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"That's what we call outback humour"
suttercane20 January 2004
This movie really surprised me. I picked it up after reading the rave reviews from other IMDB members, and on the strength of everyone comparing it to Braindead (aka Dead Alive).

Well, it isn't like Braindead. It's something new, something extremely unique and original. Really impressive if you ask me, and a whole lot of fun. I loved the inbred family, loved the "over-the-top" gore effects.

There is one thing that not many have mentioned yet, this film is clever. It isn't just some empty splatter film, it has personality and style. We never really get to know the characters that well, but it tells a good story just as well.

Oh, and it's funny. Very funny. Any movie in which a couple of deformed hillbilly kids kill a kangaroo with a rock at 1000 yards, then eat it's adreno glands to get high, has got something to say.

Love it.
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Lots of slimy stuff!
symbioticpsychotic26 December 2002
The residents of Pebbles Court, Homesville, have been chosen (unknowingly) to take part in the testing of a new Vitamin Supplement manufactured by a company known as Vimuville. Unfortunately, there are horrible side effects due to chemical imbalances in the body and the like, and most of the cast end up exploding, or imploding and various other things. The graphic FX are good; script nice and tight (and funny), and it's full of colour. So, not really a horror, but more along the lines of The Toxic Avenger(1985), Braindead(1992) and Street Trash (1991).
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Hell of a good time!
Infofreak20 August 2001
'Body Melt' is one of the most misunderstood Australian movies of all time! Director Philip Brophy, who has a background in avante garde electronic music and performance art, has created a wicked subversion of splatter movies. The film is all the better for having many Aussie soap stars and familiar faces in its cast, a fact that will probably be completely lost on overseas viewers. Just imagine your own "beloved" family favourites in the main roles and you might start to see what Brophy's done here.

'Body Melt' is rude, crude, messy fun that only a complete idiot could take SERIOUSLY as a horror movie! So sit back, tune in turn on and drop IN to 'Body Melt'! Just watch what you eat when you do....
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Gory, yet funny, Sick, yet entrancing, a good first look at Australians....
Bas-712 February 1999
The second funniest horror/comedy I have ever seen, second only to Kiwi flick Dead Alive (aka Brain Dead). Special effects are corny, yet very well done. The plot isn't too involving, but doesn't fall apart and can be followed with ease. Great portrayal of your average Australian. Basically there's this company that tests it's hazardous products on a new neighbourhood causing havoc. Genitals explode, rednecks shove sticks up people, and pregnant women burst open and their placentas attack people. Superb! 8/10.
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Strikingly original, absurd and wonderfully gory horror comedy ...
cafm28 October 2014
As an Australian reviewer it is gratifying seeing reviewers from other countries express their appreciation for Philip Brophy's little 1993 gore-fest. Brophy is something of a Renaissance Man, wearing many hats from composer and musician to film critic, curator and academic (for those interested in Brophy's scholarly work you might want to check out his website:

BODY MELT cleverly pokes fun at a variety of popular contemporary Australian television dramas (most notably NEIGHBOURS, the long-running prime-time Aussie soap opera well-known to British viewers and set in the neighbourly cul-de-sac of Ramsay Street) and 1970s Aussie police procedurals. Even most of his cast come from Australian television series, such as BLUE HEALERS regulars Lisa McCune and William McInnes and Brett Climo (who starred in A COUNTRY PRACTISE and THE FLYING DOCTORS) and Gerard Kennedy, the face of Crawford Productions 1970s cop show, DIVISION 4. Perhaps best of all is the casting of NEIGHBOURS veteran Ian Smith, who plays Harold Bishop in that long-running TV Soap. Casting Smith as eccentric Dr. Carrera, Brophy provides the actor with a rare opportunity to play against type and Smith inhabits the role with relish.

I was at the wonderful old Valhalla Cinema in Northcote (now the far less interesting Westgarth Cinema) back in 1993 on the night that Brophy premiered BODY MELT to an appreciative Melbourne audience who belly-laughed at the over-the-top comedy and lurid special effects. His depictions of bodies self-destructing and liquefying in various icky and imaginative ways recalled, for me, Brophy's 1988 experimental film, SALT SALIVA SPERM AND SWEAT, in which he explores corporeality and the idea of bodily fluids as a form of social exchange. At the screening, Brophy explained that he incorporated ideas he'd had for shorter films into BODY MELT as side-stories, admitting that while they do not contribute towards a cohesive narrative, they nevertheless fit within the broader thematic concerns of the film. Indeed, I would argue that these moments of suburban Gothic psychedelia and outback redneck cannibalism add to the outlandish comedy and disorienting effect of the film.

