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Review: Sonic Forces (2017)

Sonic Forces is the latest edition in the long-standing franchise that has been running since 1991. It would be surprising to come across anyone, or at least anyone who has played a video game before, that does not know Sonic the Hedgehog and his ever-growing list of friends. This time though there’s a new character recruited to the team to help save the world from the evil as ever, Dr. Eggman. To be forthright though, it’s hard to really see if Sonic: Forces brings anything new to the series but there are still some cool features and nostalgic gameplay.

The main feature of Sonic is as usual its chronological levels and of course as usual its Dr. Eggman who is trying to take over the world but, as a character says early on, he “means business this time”. A storyline is nicely slotted in between the levels to take the player through the levels.
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Is Super Mario Bros. the worst adapted property ever?

Anghus Houvouras on Super Mario Bros., and whether it is the worst adapted property ever…

Like any publication or website, there are a number of daily discussions about hot-topics that should be featured on Flickering Myth. A good editor surveys the pop culture landscape and looks to see what the contributors can offer to generate excitement and opinions about what’s happening in the entertainment world. Just this week there were conversations around the forthcoming Netflix Punisher series and what supporting features could be written to capitalize on the buzz.

My first thought was to examine the previous attempts at adapting The Punisher. All three had something in common: they’re all terrible. And not just terrible, uniquely terrible. Dolph Lundgren’s Punisher is terrible in a completely different way than the Thomas Jane version, while there aren’t enough words to describe the ludicrous and hilarious Punisher: War Zone.
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Ghostface May Target Trick Or Treaters In MTV’s Scream Reboot

Say what you want about MTV’s television reboot of the Scream franchise, but it made for one hell of a ride, often getting darker and more disturbing than the Wes Craven films ever did. But even after turning in an incredible second season, declining ratings became impossible to overlook, though we could at least find some consolation in the fact that it’d been renewed for a third season to consist of six episodes. Needless to say, that’d provide ample time to wrap up some notably huge dangling threads.

Or so we thought.

In a bizarre turn of events, the network opted to completely scrap two years’ worth of storytelling, handily pissing off the entire fan base. As it so happens, they’re moving forward with a re-reboot helmed by new showrunners that also features an entirely new cast, which boasts Keke Palmer (Scream Queens), Rj Cyler (I
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Amazon Announces the Retro Zone for Old-School Gaming Goodies

  • Cinelinx
If you're looking to play some old games or find neat things related to retrogaming, the Amazon AppStore is launching a brand new Hub for all things old-school gaming called the Retro Zone. Come inside to check out all the cool things you can find in it!

The launch of "new" retro consoles has seen a resurgence in retrogaming for players. As more come to various systems, allowing us to play our beloved games from the past in new, and better, ways there's definitely more demand for the classics. Amazon sees the trend and has launched the Retro Zone to help gamers find everything related to retrogaming (toys, collectibles, games, etc) in one convenient location:

Amazon Appstore today launched Retro Zone, the ultimate online destination for all things retro gaming. Retro Zone provides an easy and simple way for fans to get their hands on classic throwback items, including their
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Cool “Surf Rock” Cover of the Green Hill Zone Theme from Sonic the Hedgehog

Do you recall ever playing Sonic the Hedgehog, the original game? The Green Hill Zone is probably the most basic zone in the game, where you start off essentially. It’s not too different from this surf cover that’s played so well and with such measured but dynamic calm. The game obviously didn’t employ this type of music back when it was first created but I could definitely see a reboot of Sonic in the old style using this or something like it as the ending credits. That would just be awesome. I remember having a lot of fun playing Sonic

Cool “Surf Rock” Cover of the Green Hill Zone Theme from Sonic the Hedgehog
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‘Sonic Mania’ Game Review: The Sequel We’ve Waited Years For

Sonic the Hedgehog has sustained a celebrated life, starring in a cherished game video game franchise with a plethora of supplemental content. Sega’s mascot enjoyed his heyday in his earliest years, with the Sega Genesis trilogy – consisting of Sonic 1, Sonic 2 and the two-part Sonic 3 & Knuckles – along with the Sega […]

Source: uInterview

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‘Dora The Explorer’ Live-Action Film in Development at Paramount

