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Season 2

10 Sep. 1994
Sonic Conversion
The Freedom Fighters, with new addition, Dulcy, develop a De-Roboti-sizer and try it out on Bunnie. It's a success and, against Sally's wishes, Sonic battles Robotnik's newest weapon - a Virtual Reality Shriek-Bot - and impulsively brings Uncle Chuck back to Knothole to de-roboti-size him. All goes well until Bunnie suddenly reverts and the De-Roboti-sizer explodes. Then, they discover Uncle Chuck has reverted, too, and that he has Tails and Antoine with him. Sonic races to the rescue, in the process destroying the new Shriek-Bot, and "reaches" Uncle Chuck, who ...
17 Sep. 1994
Game Guy
The Freedom Fighters run into a Swashbuckler, named Ari, battling Swat-Bots. Sonic diverts them, allowing Ari to escape. After hearing that Robotnik is holding his band of Freedom Fighters hostage, Ari decides to help Sonic free them
24 Sep. 1994
No Brainer
While freeing a group of freedom fighters, Sonic is hit and loses his memory. With Robotnik away, Snively sees this as a chance to find the freedom fighter base and return to Robotnik's good side.
1 Oct. 1994
Blast to the Past: Part 1
Tired of facing defeat at the hands of the evil Dr. Robotnik, Sonic and Sally time-travel to the past in an effort to stop his takeover of the planet.
8 Oct. 1994
Blast to the Past: Part 2
Robotnik rises to power and begins enslaving the planet.
15 Oct. 1994
Fed Up with Antoine/Ghost Busted
Sonic and the others are sick of Antoine's screw ups. But when a biker gang shows up and worships Antoine, Antoine believes he is starting to get the respect he deserves. / Sonic's ghost stories leaves Tails scared and paranoid.
22 Oct. 1994
Robotnik is interested in Dulcy and wonders how many more dragons there are.
29 Oct. 1994
The Void
The Void reopens and captures Sally and Bunny Rabbot. When Sonic goes in after them, he meets Naugus, one of Robotnik's rivals.
5 Nov. 1994
The Odd Couple/Ro-Becca
In "The Odd Couple", Antoine and Sonic form a comical duo as they have to cope with living together after a brutal snowstorm. In "Ro-Becca", Antoine has to deal with an obsessive robot that Rotor created which has fallen in love with him.
12 Nov. 1994
Cry of the Wolf
Using Sally's father's list, Sonic and the others meet up with a freedom fighter group known as, the Wolf Pack. Now, they must work together to destroy Robotnik's new Test Pod.
19 Nov. 1994
Drood Henge
Robotnik is looking for two sacred stones that will help power his Doomsday Device. Sonic, Tails, Sally, and Dulcy must get to the stones first.
26 Nov. 1994
Sonic and the gang have been sabotaging Robotnik's plans for a long time. Now Robotnik is beginning to think their is a spy in his ranks. Could Uncle Chuck's cover be blown?
3 Dec. 1994
The Doomsday Project
When Robotnik activates the "Doomsday Machine", Freedom Fighters from every zone of Mobius team up to destroy it, leading to a climactic showdown with Robotnik.

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