It's nice to see people from other countries getting into this film, which deserves a higher rating than 4.3, even if some of the humour is culturally parochial. Thanks to those who took the time to watch and appreciate this overlooked little gem.
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Cool little movie.
NewSilver21-123 June 2002
Body Melt...only one movie describes this film...trippy! Long time ago I saw it at the store and wondered about it and always gave it the cold shoulder, but finally I decided to rent it and man did I get my money's worth. Hard to describe the movie it reminds me of the movie "Street Trash". Body Melt has excellent special effects and make up work but hardly any plot what so ever. Mainly it consisted of people trippin out on this drug and exploding or melting. With comedy thrown in from time to time it makes it more enjoyable to watch. Painful scenes like a wooden pole to the nuts, bullet shot through the hand, and an expanding exploding penis. Well just to narrow it down if you like weird movies like "Street Trash", "Dead Alive", and "Frankenhooker" than this is a for must see film for you. Not for weak stomachs and not for "Scream" fans. 7 stars out of 10 stars.
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Oz cinema at its best!
skyclad10 March 1999
Take the cream of Australian soap actors, mix in a gore-packed script add a pinch of devilishly funny humour, stir, place in oven and garnish with delux Campness (and boy do I mean Camp with a capital C!).

A serious gore-filled horror film or a deliciously funny parody of one? BOTH and yet so much more! Ian Smith (Harold from Neighbours) steals the show as an evil Doctor so camp he makes Dr.Frank N'Furter (the Rocky Horror Picture Show) look straighter than a ruler!

Packed with wickedly vicious humour scream as people get (for want of a better word) "snotted" to death, laugh as the boy on the skateboard meets his final end and cry when the killer placenta from Hell goes on the rampage.

All in all a wonderful, light hearted comedy/splatter movie! WATCH IT NOW!!!
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disgusting, funny and meaningful satire. A must!
KGB-Greece-Patras15 August 2002
Even though this is not quite a satire, it's full of funny moments for all sickos and people with twisted sense of humour. Some australian reviewers inform us that some of the cast are well known in Australia from soap shows. That makes me really glad and the whole thing clearer! Really gross-out gore effects (i expected a bit more, though), really great photograph & depiction of an ausytralian suberb (even though i have never been there!) and a sequence of really entertaining scenes. This could be considered the definition of "high-time" for a bunch of friends drinking beer and laughing, but, to me, its this and much more.
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hilarious parody of suburbia
silentbdeadly30 May 2003
If you like Peter Jackson's earlier works, "Bad Taste" and "Braindead," you'll love this film as it works in the same vein. It's a great parody of the dull life of suburbia whose citizens seem to have no reason to live but would be willing to do whatever they can to live as long and as healthy as possible. They become unwitting guinea pigs of experimental drugs designed to create superhumans. Warning: it has some really gross scenes, but this is secondary. This is one of those rare B-movie horror films that actually tries to convey a message and pokes fun at itself at the same time.
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"Keep It In The Family!"...
azathothpwiggins10 December 2018
A new, experimental "vitamin supplement" has been given to the unsuspecting residents of tiny Pebbles Court. As people try the free sample packets of the powder in their beverages, unexpected and disgusting side effects occur. BODY MELT is every bit as insane as the title suggests. One of the effects of the "vitamin" is hallucination, though it's hard to tell fantasy from reality most of the time. The beyond-bonkers characters at the mechanic's garage are perfect examples of this movie's utter madness. So, if you prefer a straightforward story, or serious movie-making, this is probably a... tragic choice. On the other hand, or foot, or other extremity, if blood and slime by the dump truck-full, combined with the weirdest characters / situations ever filmed are your cup of sludge, then heaven is yours! Going for the total gross-out factor, this is a true love it or hate it movie. Somehow, I'm torn between the two. BE READY FOR: Inbred adrenaline freaks, explosive pregnancy, face peeling, musclemen, mad science, terminal sexual dysfunction, death-by-tongue, and a three-legged dingo!...
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Does what it says on the tin.
BA_Harrison10 July 2016
Australian pharmaceutical corporation Vimuville tests a revolutionary cognition enhancing vitamin on the inhabitants of a suburban housing estate, unaware that their drug has been sabotaged by an ex-employee. When consumed, the vitamin— missing a vital ingredient—causes hallucinations before reducing the user to a gloopy mess of mucous and gore.

