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Make-Up Artist D'Amore and Husband Found Dead

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Emmy award winning make-up artist Hallie D'Amore and her photographer husband Richard were found dead on Friday at their home in Venice, California. Hallie D'Amore, 64, who was nominated for an Academy Award in 1995 for her work on Forrest Gump, apparently shot her husband Richard, 66, multiple times before turning the gun on herself. Investigators said they did not know what drove her to kill her husband and herself, but said the two, who recently celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary, were having marital problems. Hallie D'Amore won an Emmy award for the HBO made-for-TV movie Normal in 2003 and was nominated for 1995's Buffalo Girls and 1993's Gypsy. Richard D'Amore was known for his moody landscapes, nudes and architectural photographs, which caught the eye of Hollywood celebrities including Michelle Pfeiffer, Ted Danson and Rob Lowe, among others. Captain Ed Winter of the Los Angeles County Coroner's office said police found a note, but were unsure whether it was a suicide note. Police believe the shooting occurred on Thursday and the couple were found the next day by one of their co-workers.

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