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Season 4

8 Jul. 1996
With Friends Like These/Sailing the Seven Zzzz's
Rocko wins two free tickets to a wrestling match from a radio show./Ed Bighead's sleepwalking problem, triggered by the memory of an early childhood trauma, spells high adventure for Rocko and Spunky!
9 Jul. 1996
Pranksters/From Here to Maternity
It's the ultimate April Fools Day in O-Town as Rocko, Filburt, and Heffer try their best practical jokes on one another./Filburt's impending fatherhood is jeopordized by the Easter Bunny's fiendishly clever Lamaze class egg ring.
10 Jul. 1996
Ed Good, Rocko Bad/Teed Off
Rocko is unjustly imprisoned in the O-Town dog pound and incensed by he squalid conditions /When Heffer lands a part time job as an assistant greenskeeper at a prestigious golf course, he finds himself embroiled in Ed Bighead's office politics.
11 Jul. 1996
Wimp on the Barbie/Yarnbenders
Heffer transforms Rocko from milquetoast to Terminator./Classic fairy tales take on a decidedly new twist when Rocko convinces Heffer to read to a sick Filburt from "The Really, Really Big Book of Fairy Tales."
12 Jul. 1996
Mama's Boy/Feisty Geist
After suffering some ribbing from Rocko and Filburt, Heffer decides to move out of his parents home and strike out on his own./Rocko and Heffer's visit to a fortune teller channels them into danger when the spirit of Mortimer Khan possesses Spunky.
15 Jul. 1996
S.W.A.K./Magic Meatball
Rocko falls for Alicia, his new mail carrier, but his plan to give her a love letter goes awry when Heffer takes over her route while she's sick./Ed Bighead is promoted to an executive at Conglomo.
16 Jul. 1996
Closet Clown/Seat to Stardom
When a clown's truck breaks down in front of his house, Ed Bighead begins to lead a double life./Rocko's behind earns him a place among the beautiful people of the fashion world when he becomes the spokes-wallaby for "Wedgie Boy" undergarments.
17 Jul. 1996
The High-Five of Doom/Fly Burgers
After stumbling upon Filburt's secret diary, Heffer and Rocko are convinced that Filburt is an alien./Flecko the fly files a lawsuit against Rocko after tripping on a rock in his house.
18 Jul. 1996
Heff in a Handbasket/Wallaby on Wheels
Heffer moves in with Rocko./Despite his vow to never do anything crazy to impress a woman, Rocko takes up roller skating after he becomes smitten with Sheila, the Roller Derby Queen.
19 Jul. 1996
Dumbells/Rug Birds
Heffer and Filburt introduce Rocko to the all-American pastime of "Ding-Dong-Ditch."/Filburt, the obsessive collector of bird wigs, takes Rocko along for his biggest score: the wig of an American Balding Eagle!
8 Oct. 1996
Hypno-Puppy Luv/Driving Mrs. Wolfe
Heffer and Filburt hypnotize Rocko into thinking he's a dog./Rocko, after unwittingly being recruited as Mrs. Wolfe's driving instructor, finds himself riding shotgun in a deadly game of chicken against the ultimate demolition derby car.
10 Oct. 1996
Put to Pasture/Future Schlock
Heffer overdoses on Pasture Puffies and is rushed to the hospital./In the O-Town of the far-flung future, Gilbert and Norbert -- descendants of a now ancient Filburt -- discover the remains of an old banana.
24 Nov. 1996
Turkey Time/Floundering Fathers
The special plans for Rocko's first Thanksgiving go awry when the turkey's of O-Town escape and take refuge in Rocko's house./The residents of O-Town engage in an argument about the correct origin of the town.

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