Being Antipodean and hailing from the early '90s, messy low-budget schlock horror Body Melt, directed by experimental musician Philip Brophy, automatically makes me think of Peter Jackson's splatter-fest Braindead, although it never quite matches that film in terms of sheer lunacy or creative bloodletting. Thematically, the film is much closer to Larry Cohen's deadly dessert cult classic The Stuff (1985), but is most similar in overall tone to Jim Muro's 1987 melt movie Street Trash, which featured a cast of colourful down and out characters dissolving or exploding after imbibing a toxic liquor.

As with Muro's film, the messy death scenes in Body Melt are the undisputed highlight, no two victims going the same way. The first to suffer is Vimuville employee Ryan (Robert Simper), whose neck opens up to reveal quivering tentacles. Radio station employee Paul has his face reduced to a gory mess, his lips peeled off and his eyes bulging from their sockets. Pregnant housewife Cheryl gives birth to her placenta a month early, the pulsating protein sac latching on to her husband's face while her belly opens up to reveal her innards.

Other fun stuff includes a family of kangaroo-killing out-back inbreds, an imploding head, an exploding penis, gratuitous nudity (both male and female), a roller-blading brat falling from a height onto his face, and Harold Bishop from Aussie soap Neighbours (Ian Smith) getting his ear pulled off.
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What the heck?
zmaturin12 February 2001
What the Heck is this flick? It's not really a comedy or horror movie, it's not really sci-fi, and I'm pretty sure it's not a drama. Mystery, thriller, Western- there's not a genre section at Blockbuster that can tame this wily beast of a movie!

Here's what it is, as far as I can tell: A mysterious pharmaceutical company, run by one naked woman and a bunch of muscle-bound squeeky voiced guys, is secretly testing it's new drug on the inhabitants of a small housing complex somewhere in New Zealand. They also front a health spa where their unwitting test subjects come to have their urine sampled. The drug is, of course, malfunctioning, and all the folks who take it eventually mutate in various ways (not many of them actually melt, as the title implies. Most explode).

In one subplot, two lustful teens are off to donate sperm but get lost and end up with a bizarre backwoods family with big welts on their faces. The teens hang out with the inbred yokels for a while, watching them eat kangaroo glands and riding in the truck from "Even Dwarves Started Small". Unfortunately, one of the guys puts the moves on the huge, revolting sister in the family and gets a stake in the loins.

Other highlights include killer placentas, exploding genitals, huge swelling tongues, and tons of other gore (from the people who handled the effects in "Dead Alive"). This movie is a sloppy good time, for no one escapes the wrath of... BODY MELT! Recommended!
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The Incredible Melting Aussies!
Coventry7 April 2006
Icky throat-tentacles, a murderous placenta at large, exploding penises… "Body Melt" features quite a lot of splatter-images that you don't see every day, and I'll leave it up to you whether that is a good thing or not. Still, despite being remarkably better than its fellow contemporary melt-movies ("Street Trash" immediately comes to mind), this remains forgettable 90's horror with an insuperable lack of coherence and professionalism. I'm aware that it was all meant to be absurd and over-the-top gooey, but a little bit of continuity wouldn't have hurt anybody, would it? The goodhearted residents of Pebbles Road all receive free samples of a new vitamin product from the eminent Dr. Phillips' health farm, immediately after a bizarre lethal car accident took place in their peaceful street. Each and every one of them soon undergoes drastic physical changes, as it seems like this vitamin drink actually is an experimental drug. A Pregnant woman loses her placenta, a male resident has visions of a severely mutilated girl and two teenagers that seem to have escaped the "test" end up at an inbred & cannibalistic family that is also related to Phillips' health farm. It takes a duo not-so-bright cops quite some time they realize the clinic might be involved. The splatter images in "Body Melt" are indeed extreme but not at all constant and the gore-free sequences in between are actually quite dull. As strange as it may sound, the screenplay is much more effective as a social satire instead of a repulsive horror flick. Philip Brophy cleverly spoofs a lot of hugely irritating 90's trends, such as brainless fitness-freaks, fraudulent health-gurus and typical joy-joy TV soap-operas that portray life in the suburbs way too rosy.
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Twisted, Bizarre Comedy!
CMRKeyboadist17 June 2006
Wow... Body Melt is by far one of the most bizarre films I have ever seen come out of the horror genre. Mixed with gacky gore, electronic music, hallucinations, a mish-mosh storyline, and apparently Australian soup opera actors, Body Melt delivers for a truly original ride.

