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Robert De Niro: Lorenzo



  • Lorenzo : The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.

  • Lorenzo : He's wrong, it don't take much strength to pull a trigger but try getting up every morning day after day and work for a living, let's see him try that, then we'll see who the real tough guy is, the working man is the tough guy, your father's the tough guy!

  • Sonny : First of all, I respect you, Lorenzo, you're a stand-up guy and we're from the same neighbourhood, but don't ever talk to me like that again. I tell yor kid to go to school, to go to college...

    Lorenzo : You don't understand: it's not what you say, it's what he sees, the clothes, the cars, the money, it's everything. He tried to throw away his baseball cards because he said Mickey Mantle will never pay the rent.

    Sonny : [laughs]  He said that to you? I don't believe this kid.

    [They all laugh] 

    Lorenzo : That's not funny. Not when your kid has a bigger bank account than you.

    Sonny : I offered you a job, you said "No" to me.

    Lorenzo : That's right, and I say "No" now. Just leave my son alone, please.

    Sonny : Hey!

    [Stands up] 

    Sonny : Don't you see how I treat that kid? I treat him like he's my son.

    Lorenzo : He ain't your son, he's MY son.

    Sonny : He's what?

    Lorenzo : He's MY son!

    Sonny : Hey, get the fuck outta here!

    Lorenzo : [Shoved by the gangsters towards the door]  I'm not afraid of you.

    Sonny : You should be.

    Lorenzo : I know who you are, Sonny, I know what you're capable of, and I would never step out of line, you can ask anyone in the neighbourhood who knows me. But this time, you're wrong. You don't fool with a man's family. This is my son, not yours.

    Sonny : What are you gonna do, fight me?

    Lorenzo : You stay away from my son!

    Sonny : Get outta here before I give you a fucking slap!

    Lorenzo : You just stay away from my son!

    Sonny : Go ahead!

    Lorenzo : I don't care who you are! You stay away from my son!

    [the gangsters force him out of the bar] 

  • Calogero 'C' Anello : Mommy! Mommy! Look what I got! Some peaches... for... free.

    [he sees his parents about to confront him] 

    Lorenzo : [showing C the wad of cash]  What's this?

    Calogero 'C' Anello : What's what, Dad?

    Lorenzo : Where'd you get this? Your mother found it behind your drawer.

    Calogero 'C' Anello : It's my savings, Dad.

    Lorenzo : 600 dollars you've been saving? What'd you do, become a brain surgeon overnight, son?

    Rosina Anello : Tell your father where you got the money!

    Calogero 'C' Anello : I worked for it.

    Lorenzo : Doin' what?

    Calogero 'C' Anello : Things.

    Lorenzo : Things? Whadaya mean 'things'? What things?

    Calogero 'C' Anello : Things. Y'know, things.

    Lorenzo : Don't lie to me. Just tell the truth and I won't get upset.

    Calogero 'C' Anello : Promise?

    Lorenzo : I'm your father. Would I say it if I didn't mean it?

    Calogero 'C' Anello : I worked the crap games and the guys gave me tips.

    Rosina Anello : Crap games?

    Lorenzo : Crap games? What crap games?

    [C looks down] 

    Lorenzo : What crap games? What tips?

    [still no answer] 

    Lorenzo : WHAT CRAP GAMES?

    Calogero 'C' Anello : I thought you weren't gonna get upset, Dad.

    Lorenzo : I lied! Now tell me everything!

    Calogero 'C' Anello : I told you. I worked for Sonny and the guys gave me tips.

    Lorenzo : I knew it!

    Rosina Anello : Didn't we tell ya a thousand times not to go near that bar?

  • Lorenzo : You stay away from that bar. You don't see me going to the bar do you ?

    Calogero 'C' Anello : You mean Mom wont let you go either?

    Lorenzo : What am I gonna do with this kid ?

  • Lorenzo : Sometimes in the heat of passion, the little head tells the big head what to do, and the big head should think twice about what you are doing.

  • Lorenzo : [Coming to Calogero's defense against the angry gangsters]  Calogero! Calogero!

    [to Sonny] 

    Lorenzo : What happened to my son?

    Sonny : Drive your bus and get the fuck out of here!

    Lorenzo : I'll get my fucking bus!

    [Tries to hit Sonny, but the gangsters grab him] 

    Lorenzo : You put your hands on me, I'll stick you in the fucking ground!

    [the gangsters punch Lorenzo in the stomach and knock him down] 

    Sonny : Next time find out what's going on before you open your mouth.

  • Calogero 'C' Anello : Sonny was right. The working man IS a sucker, dad. He's a sucker.

    Lorenzo : He's wrong! It don't take much strength to pull a trigger, but try and get up every morning, day after day and work for a livin'! Let's see him try that! Then we'll see who's the REAL tough guy! The working man's the tough guy! Your father's the tough guy!

  • Lorenzo : [about C]  The other night he tried to throw away his baseball cards because he said Mickey Mantle would never pay our rent.

    Sonny : [laughs]  He said that to you? I can't believe that kid.

    [They all start laughing] 

    Lorenzo : That's not funny. Not when your kid has a bigger bank account than you do.

  • Detective Belsik : [walks into the Lorenzos']  I'm Detective Belsik.

    [points to Vella] 

    Detective Belsik : This is my partner Detective Vella.

    Detective Belsik : [to Calogero]  Hello, son.

    [to Mrs. Anello] 

    Detective Belsik : How ya doin' ma'am?

    Detective Belsik : [turns to Lorenzo]  We'd like to ask your son a few question.

    Lorenzo : About what?

    Detective Belsik : There was a shooting in front of the building a little while ago and we believe your son was there.

    Lorenzo : Really? Well, he don't know nothin' about that.

    Detective Belsik : Well, we feel he DOES. There were people who saw him.

    Lorenzo : Well, they're WRONG. He don't know nothin'.

    Detective Belsik : Listen, Mr. Anello, we could do things the nice way or we could do things the hard way. Alright? We could go down to headquarters...

    Lorenzo : I don't care what way you do it! He don't know nothin'!

    Calogero 'C' Anello : Daddy, I know everything.

    Lorenzo : Kids, ya know, sometimes they make believe they see things.

    Detective Vella : We didn't pick your name out of a hat. We know your son was down there. So, come on, let's go.

    Detective Belsik : [to Calogero]  Son, listen. Here's what I'd like you to do for us. I'd like you to take a walk downstairs with us. And your father. We have some people down there. All I want you to do is pick out the person you saw with the gun in his hand. *That's* *it*. Do you think you could do that for us?

    Calogero 'C' Anello : [thinks about it, looks at his father]  Yeah.

  • Lorenzo : [after Calogero looks at a whole lineup and doesn't identify the shooter]  You satisfied, officer?

    Detective Vella : No, I'm not satisfied.

    Lorenzo : He don't know. He can't help you.

    Detective Vella : [cynically]  Yeah, yeah, I know. Your son doesn't know anything. I know all about it.

    Lorenzo : He said no. He can't help you.

    Detective Vella : [annoyed]  I'll tell ya what, take a walk. G'head. G'head.

  • Lorenzo : [hears knocking on the door]  Who is it?

    Detective Belsik : POLICE. Is this the Anello residence?

    Lorenzo : Yeah, could I help ya?

    Detective Belsik : Look, we're detectives. We'd like to ask you some questions.

    Lorenzo : About what?

    Detective Belsik : Just open the door!

  • Lorenzo : People don't love him, they fear him. There's a difference.

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