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Good movie
bhupindersingh425 April 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The movie Virodhi was not as bad as the previous reviewers said

Virodhi is about Arman Kohli who wants revenge from highly influential people who killed his brother Dharmendra because he wanted to arrest them for their hidden crimes

the villains are Shakti Kapoor, Gulshan Grover, Kiran Kumar, Paresh Rawal, Raza Maurad, and Amjad Khan

the performance of all characters is very good and the story of movie is interesting

paresh rawal's dialogues are amusing. Armaan made a good job of his role and the way Gulshan Grover talks is funny too

Shakti Kapoor's scene with the principal at the beginning is hilarious the principal says entry and he replies dysentry Dharmendra's death scene is good as he is burned alive and his hand is chopped off by Paresh Rawal, Shakti Kapoor and Kiran Kumar

the style of how the villains die is good

action sequence is good

songs are OK

direction is good (8/10)

the only thing which did not make sense was at the climax as the extras were all over the place and I could not figure who was on whose side but overall good movie
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Good time pass action movie
rambovicky21 April 2014
Virodhi was released in 1992 and was Directed by Rajkumar Kohli who gave many Super Hit movies in 1970 and 1980's like "Nagin" "Jaani Dushman" "Jeene Nahi Doonga" "Badle Ki Aag" "Naukar Bibi Ka" "Insaniyat Ke Dushman" etc. In this movie he gave break to his son along with 12 Villains which is a record. The movie had everything good songs, good music and songs like "Nain Kabooter" good comedy by Paresh Rawal and great action by Armaan Kohli but the timing of the movie was not great as it was released along with Beta that is why it was an average grosser only Arman was very raw in acting at that time probably that could also have been a reason otherwise he danced well and action wise he was superb. All in all a good one time watch.
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Super Comedy !
elshikh414 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Do you know the B movie? Now this is what the C movie stands for!

First of all, it is the traditional commercial Indian movie back then, however without any gloss, and with tons of idiocy. Nevertheless, this is so breathtakingly fun to watch. Everything and everyone gave me such a laughable time that I needed, and will never forget. Look at the lead (Arman Kohli), he doesn't know the basics of acting, look at the revenge operations; WAW, incredibly dull to unprecedented degree, and the dialogue; it makes you sure that the makers of this movie intended to produce one memorable comedy, and they did!

I recall the scene in which the politician found his son tied up with bombs in front of his car to say angrily to the lead: "How dare you bomb my son and block my parade??" Great line. Still what could be considered as greater was the way this lead survives WHATEVER gets in his way. How to be tied up with a car that fell off a hill, and get off with it alive? And the wonderful thing though was how many times that recurred! But nothing can equal the moment when (Kohli) wanted to burn himself, I got a massive laugh out of this one, shouting from the bottom of my heart: "Do it, DO IT!".

The big players (Prem Chopra, Dharmendra, Amjad Khan) were in deep shame. This is by far the worst movie their names had been written on. (Chopra) did a role which he did before hundreds of times, however with lower material this time. Aside from being out of shape, dear (Dharmendra), and I'm sorry to say it, seemed drunk from start to finish. And the look upon (Khan)'s face for most of the time was enough indication for how sad he was for being in this trash.

The music score can be used to torture the criminals of wars all over the world. It's nothing but so poor, rather horrible, and devilishly unbroken keyboard playing. The climactic sequence on the beach was the top of what this movie could provide of funny action, shoddy music, nervous editing, unbelievable events, and non-stop blood (Did you notice how the extras were running unintelligibly, while laughing, all the time?!).

This is campiness at its best. The icons of the Indian movie were all there "revenge, bad politicians, happy ending..". It's clear that this society, in some moment, was in the need desperately to avenge on highly powerful corrupted symbols, so this movie - as it is - was there to make that true anyway, anyhow. Therefore, it's a proof of how oppressed the Indian citizen was sometime, and how low the Indian cinema could reach sometime as well! (Virodhi) is another revenge celebration from Bollywood, I bet the process of making it was so easy. If it had one perfect thing, it would be the real revenge it did towards all of the viewers who underwent through it till the end!

Watch it only to laugh. Otherwise, and I'm so truthfully speaking, watch out!
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