An experimental drug for wait loss called Vemuville is being tested in a small community. The results are more than messy. People don't just melt but actually mutate. A pregnant woman's baby comes to life as a slimy mess after premature birth and attacks the father while the mothers stomach explodes open. A woman's tongue grows so grotesquely large she chokes to death. These are the type of scenes you will see in Body Melt.

Although, for my tastes, I wish it were a little more gory but it doesn't take away from the gross out feel to the movie because on that level it delivers. Also, upon first viewing, the storyline appears to be all over the place. This is because the movie was originally based off of four short stories the director had written. I must recommend this film to those of you looking for for something different. I don't think you will be disappointed. 8/10
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For the juvenile in all of us.
chromium_tim16 January 2003
A classic peter Jackson style gore fest of the grubbiest kind. I actually watched this film when i was about 17 (i am now 26) so i can only remember what my mind lets me (with fond clouded memories) but none the less i think i am almost as much of a kid at heart now as i was then, so i'll be equally as biased. For what most people after watching this film would call juvinile gibberish i'd call idiosyncratic australian humour, for the most part because it is so slapstick and because in no way does it take its self seriously. The acting is lame and the story almost as phlacid but the effect the director (i hope) was going for was one of ridiculous hilarity. That is what i got from the film anyway - i'm sure many of you out there will beg to differ.

Interesting facts - I laughed when i realised that three members of the Australian soap Neighbours featured in this film. For all the Americans out there, Neighbours was a particularly tame but sucessful Australian soap aired in England. It is quite ironic that the unexciting character Harold Bishop played a sadistic doctor who in one scene cuts his own ear off.

I particularly liked when in the end credits the 'Cock and ass' (featured as porn on a tv screen in a scene) is accredited to the director and his wife - what dedication!
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I got a few smiles in between the wincing.
christopher-underwood16 July 2019
This is a really silly film but it is not over long and has its heart in the right place. It is also satisfactorily gory and if some of the acting a little lacking Ian Smith does very well in the central role as the doctor. I last saw this film at its first (only?) UK showing as part of the London Film Festival, presumably in 1993. I had thought it was going to be a bit like a Cronenberg but it is played much more for laughs. Apparently a lot of the humour depends upon some knowledge of Australian TV soaps but some works without so at least I got a few smiles in between the wincing.
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Wild and Crazy Look at Vitamins
david_rudy_lee14 July 2019
This was a film that I never actually heard about, but when there was a new version of this release, it seemed to gain traction with people talking about it. I was intrigued from the title to see it. The synopsis is residents of peaceful Pebbles Court, Homesville, are being used unknowingly as test experiments for a new 'Body Drug' that causes some horrible side effects.

We see a couple that just had sex. The guy tells Shaan (Regina Gaigalas) that they need to stop what they're doing, because it is illegal. He says something about testing on humans. She tells him to not worry about it. He then leaves, going back to his computer to figure out who is currently being tested on. We then hear her say to someone over the phone not to worry about him, that she gave him a dose that will kill him by morning. We then see the effects of whatever she gave him, he starts to melt. He does make it to the place he was going, but dies immediately.

