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Arrow's Birds of Prey Assemble in New Photos

It's the team-up Arrow fans have been talking about for a while now:

The Birds of Prey!

It all kicks off on Arrow Season 7 Episode 18, appropriately titled "Lost Canary," and the first look photos look awesome. 

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The episode will, once again, take place in two time-periods, and will have some special appearances. 

Have a look at all the photos below, and be sure to watch the episode on Monday, April 15. 

Remember you can watch Arrow online righ there via TV Fanatic. 

1. Mia Searches - Arrow Season 7 Episode 18 Mia is still looking for answers, but who will step up and give her them? 2. Future Shock - Arrow Season 7 Episode 18 Felicity doesn't want to believe that there's no hope for Laurel, but how will everyone else feel about it? 3. Making Plans - Arrow Season 7 Episode 18 Dinah has always struggled to connect with Laurel,
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Three Horror Actors Who Became Successful Horror Authors

  • FEARnet
Three Horror Actors Who Became Successful Horror Authors
It's not uncommon for movie and TV stars to make the jump from the screen to the printed page; many well-known actors have capitalized on their name recognition to help boost their profiles as emerging authors. Notable examples include Viggo Mortensen (Lord of the Rings), who found success with his self-published poetry; James Franco (This is the End) recently rolled out a well-received short story collection entitled Palo Alto; and Ethan Hawke (Sinister, The Purge) has won acclaim for the novels The Hottest State and Ash Wednesday. While we don't hear nearly enough about actors from the world of horror and sci-fi making a successful transition to those same genres in print, it's not as rare a phenomenon as you might think. Let's examine the literary legacies of three notable horror stars who carved out thrilling new careers as horror writers... Thomas Tryon Genre Role: I Married a Monster from Outer Space
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