Arizona Dream (1993) Poster


Vincent Gallo: Paul Leger



  • Paul Leger : Think anybody fucking touches Johnny Depp's face?

  • Axel Blackmar : These philosophies, with pies and bananas and Q-tips and...

    Paul Leger : I'm an artist.

    Axel Blackmar : You're a bullshit artist.

    Paul Leger : Bullshit artist, artist, whatever. Art is art.

  • Paul Leger : How would I die when I'm 35? How would I die? I'll tell you how I'd die. I'd take off all my clothes and I'd get into a bathtub filled with ice-cold vodka. I'd have a TV in the room with me and I'd be watching "North by Northwest." And just when the scene comes with the airplane I'd pull the TV in the bathtub and I'd shock myself! I hate that film.

  • Leo Sweetie : Here at Leo Sweetie Cadillac we rely on three principles that I call The Three S's of Sales, Axel.

    Paul Leger : Three S's of Sales: Seduction, Sexy, Psychology.

    Axel Blackmar : No, Psychology starts with a P.

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