The place he was going to was Pebbles Court, Homesville. This from what I gather is near Melbourne, Australia. Living in this housing development are four groups of people. We have the Nobles, with the father Thompson (Adrian Wright) who is quite health conscious. His wife Angelica (Jillian Murray), their son Brandon (Ben Geurens) and daughter Elloise (Amanda Douge) also live there. Next to them is a married couple who are expecting, Brian (Brett Climo) and Cheryl Rand (Lisa McCune). The next place is either the house of Sal Ciccone (Nicholas Politis) or Gino Argento (Maurie Annese) who are bother younger guys while the family is away. Then there is Paul Matthews (William McInnes). He is divorced and this is the person the man was coming to see. The company the dead man worked for was Vimuville and they sent some vitamin powder to Paul.

The accident draws the police and they start to look into what is going on here. The two cops are Det. Sam Phillips (Gerard Kennedy) and Johnno (Andrew Daddo). They investigation takes them to Vimuville's new health camp, but they see no reason to linger there. They trace it there due to a pill bottle found on the dead man.

Paul starts to hallucinate and doesn't really feel himself. He starts to see Kate (Suzi Dougherty), at first deformed and then normal, but her normal way is quite worse. The two young guys are supposed to go to Vimuville, but they get lost and end up with some aborigines. The old man in charge is Pud (Vincent Gil) and with him is his deformed family. The problem is that they might have a connection with Vimuville as well.

Cheryl is seeing doctor Dr. Carrera (Ian Smith) who seems to be harboring a secret and his treatments might not be going along with his the code of ethics that he should be as well. What is going on with Vimuville and their new product?

Now I wanted to be a bit cryptic and not to really spoil anything, because I'm going to be honest, this film is wild. At first I was so confused as to what was going on. It really does jump into it and doesn't waste any time. I will actually touch on the pacing here, because it is great. I never got bored and if anything, I thought the film could have pumped the breaks to explain some things. To be honest though, I'm almost glad that it didn't now, because it does all make sense in the end. It is interesting that this is a combination of short stories by co-writer/director Philip Brophy, because that's exactly how it feels. I do love how this film plays out, which will bring me to an issue this film is exploring.

There is a coroner in this film, Willie (Bill Young). When he is doing an autopsy he tells us that the 1980's was doing drugs and in the 90's, it was going bigger. I do vaguely remember that there was a health kick of vitamins and I think that's what this film is parodying in a sense. We didn't really know what we were putting into our bodies and we still don't know if it was good or bad for us. I like that this film is exploring that with a company that is doing illegal testing to circumvent the system. It is scary that with the United States current president removing regulations, things like this could happen here.

I will warn you to not come to this film expecting great acting. This film is part comedy and definitely over the top. It does feel a lot like an early Peter Jackson film to be honest, which makes sense as Brophy worked on Dead Alive. I really dug that aspect of it. I did like Kennedy who plays the main detective. He really is no nonsense while his partner, Daddo, is a bit more comedic relief. Smith is an interesting character and I also like Gaigalas. She would make a perfect capitalist worrying about making money and not about the repercussions. The actors in the outback are gross and I liked it. The people those living in the housing development are all different enough. I don't have anything bad to say, but no one really stood out overall.

Something that I do have to give credit to would be the effects of the film. They went practical and they went after it. Not everything looked real, but with some of the things that are happening in this film, that would be nearly impossible. Despite that problem though, this film is gross and I loved it. I'm not really into splatter or things like that, but with the comedy it just has some charm to it. I also think it is shot very well.

An issue I did have with the film would have to be with the soundtrack. I didn't think that the techno music really didn't work at times. There were some moments that I was down for it, especially in one of the hallucinations. There also were times where it needed to be tense and it was a bit too upbeat. I do understand that the group is the same ones who made the film, which explains it; it just didn't work for me.

Now with that said, this film isn't great, but I had a blast with it. It really is a wild film and there are some outrageous things that happen. What is scary though is the actual basis of this film could legit happen, especially with some things we are seeing in the US with pushing back regulations. Basing it in reality like that is solid. It doesn't waste any time getting into anything and I thought how it plays out is solid. It really brings all of the threads together which I needed. The acting isn't great, but fits for what was needed. The effects were practical, which I also love. They all don't necessarily look great, but they definitely were fine by me. The soundtrack doesn't always work, but it does have its moments for sure. Overall I wouldn't recommend this to everyone, but if you are looking for a fun horror film that's gross to watch with friends or check this out for the real world implications of 'pharmaceutical products', check this out.
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Oddball and insane Aussie gore opus
Woodyanders26 December 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The residents of the sleepy small suburban community of Pebbles Court find themselves the unwitting guinea pigs of a new experimental vitamin manufactured by the nefarious health spa Vimuville that causes them to mutate and eventually melt.

