • Oscar : Everyone has a sadistic streak, and nothing brings it out better than the knowledge you've got someone at your mercy.

  • Oscar : We were developing a narcotic dependence on television - the marital aid that enables a couple to endure each other, without having to talk.

  • Oscar : Nothing ever surpass the rapture of that first awakening. I might have been Adam with the taste of apple fresh in my mouth. I was looking at all the beauty in the world embodied in a single female form and I knew, with sudden blinding certainty, this was IT!

  • Oscar : What have you been doing In Möntenich ? Waiting tables?

    Mimi : Yes till the manager found out I could dance then he put me on the floor show.

    Oscar : Kind of him.

    Mimi : Yes he was very kind , he almost restored my faith in human nature.

    Oscar : Only almost ?

    Mimi : He did until I remembered you.

    Oscar : Touché.

  • Oscar : I'd been granted a glimpse of heaven, then dumped on the sidewalk of Rue d'Assas.

  • Oscar : [Mimi is eating croissants and drinking milk straight from the bottle]  Do you have to drink it that way? Why can't you use a glass ?

    Mimi : Whats the difference it tastes the same ?

    Oscar : It doesn't look the same.

    Mimi : Ola la I didn't know you were so delicate.

    Oscar : What do you mean delicate ?

    Mimi : I mean delicate.

    Oscar : I know what you mean but it's just not the right word in English. If you don't know the right word in English say it in French.

    Mimi : I don't say it in French because your French isn't good enough.

    Oscar : It's better than your English.

    Mimi : After all these years in Paris so it should be. Maybe your English isn't that good enough either, maybe that's why no one wants to publish your books.

    Oscar : So now you are literary agent? That's great coming from a waitress.

    Mimi : I am not a waitress I am a dancer.

    Oscar : Dancer to hell! You would still be begging tips if I hadn't picked you up from that fucking restaurant.

    [Mimi stone faced throws the bottle of milk at Oscar and rushes out with Oscar in hot pursuit. He grabs her by the hair and slaps her hard and she falls to the floor] 

  • Oscar : She's a man-trap! Look what she did to me!

  • Oscar : So you didn't kill yourself ?

    Mimi : What for ? I was dead already.

  • Oscar : Where have you been ?

    Mimi : You bought the tickets you should know.

  • Oscar : What are you doing back here ?

    Mimi : Just visiting, I heard about your misfortune thought I could see if you needed anything.

    Oscar : You know what I really need baby? I need you to stay out of my life.

    Mimi : You haven't lost your charm Oscar I should have known.

  • Nigel : Why do you think I want to hear it? I still don't know what gives you the idea that I enjoy being used as a rubbish-dump for your unsavory reminiscences?

    Oscar : Don't you? Don't you really, Nigel?

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