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Who's Ready for Some Serious Face Kicking?

Recently I found myself in a familiar dilemma: which prized piece of Fox Movie Channel cinema should I review next? When there are so many seriously good and seriously bad movies deserving the Unvaulted touch, how can I decide? But then I turned on our channel just in time to see Wayne Newton, in a shiny shiny jacket, emceeing some sort of mortal combat cage fight in which some dude (some dude I later learned is Chris Penn!) gets kicked in the face. And instantly my problem was solved.

A lot of people get kicked in the face in Best of the Best 2. So many. And people get shot at, and Eric Roberts punches a lot of dudes, and Phillip Rhee throws at least seven guys over his shoulder (I tried to count) and breaks a lot of dudes' bones. Sometimes he even throws a bad dude over his
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