Director/co-writer Philip Brophy keeps the enjoyably off-the-wall story zipping along at a breakneck pace, pokes wicked fun at people's obsession with staying young, fit, and healthy, presents a colorful array of flaky and/or grotesque characters, delivers oodles of outrageous over-the-top splatter (several folks blow up real good), and further spices things up with an amusing sense of blithely twisted humor. Moreover, it's acted with zest by an enthusiastic cast, with especially lively contributions from Gerard Kennedy as the hard-nosed Detective Sam Phillips, Ian Smith as the shifty Dr. Carrera, Regina Gaigalas as the sultry Shaan, Vincent Gil as the surly Pud, Lisa McGune as the pregnant Cheryl Rand, and William McInnes as the unhinged Paul Matthews. Ray Argall's polished cinematography boasts a handful of wild visual flourishes (the inside the esophagus shots are amazing!). Brophy's funky syncopated score hits the boppin' spot. A weird, but really fun flick.
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Enjoyable aussie horror comedy.
sdryweri15 December 2017
First off this is a bit hard one to review. I stumbled across this aussie flick just recently and decided to give it a shot since it came out around same time as Jackson's wonderful Bad Taste and braindead, so we know those aussies can deliver the goods.

Plot *NO SPOILERS* is bit of a mashup of Brian Yuzna's "society" and "texas chainsaw massacre". Technically very professionally made (cinematography, editing, gore and makeup effects etc.) And whole cast did decent job. Loved the musical score as well even it felt bit out of place at places.

The only things I disliked about this movie is that there is bit too many characters and subplots they could have gone without so this thing is bit all over the place at the times.

Like mentioned, creative gore effects are top notch but there is quite few (5-8 or something) of them and they feel like they could have gone way further with them and many of them feel they were cut short (yes I got the uncensored version). So people quoting this is "totally sick crazy gorefest" are making bit of a overstatement.

After all the build up I expected the last chapter to be just nuts because all the potential was there but it falls quite flat that was quite disappointing.

So this is not some forgotten splatter/horror/comedy gem it could have been. Not a classic you remember forever but not bad either you regret watching it so it's solid 3 out of 5 for me. (who needs 0 to 10 stars to rate a friggin movie).

Besides it's flaws it's still got bunch of laughs out of it so give it a shot if you find this somewhere. Or just for adorable early 90's nostalgia.
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Body Horror
sol-30 September 2017
Opening with an ad from a health clinic working on an experimental new drug that mutates the human body, 'Body Melt' has the distinct air of a David Cronenberg movie with echoes of 'Shivers', 'The Fly' and 'Videodrome'. Things only become weirder as the film moves along and the latest test subject pours detergent down his throat that is erupting from the mutations inside. Then there is a neighbour who keeps having visions of a seriously scarred woman, a pregnant wife with unusual prenatal symptoms, some deformed hillbillies with offbeat pastimes and the list goes on. While it is not clear early on how all these scattered elements are connected, the film has enough of a WTF factor that it nevertheless remains engaging during its first half, and an eerie, pulsating music score and graphic special effects certainly help. As the film progresses though and leaves of oodles of loose ends, it nevertheless becomes clear that director Philip Brophy is more interested in displaying weird and unusual set pieces (no two victims 'melt' the same way) than spinning an airtight story. To be fair, there is a twist towards the end that explains what exactly is going on but with so many different protagonists, it is hard to get emotionally invested and truly care. In short, the film is as entertaining as Cronenberg's seminal works but it does not quite resonate as much afterwards.
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Good horror, dumb comedy
TdSmth523 February 2015
The movie starts with some ad for a community that's more like a spa, where health is the main concern, and all the residents's diet is monitored and enhanced with supplements.

A woman who is part of the organization injects one of these supplements into a guy. He's one of the researchers for the organization. We follow him as he's starting to look real sick and getting sicker by the minute, his throat starts ripping and he crashes into car in the community.

