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Remade as 

Edited from 

Scream of Stone (1991)
Some of the cliffhanging shots are borrowed from the movie Scream of Stone

Edited into 

Cliffhanger (1993) (Video Game)
The Sega CD version contains cutscenes from the film.
Con Express (2002) (Video)
footage used


Cliffhanger (1993) (Video Game)
This is a Super NES/Sega Genesis/Sega CD game based on the film.
Cliffhanger (1993) (Video Game)
This is an Amiga/Game Boy/Game Gear/NES game based on the film.

Referenced in 

Last Action Hero (1993)
The Terminator 2: Judgment Day display in the Blockbuster store features an altered publicity still of Sylvester Stallone from Cliffhanger.
Gladiators: Heat 1 (1993) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by John Sachs.
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Painted Hills (1993) (TV Episode)
Crow: "Stallone, in 'Cliffhanger'"
Cliff Banger (1993) (Video)
similar title/mountain climbing theme
Angie (1994)
on theater marquee
Leprechaun 2 (1994)
Title shown on movie theater marquee.
Serial Mom (1994)
It is mentioned on the cover of an issue of Empire magazine.
True Lies (1994)
Mystery Science Theater 3000: Bloodlust! (1994) (TV Episode)
Crow: Have you seen Cliffhanger?
Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Beast of Yucca Flats (1995) (TV Episode)
One of the Sylvester Stallone films mentioned by Crow
Century of Cinema: Gilwe-eui younghwa (1995) (TV Episode)
EastEnders: Episode dated 5 September 1996 (1996) (TV Episode)
VHS on video shop shelf.
EastEnders: Episode dated 25 November 1996 (1996) (TV Episode)
VHS on video shop shelf.
Love and Death on Long Island (1997)
Cassette in video store
Plump Fiction (1997)
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys: Hero's Heart (1997) (TV Episode)
The opening scene opens similarly as the opening of Cliffhanger.
Ice (1998) (TV Movie)
Burning money to survive the cold.
Syphon Filter 2 (2000) (Video Game)
HBO First Look: Driven (2001) (TV Episode)
mentioned once
Film Geek (2005)
Video case is shown in a video store.
They were in Normandy (2007) (Short)
In the fight scene, the name of the Private who walks on the mine is Harlin in hommage of the famous Cliffhanger director, Renny Harlin.
Tropic Thunder (2008)
Jay Baruchel's character says "Cliffhanger is amazing" when defending the work of director Renny Harlin.
The Rotten Tomatoes Show: Monsters vs Aliens/The Haunting in Connecticut/12 Rounds (2009) (TV Episode)
Brett says that the director of 12 Rounds directed this film
You Know What's Bullshit: Movie Titles (2009) (TV Episode)
"What's next a sequel to Cliffhanger, called Cliff Hanger?"
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009) (Video Game)
There is a mission named cliffhanger taking place at a icy mountain.
Bad Movie Beatdown: Nighthawks (2010) (TV Episode)
Film Brain remarks this as one of a few Stallone movies he enjoys
Bad Movie Beatdown: The Specialist (2010) (TV Episode)
Stallone's early '90s action success is recalled
Bad Movie Beatdown: Driven (2010) (TV Episode)
the director of Driven also directed this film
Bad Movie Beatdown: Reckoning Day (2011) (TV Episode)
"This fight scene on the cliff obviously owes a debt to the brutal fight scene in Cliffhanger."
MythBusters: Hail Hijinx (2012) (TV Episode)
Jamie and Adam test to see if Sylvester Stallone's rope bridge jump is plausable
Parks and Recreation: Filibuster (2013) (TV Episode)
Tom offers to win Nadia a copy of "Cliffhanger" on VHS.
The Expendables 3 (2014)
Stallone says "I can do that." while watching another character climb a cliff wall.
Bad Movie Beatdown: A Good Day to Die Hard (2015) (TV Episode)
one of many action films inspired by Die Hard
Honest Trailers: Die Hard (2015) (TV Episode)
Poster is shown
The Cinema Snob: Bushwhacked (2016) (TV Episode)
"I always wanted to see Cliffhanger crossed with Troop Beverly Hills."
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)
Both films feature Sylvester Stallone and 'Michael Rooker' as former friends, now enemies, arguing in a snowy terrain.
Bob's Burgers: Into the Mild (2017) (TV Episode)
Austin metions it.
The Cinema Snob: A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (2018) (TV Episode)
The Snob mentions it and a poster is shown.
The Package (2018)
Donnie says, "Oh shit, he's cliffhangering!"
Family Guy: Throw It Away (2019) (TV Episode)
Mentioned by Peter as he struggles to hold his grip on Lois' hand as she's dangling off Epiphany Bridge

Featured in 

Stallone on the Edge: The Making of Cliffhanger (1993) (TV Short)
This is a making of the documentary of Cliffhanger.
A Personal Introduction from Renny Harlin (2000) (Video)
Director of Renny Harlin talks about making the picture
Cliffhanger: Special Effects (2000) (Video)
Clips, making of, Interviews, etc.
I Love the '90s: Part Deux: 1993 (2005) (TV Episode)
Footage from this is featured.
Tosh.0: Ladder Fail Guy (2009) (TV Episode)
A short clip is shown
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Episode #18.98 (2010) (TV Episode)
a clip is shown in a montage of Sylvester Stallone films
Top 40 Ultimate Action Movies (2014) (TV Movie)
Number 38 in the Countdown
WatchMojo: Top 10 Action Movie Villains (2014) (TV Episode)
Eric Qualen is #10.
WatchMojo: Top 10 Movie Fights on a Plane (2014) (TV Episode)
High Altitude Heist is #6.
WatchMojo: Top 10 Movie Fights on Mountains and Cliffs (2014) (TV Episode)
Chopper Confrontation is #10.
WatchMojo: Top 10 Hanging on for Life Movie Scenes (2014) (TV Episode)
Broken Clip is #1.
WatchMojo: Top 10 Snow Movies (2015) (TV Episode)
Cliffhanger is #5.
WatchMojo: Top 10 Mismatched Movie Fights (2015) (TV Episode)
Gabe Walker vs. Eric Qualen is #7.
WatchMojo: Top 10 Sylvester Stallone Performances (2015) (TV Episode)
Gabe Walker is #3.
WatchMojo: Top 10 Underrated Movie Villains (2016) (TV Episode)
Eric Quinlan gets an honorable mention.
WatchMojo: Top 10 Slow Motion Deaths in Movies (2016) (TV Episode)
Sarah Falls to Her Death is #7.
WatchMojo: Top 10 Movies That Ripped Off Die Hard (2018) (TV Episode)
Cliffhanger is #5.


The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)
A man dives off a cliff and his parachute opens with the Finnish flag printed on it, like Bond's Union Jack chute from this movie.

Spoofed in 

Roundhouse: Summertime Blues (1993) (TV Episode)
Spoofed as 'Coathanger'
Backfire! (1995)
Spoofed in film.
Bushwhacked (1995)
Spy Hard (1996)
Reign of Fire (2002)
The Most Popular Girls in School: Crank Hard with a Last Action Cliffhanger (2015) (TV Episode)
Sylvester Stallone mercenary cheerleader. Title reference.

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