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  • Worldwide plenty different versions of "Hard Target" are known. Until now in the USA only the r-rated version has been released. In order to achieve an r-rating this version had to be cut in many scenes. A so called unrated-version has been released in Europe (e.g. Germany or in the UK). This Version offers a lot of the scenes which were cut from the r-rated version. However, this version is still not complete. For example the famous ear-cut-sequence is still missing as well as some plot scenes.

    Also known are two unofficial cuts of the movie: The workprint version and the sneakpreview version. Being a typical workprint-version the existing copies of this version have bad quality, a counter and the movie-cut is not finished. Nevertheless this version includes a lot of unknown plot scenes and some scenes of violence which are also missing in the unrated-version (it also includes the ear-scene).

    The sneakpreview version is shorter than the workprint version but it provides a little bit better quality and this cut of the movie is already finished (no freezeframes or lack of sound as in the workprint). It also includes most of the violent scenes missing in the unrated version (ear-scene).

    Last but not least there's a Workprint around that is even longer than the Sneak Preview Version. Edit (Coming Soon)


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