Next we follow some goofs on a road trip. They are lost and stop at some farm to ask for directions. They run into some creepy and deformed hillbillies who have some nasty plans for the two.

Cops have been investigating the crash and start zeroing in the corporation which just ups the ante with the supplements and more and more residents start melting.

Body Melt is an Australian 1993 movie which makes it more like an 80s American movie. Gore is the main attraction and while things start good in that regard and also end well, a good chunk in the middle dealing with the country people is entirely disposable. It's supposed to be funny but it isn't. It's tasteless in a way that's not even campy, just obnoxious. They just should have focused on the main story. While shorter at only 81 minutes, there is still a lot of superfluous material that's unnecessary. Body Melt is like two movies, a fun 80s-type gore movie and a lousy tasteless comedy.
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"How many times do I haveta tell ya!? Keep it in the family!!!" One mind-blowingly weird film... Warning: Spoilers
This movie's awesome! Do you have any idea how hard it actually is to create and maintain a tone and atmosphere this off- the-wall bat-s**t crazy far-out? I'm freaking Twilight-Zoned every time within five minutes of this thing, it's so over-the-top and insane that it just *has* to work! This is the kind of trippy crap you only find on the TV when it's 3 in the morning and you can't sleep, but there's just something about it I can't really explain, it was so goofy and frenetic and so much fun and strangely upbeat that I just loved it, the oddness is just the type I find appealing and it makes me feel good! And I loved the driving music score that adds a lot of energy to the movie, it has just the right early 90's techno punk vibe that I think they were going for. It's absolutely not a perfect film in any way shape or form, but then again it isn't trying to be, this movie knows what it is and is entirely doing its own thing. It has no f**k to give, and is indubitably gonna drag the viewer through acid trip Aussie outback hell whether they like it or not! It's bad, but in a very good way. There is something frequently nauseating that gets under your skin about the no-holds-barred, brutal outlandish nature of this flick, and it ain't just the gore - which isn't very much at all bloodshed-wise, but it's the overall gruesome spectacle of the various sight gags, people's body parts exploding, people birthing sting ray placentas, or dripping apart into goop... And, probably for budget reasons, a lot of the big splatter moments are done off camera and you only get to see the aftermath which is annoying, but whatever, the slick fast-moving style of it and the makeup effects that are seen were more than shocking and creative enough to satisfy me and make the movie a twisted and grotesque experience to sit through. I mean wow, what kind of questionable substances was the director on? Was this even made by a human being!? I think it's kind of unfairly overlooked, because it has everything a great kooky old 'cult' horror picture should, and it's one of the last big hurrahs of that whole "melt movie" era. ::: The people of Pebble's Court must've been the biggest bunch of idiots on the planet because who'd ever take random drugs they found in the post? "Ooh, let's see what this does!" The acting for the most part is on the poor side, not that I'm ever watching a film like this for the performances. It had a sense of talentless charm to it that made me smile more than roll my eyes. Characters pop up very randomly and they don't exactly add much to the story, which in of itself doesn't really follow a main plot-line. What it did have was a bunch of vignette-like side plots which also contribute little in terms of story development, but they sure do offer many scenarios of ample abstract weirdness with no possible way of predicting what's happening next. Some parts are played kind of serious, like the prolonged sequence with the man and the eerie apparition of the woman who massages out several of his ribs in one eye-watering scene, which is one of my favourite bits because its ethereal and uh, kinda kinky! While others are way overly comedic and maniacally cartoonish, like the entire segment with the almost but not quite good-looking 'Italian' morons who fall foul of a family of freakishly backward mutant hicks who are so ridiculously inbred that it's not even funny! That part of the movie was exceptionally f****d-up and it started to get seriously creepy for me. Those are some of the scariest freaks I've ever seen, especially that grinning man-girl-dog looking horror that I really couldn't determine whether it was a boy or girl! I'd even argue that they rival the brood from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, of which they're an obvious loving homage! I mean eek, the grandma was watching porn, what the hell was that!?! It's confusing what exactly's going on and what they're doing in the movie, but later on when their connection to the main story is explained it does make a tad more sense. It wasn't much for plot, but there's a lot going' on in Body Melt I like it, I likes it a lot! It starts off with a bang and then things do slow down after the first half, but I never lost interest.. Sick, ridiculous, despicable beyond belief - and f*****g great! The whole movie's one big backwards mess and is dreadfully uneven, but I love it, it's such a mad blast to watch. It gets more right than it doesn't and in my opinion is not an awful film. My diagnosis is to kick back and enjoy the sweet madness because there's plenty of it to go around with this beaut. Goodnight, and god help you!
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It does what it says on the tin
bowmanblue28 May 2014
Body Melt is an 'Ozploitation' flick about an evil old company who gives experimental drugs to a community and ends up getting more than they bargained for.

