Tenchi Muyô! (TV Series 1992– ) Poster

(1992– )

Petrea Burchard: Ryoko, Soap Opera Actress


  • Ryoko : Hey, don't you like your daddy better, little Princess Ayeka?

    Ayeka Masaki Jurai : This is none of your business!

  • Ryoko : [Tenchi reaches the surface of the water, then he goes into shock, and turns]  Why are you being so shy? You seen me naked before, remember? In side the cave?

    Tenchi Masaki : Yeah, I remember. But then you were just a mummy.

  • Ryoko : [Ryoko grabs Washu]  Okay, pipsqueak, whether my body is sagging or not is none of your business! What are visual psychological tactics anyway?

    Washu Hakubi : Your sex appeal, of course.

    Ryoko : Hey, I'll have you know that my body shape hasn't changed in the past 700 years! What do you think of that, you big fat smart-alleck?

    Washu Hakubi : What I think is that's no way to talk to your mother, Ryoko.

    Ryoko : Ehh?

    Washu Hakubi : That's right. Not did I only create you, but I created Ryo-oki, I created the Soja, I created so many things, really. But I used my ova for you. So I'm more like your mother than your creator.

    Mihoshi : You must be that female student that was kidnapped by Kagato.

    Washu Hakubi : A female student? No, I am Washu! And I happen to be the top scientific genius in the universe. I am cute. I have to admit, I look a little young, to be your mom, don't I, Ryoko?

    Ryoko : Huh? Baloney! I've been around 2000 years! Ever since I was born! Ever since I was... I was born?

  • Mihoshi : Hello, Masaki home. Oh, that sounds like if I were married to the family. How embarrassing. What do you think? Do you think it sounds that way?

    Ryoko : Get a grip! And listen up detective!

    [Ryoko makes deep breathes, than she makes her voice deep] 

    Ryoko : This is oyur very nasty superior at the Galaxy Police, Mihoshi.

    Mihoshi : Oh my! Hello. How did you know I was here?

    Ryoko : Ah, unimportant detail. Now come on back and make your report.

    Mihoshi : Yes! Detective Mihoshi is on her way! You can count on me, sir!

    Ryoko : Good!

    [she hungs up and laughs] 

    Ryoko : Gulliable is an understatement!

  • Ryoko : Comics for girls? What is that?

  • Ryoko : [Ryoko walks towrd Tenchi, and hits him. They fall to the ground, and Ryoko gets up]  Oh, I'm sorry. Are you all right?

    Tenchi Masaki : What? Ryoko, what's the idea?

    Ryoko : I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention. I'm so clumsy.

    Ryoko : [Tenchi gets confuse]  My name is Ryoko, and I'm...

    Tenchi Masaki : Huh?

    Ryoko : Oh, embarrassed.

    Ayeka Masaki Jurai : [to Sasami]  What are you doing?

    Sasami Masaki Jurai : Uh, Ayeka.

    Ayeka Masaki Jurai : What? What is it?

    Ryoko : Uh, can I ask you your name?

    Tenchi Masaki : Huh? Ryoko, are you sick? I mean what's the matter?

    Ryoko : [Ryoko pushes him]  Oh, Tenchi, you are a bold one, aren't you?

    Tenchi Masaki : What's wrong with you?

    Mihoshi : Ryoko, your face is red. What's wrong? Do you have a cold?

    Ryoko : Go away. I'm at the important part.

    Mihoshi : I got some great cold medicine.

    Ryoko : I don't want it!

    Mihoshi : Sure you do. You have to take care of yourself.

    Mihoshi : [she starts to grab Ryoko]  The cure is to cure it early.

    Ryoko : Let me go! Get your hands off me!

    Mihoshi : You're acting like a child!

    Ryoko : Please stop! Let me go!

    [they leave. Tenchi watches] 

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