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Season 2

6 Oct. 1994
De dubbelgangster
A couple of neighbours find a woman that looks exactly like Ma Flodder. They decide to hire her so this lookalike can cause some serious damage in Zonnedael, causing the police to arrest the real Ma.
13 Oct. 1994
In de ring
Johnny and Kees get into a fight with Vince, one of the members of the tennis club of Zonnedael, at a local video store. Vince challenges Johnny into a real boxing duel. Johnny ofcourse accepts. But then Vince turns out to be a boxing champion. And even worse, after Johnny injures himself, Kees has to take his place in the big fight...
20 Oct. 1994
De afrekening
One of Ma's old lovers is being released out of prison. This guy named Danny always said to take revenge on her because she betrailed him. Johnny and Kees make sure that no one gets into their villa by defending their house with everything they got.
27 Oct. 1994
Lopende zaken
In order to make up for a spelling error on merchandise, Johnnie enters Kees in a marathon and resorts to the lowest tricks so she can win.
3 Nov. 1994
When Ma visits her doctor, she is being told she has only a couple of months to live. Johnny takes drastic measures but is this really necessary?
10 Nov. 1994
De penvriend
Daughter Kees has a pen pal in prison. When Johnny and son Kees find out, the pen pal turns out to be 'Cold Arie', a notorious criminal who is being released on short notice. Things get even worse when daughter Kees admits to Johnny that she promised Arie she will marry him as soon as he gets out of prison
17 Nov. 1994
Onder hypnose
Son Kees orders a hypnose course in order to get in touch with women.
24 Nov. 1994
Op heterdaad
When criminality gets out of hand in Zonnedael, the neighbourhood is setting up a neighbourhood watch. Son Kees is the first to apply voluntarily.
1 Dec. 1994
Kees verliefd
Kees falls in love with a police officer causing outrage from the rest of the family and Johhnies buddies.
8 Dec. 1994
Familie Klikspaan
Johnnie is forced to help catch an international crime syndicate. For their own safety, the family must leave their house. They return to their home in complete disguise. The neighbors think a new family moved into the Flodder-home and they are very relieved. The Flodders find that their new identities gives them a few advantages too!
15 Dec. 1994
Toet gets kidnapped, and learns a valuable lesson about family.
22 Dec. 1994
Contact gestoord
When Ma appears to be lonely, daughter Kees suggests to put in an anonymous contact add for her to meet someone. When Johnny, Kees and Kees arrange a date for her with someone who applied, they do not know this person is in fact Sjakie...
31 Dec. 1994
Zalig uiteinde
When a F16 fighter pilot loses his bomb, it falls right into the Flodder's swimming pool. When son Kees finds it, he assumes it's part of the fireworks that Kareltje should deliver because of New Years Eve. Kees starts carrying it around the house not knowing he is causing severe danger to his family. Meanwhile, Sjakie comes along to show his new car to the Flodders.

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