If you watched Neighbours in the early nineties, you may enjoy playing 'Spot the Neighbours star' as a handful crop up. It's certainly fun to see Ian Smith (better known to us as Harold Bishop) in a slightly more nasty role than a tubby lovable doddery bloke next door.

There's a reasonable amount of gore in Body Melt. The special effects are cheap, but utilised well and are quite inventive - expect varieties of bodily deformities.

However, these effects are not as constant as they might be, leading to large chunks of film with little going for it. Most of the actors are not that great and the characters they play are pretty unlikeable. You may be hard put to it to decide on who the 'hero' is, as there's a fair few characters, none of which get enough screen time to really expand their personalities.

Plus the story - what little there is - is a bit all over the place. It's a nice idea, but could have been scripted a bit better and with the use of more professional actors.

It's not the worst film of its kind, but it's certainly not the best either. The nice gore and odd bits of humour are probably enough to make you think you didn't completely waste an hour and a half of your life. Braindead is definitely better though.
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The first stage is hallucination...
Hey_Sweden2 June 2013
Musician Philip Brophy's directorial effort "Body Melt" is generally good fun for splatter movie lovers. While it never quite reaches the lunatic heights of Peter Jacksons' "Braindead", it does get fairly twisted and wild. After a strong opening, it then takes its time getting revved up, as it sets up characters and situations. But in the end it does satisfy that segment of the horror crowd that loves them their gory goodness.

It's perceived by some to be a satire - at least, a satire of what we call "clean living" - and it's also seen as subversive for its casting of very familiar faces (to the Australian audience, that is - foreigners such as this Canadian wouldn't automatically get the joke) in a gleefully gruesome horror film. There is the element of dark comedy as well. All in all, "Body Melt" comes up with some delicious gags and is funny enough to sustain itself for a reasonably short running time of 83 minutes.

Gerard Kennedy and Andrew Daddo star as investigating detectives in this tale of a devious chemical company marketing a dietary drug and sending free samples of it to test subjects in the neighbourhood known as Pebbles Court, in the town of Homesville. Not everybody reacts the same to the drug - it takes longer for the effects to kick in for some people - but it always results in bodily decomposition.

The actors - also including Ian Smith as Dr. Carrera, Regina Gaigalas as Shaan, and Vincent Gil (the Nightrider in "Mad Max") - deliver spirited performances, Brophy has a great sense of style, the visuals are delightful, and the music is perfect for the material; in fact, it's downright hilarious at times.

The Australians made lots of great exploitation and genre films over the decades, but not too many quite like this. Fans of early Peter Jackson should find it quite agreeable.

Seven out of 10.
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maximum points for gratuity and weirdness
Harold_Boss26 May 2013
It's the crazy characters that make this film. The country "bogans", the health resort workers, the cops - they're all excellent Australian parodies. Then the fun multiplies as they die in such gory and creative ways.

My only criticism is that the story doesn't stand up to much analysis, and I would have to say Peter Jackson's early films are vastly more coherent in the narrative department. The following are just some of the questions that I have: How could the bogan chemist possibly sabotage the vitamins when he has been expelled from the Vimuville team and apparently been nowhere near the resort for many years? Did the screenwriter actually know what was supposed to be in the vitamins? - ie why is it implied at one point that the victims are dying from a virus? What is the bad lady actually trying to accomplish? Kill innocent people? Or actually produce a functional health drug? Does she even know herself what her objective is? Why is she conducting secret drug trials when the vitamins are already on the supermarket shelves? Isn't it a bit late for that? And what's with the long hallucination scenes with the freaky girl who steals the ribs - this is a pretty big tangent don't you think?

Anyway this isn't something you watch for the narrative. Great film!
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