  • The Wrap
‘Dora The Explorer’ Live-Action Film in Development at Paramount
Paramount is moving forward on a live-action “Dora The Explorer” film written by “Neighbors” director Nick Stoller, TheWrap has learned. Michael Bay is producing the film through his Platinum Dunes label with Andrew Form and Brad Fuller. The movie will reportedly take place several years after the Nick Jr. television series, with Dora, now a teenager, moving to the big city to live with his cousin, Diego. Also Read: Paramount Lands Film Rights to 'Sonic the Hedgehog' Video Game Franchise Stoller’s attachment revives a Paramount project that had been dormant for some time. Plans to bring Dora to the big screen first.
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Funko unveils new Sonic the Hedgehog Pop! Vinyl figures

Funko has unveiled its new line of Sonic the Hedgehog Pop! Games vinyl figures which includes Sonic, Shadow, Dr. Eggman, and Super Sonic; check them out here…

The speedy Sonic the Hedgehog is featured as two different Pop!s, one holding an emerald, the other with a gold ring! Rounding out the series is Sonic’s rival Shadow and arch-nemesis, Dr. Eggman!

Super Sonic is available at GameStop!

At Hot Topic you can find Shadow with Chao!

A glow in the dark version of Sonic with gold ring is available at Toys “R” Us!
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What We Know about the Sonic The Hedgehog Movie So Far

At one point in time, Sonic the Hedgehog was the flagship franchise for Sega in much the same sense that Mario serves a similar role for Nintendo. It was popular, so much so that it spawned numerous comics, TV shows, and other products. However, Sonic the Hedgehog is not as popular in the present as it was in the past, perhaps because newer installments in the franchise have met with what can be called a mixed response by its fans at best. Still, the success of the most recent offering Sonic Mania suggests that there is still plenty of enthusiasm

What We Know about the Sonic The Hedgehog Movie So Far
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The Animation Podcast Ep. 104: Bob’S Burgers, Will Vinton, Sonic The Hedgehog

  • Film-Book
The Animation Podcast Ep. 104 The Animation Podcast is a weekly podcast news show that looks into the latest news in the animation industry, hosted by FilmBook, created and narrated by FilmBook author Mathieu Brunet a.k.a. AniMat from the ElectricDragon505 YouTube channel. Music provided by Chris Holland. In this episode, The Animation Podcast examines [...]

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Daily Podcast: The Best Movie Sequels Of All Time, Star Wars, Sonic, Halloween & Hefner

Daily Podcast: The Best Movie Sequels Of All Time, Star Wars, Sonic, Halloween & Hefner
On the October 4, 2017 episode of /Film Daily, Peter Sciretta is joined by Ben Pearson and Hoai-Tran Bui to talk about the latest news including a bunch of Star Wars related news, a live-action Sonic The Hedgehog movie, Halloween reboot casting, and a Hugh Hefner biopic. In The Mailbag, we’ll be talking about the best sequels of all time. You can subscribe to /Film Daily on iTunes, Google Play, Overcast and all […]

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Lucy 2 pressing ahead, EuropaCorp scaling back

Simon Brew Sep 29, 2017

Following struggles with likes of Valerian, EuropaCorp is scaling back its film slate. But Lucy 2 is moving forward...

The ramifications of the financial failure of Valerian over the summer are being felt at EuropaCorp. The European production company has overseen a slate of films that haven’t struck gold at the box office in the past year, also including Miss Sloane, The Circle and Nine Lives. As a consequence of these assorted box office disappointments, there’s nine figures of red ink to be mopped up.

