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  • No. Pet Sematary II is a sequel to the 1989 movie Pet Sematary (1989), which was based on a 1983 novel written by American horror writer Stephen King. The screenplay for Pet Sematary II was written by American screenwriter Richard Outten. Stephen King had no involvement in the sequel. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • After witnessing the death of his mother, actress Renee Harrow (Darlanne Fluegel), following an electrical accident on the set of her new movie, Jeff Matthews (Edward Furlong) and his veterinarian father Chase (Anthony Edwards) move to their summerhouse in Ludlow, Maine. Picked on by some other boys because of his famous mother, Jeff makes friends with Drew Gilbert (Jason McGuire), the stepson of the town's sheriff Gus Gilbert (Clancy Brown). When Drew's dog Zowie is shot by Gus for messing with his rabbit cage, Drew calls upon Jeff to help him bury Zowie in the ancient Indian cemetery where, as the story goes, "the dead rise". Unfortunately, the ground has long ago gone "sour", and the dead buried there don't come back the same as they were before they died. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • No precise time is mentioned. A good guess would be about three years, evidenced by the fact that the first movie came out in 1989 and the date on Renee's headstone says 1992. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • No, although the plight of the Creed family and Jud Crandall (from Pet Sematary) is mentioned when both Drew and Clyde Parker (Jared Rushton) tell Jeff what happened. It has now become a favorite ghost story to tell on Halloween along with the new addition that Ellie was placed in a mental institution after killing her grandparents and that she recently escaped. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Chase gets a phone call from the caretaker at the cemetery where Renee is buried telling him that Gus Gilbert has just dug up his wife's body and taken it away. Drew sneaks out past a sleeping Marjorie (Sarah Trigger), the housekeeper. He meets Gus at the burial ground, where Gus has taken Renee's body, and buries her. Meanwhile, Chase hurries over to Gus' house. As he climbs out of his van, he is attacked by Zowie but manages to shoot him in the leg, killing him. When he enters the Gilbert house, which is a total mess, he is attacked by Gus. Chase shoots him in the chest, but Gus comes at him with a drill. Chase winds up shooting Gus through the neck, killing him. Marjorie wakes up to find Jeff gone. She goes into the attic where Jeff has arranged all of his mother's gowns and cosmetics. Enamored by the clothes, she tries on a dress and fixes her hair to look like Renee. As she admires herself in the mirror, Renee sneaks up behind, asks "Did you really think you could be like me?", and stabs her through the temple with a piece of broken mirror. Chase comes home to find Marjorie dead and Jeff embracing his dead mother. Renee sends Jeff downstairs so that she and Chase can talk. When Jeff opens the door to leave the attic, he is lunged at by Clyde carrying an axe. Clyde swings at Jeff several times, and one of his swings severs an electrical cable. Jeff picks up the live end and shoves it into Clyde's mouth, electrocuting him. Renee spills all of her cosmetics on the floor, sets them on fire, then locks the attic door. As she pleads with Jeff to stay with her, he picks up the axe, breaks the door, and he and Chase flee the burning inferno. In the final scene, Chase hangs a "Closed" sign on his office, padlocks the door, and he, Jeff, and Jeff's kitten drive away, obviously leaving Ludlow. As they head down the road, Drew says in an voice over: "I never had anyone die before, but I guess you get over it...eventually", to which Jeff replies, "You never get over it." Edit (Coming Soon)

  • When Renee was electrocuted on the movie set at the beginning of the movie, her face stuck to the fence and grilled the right side of her face, which is why she had to be "peeled" off the fence. She was most likely worked on (painted) by a mortician so she would be suitable for an open casket funeral. This would explain why she came back looking not so dead but instead rather dolled up for a re-animated corpse and also why only the right side of her face (the side that was burned and painted over) started to melt first when things caught on fire. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The two versions differ at 139 points that for the most part are longer cuts, short additions to the plot, and alternative material. However, 9 points offer a more graphic depiction of violence. These scenes were probably shortened to receive an R rating. At 6 points, the workprint is actually shorter than the theatrical version—all in all, there are 75 seconds of missing footage. At 3 points both versions use slightly different material. Altogether the workprint is approximately 10 minutes longer than the theatrical version. Edit (Coming Soon)


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