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The movie is ingenious in the way it surrounds its essentially crass subject matter with a camouflage of romantic scenery.
The New York Times
Mr. Lyne's films may not cast any new light on the human condition, but they do keep you glued to the screen.
The performances are alright enough but the casting was a bizarre choice and it's just not strong enough to carry the premise.
Once the setup is over, however, Indecent Proposal starts to fall apart, with the implausibilities and contrivances getting worse with every passing minute.
As sexist propaganda, the film is shameless.
Entertainment Weekly
Indecent Proposal starts out kinky and turns into a languid-and shockingly banal- domestic soap opera.
Lyne has the stylized talent of a soft-core pornographer; he choreographs his movies like languorous sex scenes.
Los Angeles Times
Redford's Gage is so busy being exquisitely sensitive and polite he neglects to project any energy, and without it the crucial morning-after part of the movie gradually collapses under the weight of its own self-importance. [07 Apr 1993 Pg. F1]
In Adrian Lyne's latest monstrosity, love takes on money -- and loses. Not necessarily in the story, of course. This is a Hollywood movie. I'm talking between the lines.
Chicago Reader
With a shamelessly cliched script by Amy Holden Jones (based on a novel by Jack Engelhard) that includes a speech plagiarized from Citizen Kane, the results are only for those who can take fare like "Valley of the Dolls" with a straight face and want to see Redford play Jay Gatsby again.

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