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7 Oct. 1993
Korte metten
The neighborhood wants the Flodders to go and tries to catch them red handed selling illegal whiskey.
14 Oct. 1993
Soldaat Kees
Kees has to join the army. Johnny needs him for a poker game and therefore tries everything he can think of to keep Kees from having to go.
21 Oct. 1993
A local candidate for a spot in the town council discovers his only chance of winning the election, is by promising to throw the Flodders out of Zonnnedael.
28 Oct. 1993
Goud geld
Johnny tries to earn a lot of money by producing a number of tapes of telephone sex lines with Daughter Kees and Son Kees. It goes wrong when one of the tapes is accidentally swapped with a tape of neighbor Neuteboom which he had made for the funeral of a colleague.
4 Nov. 1993
Inbraak alarm
A burglar is very active in the neighborhood and the Flodders are the usual suspects.
11 Nov. 1993
Blauw bloed
The Flodders are about to inherit a fortune from an old aunt, but only if Ma Flodder displays good manners can she achieve nobility and get the cash.
18 Nov. 1993
Latin Lover: Part 1
Johnny agrees to hide an Italian for a night for 5000 guilders. However, Ma shouldn't find out because Johnny doesn't think she'd agree.
25 Nov. 1993
Latin Lover: Part 2
Ma Flodder has grown extremely fond of Vitorio. They are even planning on getting married. Johnny decides it is time for drastic measures.
2 Dec. 1993
De verjaardag
The queen decides to visit Zonnedael on the national holiday of Queens Day. The neighbourhood as wel as the local government try to get rid of the Flodders for this day so the family can't ruin the festivities. However, the Flodders have no plans on leaving since it's Ma's birthday.
9 Dec. 1993
Goed gedrag
During a drive, son Kees falls out of the car and hits his head on the pavement, causing him amnesia. He turns into a well-mannered young man who does chores for the neighborhood. This to the frustration of Johnny and the rest of the family. They will try everything to get the old Kees back. Meanwhile, Sjakie is really fond of the well-mannered Kees and decides to introduce two important government people to him.
16 Dec. 1993
Succes verzekerd
After Whiskey molests the postman again, Sjakie wants the family to insure themselves for these kind of 'accidents'. When Johnny learns more about insurances, he finds a couple of ways to make some extra money.
23 Dec. 1993
De vondeling
A baby gets left on the Flodders' doorstep.
30 Dec. 1993
De mooiste dag van je leven
When Johnny forgets about Mothers day, he quickly needs a present he can give to Ma. He decides to give her the gift of a wedding; her oldest son is getting married. An enthusiastic Ma starts planning the wedding right away. However, Johnny doesn't even have a bride yet. And that is of course something he can't let Ma know.

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