See related Fan hack puts Yoshi in Sonic the Hedgehog 2

As such, it’s been revealed that the firm is planning to scale back its filmmaking operations, with a greater onus on television projects in future. Films are still on the agenda, though, and Luc Besson’s next project – costed at around $30m – is set to press ahead. Furthermore, Besson
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Sonic The Hedgehog is Teaming Up With Hooters, Yes That Hooters

I guess I’m a little confused, but kind of intrigued. Sonic is going to be teaming up with Hooters for a promotional deal? If you have a dirty mind, like me, then you might have already come up with a few quips that I really can’t use here but find kind of amusing. A few of them of course involve being a little too speedy. Anyway, there’s not a lot on the table at the moment save for the fact that Sonic is one of the only characters still prominent enough in Japan to really gain a lot of attention

Sonic The Hedgehog is Teaming Up With Hooters, Yes That Hooters
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Throwback: Watch Melissa Joan Hart Try And Fail At Sonic 2 During Nick Arcade

A classic clip from Reddit has surfaced of the series Nick Arcade, and it's sure to give you a healthy dose of nostalgia alongside some good old gamer rage as well. Melissa Joan Hart (Clarissa Explains It All, Sabrina The Teenage Witch) has to get 25 rings in Sonic The Hedgehog 2's Green Hill Zone and for whatever reason just can't figure out how to make it happen! 

To her credit, Sonic 2 was still in beta at the time so she was kind of flying blind while playing, But She Left So Many Rings Behind! I couldn't handle it when she couldn't make her way around the loop, and it looked like Jason Zimbler couldn't either. Check out the whole event in the video below. 

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Future Sonic Attempts to Save His Franchise by Traveling to the Past

Isn’t this kind of what happened to Sonic anyway? I mean the whole blowing his head off to spite the future. In a literal sense, no, no that’s not what happened. But in a metaphorical way it seems like the creators of Sonic the Hedgehog did just this. They nixed the simpler, more profitable Sonic to make way for the future Sonic’s that could be given a more marketable stance. But any attempt by the future Sonic to go back and warn his past self seems like it would have only resulted in disaster much like it did. The idea

Future Sonic Attempts to Save His Franchise by Traveling to the Past
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Why Old-School Gaming Still Rules

Although we can all agree that next-gen titles like Destiny 2 are pretty impressive, there’s something about old-school gaming that’s endlessly fun. After all, Tetris is still the most downloaded app of all time!

So what is it about those classic games of yesteryear that continues to enthrall modern day gamers?

Straight into the Action

Anybody who felt their life force being drained by the pointless narratives of Mass Effect: Andromeda will probably agree that modern day gaming can be boring.

Old-school games simply didn’t have the ability to waste time on meandering plot lines. And so it was high-paced games like Sonic the Hedgehog that instantly got straight into the action and continue to be relentlessly popular today.

Clear Objective

Similarly, whilst much was made of the ‘open-world’ possibilities of No Man’s Sky, anybody who actually played it found that the game was totally boring!

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Sonic Forces Bonus Edition brings JetSet Radio and Persona 5 to your character’s wardrobe

The physical-only Sonic Forces Bonus Edition is available to pre-order from today, as fans get a look at all the extra goodies they can acquire. The Sonic Forces Bonus Edition includes: four Sonic Forces art cards, a controller skin for your respective console, and the Sega/Atlus Pack – which contains items and accessories to Kit out your Hero Character in the image of five other Sega/Atlus icons! From Persona 5′s Phantom Thief to Super Monkey Ball‘s AiAi, all this could be yours when Sonic Forces releases on November 7th.

Digital pre-orders for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC will be announced at a later date. Those who pre-order the Bonus Edition from retailers participating in the pre-order scheme will also receive the Shadow Costume for their Hero Character.

Check out what’s on offer here, alongside some screenshots to tide you over…

From the team that brought
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‘Sonic Mania’ Review: Faster Than The Speed Of Blue

Sonic the Hedgehog has had a rough go of it in recent years. After debuting as Sega's de facto mascot in the 1990s, the blue speedster tried to follow Mario's journey into various other genres of games. But unlike Nintendo's main man, Sonic ran into trouble when converted to 3D adventures, or RPGs, or when the formula that made Sonic the Hedgehog a Sega Genesis system seller was changed. Turns out gamers really enjoy running exceptionally fast in a side-scrolling level and collecting rings. Now, developers Headcannon and PagodaWest Games have created Sonic Mania, which brings Sonic back to his roots, creating one of the fastest games I've ever played -- so fast that my eyes can barely keep up with the pixelated blur on-screen.

The Need For Speed

Sonic Mania leaves two decades of Sonic spin-off games in the dust, as it brings back the side-scrolling, ring-collecting, animal-freeing adventures of Sonic,
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