Where Sleeping Dogs Lie (1991) Poster

Dylan McDermott: Bruce Simmons



  • Bruce Simmons : [opening lines quoting intertitle]  'To live, is to battle with fiends in the vaults of the heart and mind. To write: that is to sit in judgment over one's self'. Ibsen said that. He was right.

  • Bruce Simmons : [narrating his story to a film executive]  There's only one good thing that if you're in trouble or hurting, go to the poor people. They're the only ones who understand... the only ones.

  • Bruce Simmons : [during narration]  As someone once said: In L.A., you can find sympathy in the dictionary and everything else in the drugstore.

  • Eddie Hale : Bruce he dies doesn't he?

    Bruce Simmons : Yeah that's right he dies

  • Bruce Simmons : Movies are more than just a great business, they're a solid responsibility and I'd rather starve than write most of the crap that I see on the screen

    Bruce Simmons : [racking his brains for an idea]  That's what your doing isn't it? Okay even okay there must be something I can write in, doesn't need to have a happy ending I'll call you... you'll call you, could be a story about lonely hooker, yeah she gets she gets killed no... how about a killer cop... nah ya seen it a thousand times I know I know a killer robot comes to Hollywood, takes over a major studios and he becomes a number one guy in town and all he does is cast Mickey Rourke in films every where you go you see Mickey Rourke

    [imitates Rourke] 

    Bruce Simmons : Hi how you doing what's the matter with you, yeah I think that will sell that's a big hit... i'll send it to Mickey

    Bruce Simmons : [narrating]  To catch intelligent psychopaths as often they leave no trace of motive making it necessary to reconstruct their murderous thinking some where out there a killer is leading an ordinary life, eating, drinking maybe even reading articles like this one. In the case of the Davenport killers evidence of sadistic concentration on the female members lead detectives to believe that the killer was male.

    [stops recording] 

    Bruce Simmons : Okay they don't want to know that your name on the book means zilch I'm sorry zilch, you know it's true,

    [resumes recording] 

    Bruce Simmons : [narrating]  The Davenport killer seems to be a typical of a serial murderer with a ritual of key half phases, the oral phase begins as a prolonged fantasy, the killer acts out the thrill of the crime in his own mind, every stranger who crosses his path becomes a performer in his fantasy until an emotional tripwire tripped

  • Eddie Hale : [discussing the Davenport murders]  Statistics show that murders know their victims

    Bruce Simmons : Doesn't make sense

    Eddie Hale : Well they have their reasons I guess they have something against that person or persons I mean people can hurt one deeply. See what I mean even he knew where to find them and when you have to think like the hawk not the swallow. It's okay Bruce all human activity moves towards a manifestation of god. You thought everything we do everything they do has no meaning until god shows his face. Hmm Have you ever seen his face Bruce him? Seen his face? No of course not I wonder what it was like that night? You think the murderer could be jealous, maybe angry? It could of been in himself you know building up something seriously interfering with his ability to survive without them

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