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(1993– )

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Season 1

1 Mar. 1993
Death and Taxes
Matrix is told to help a man who was convicted of a murder, Matrix committed. It seems the man was paroled and the daughter of the man who was killed is now a cop and is making the man's life difficult.
22 Mar. 1993
A Madness to His Method
Matrix is told to help a homeless man who is not all there. Matrix takes him in. They later learn he's an industrialist. He goes to the industrialist's office and finds him there but he doesn't recognize Matrix. Later the man he's helping pops in, Matrix realizes that the man he's helping is the industrialist's brother. He learns that the industrialist is behind some pollution which led to his brother's breakdown. Matrix tries to help the man face his brother.
5 Apr. 1993
Collateral Damage
Matrix is told to help an Air Force Captain whose accused of bombing civilians during the Gulf War. The Captain maintains he followed the instructions given to him but records show he was off. So Matrix gets the records and finds something wrong. He also discovers someone following the Captain.

 Season 1 

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