Aladdin and the Return of Jafar (Video 1994) Poster

Dan Castellaneta: Genie


  • Blue Genie : [about Jafar]  Don't worry, Abu. He's a genie, and genies can't kill anyone.

    [Jafar's hands turn into dragons and spray fire all over Genie and Abu] 

    Blue Genie : [wheezing]  But you'd be surprised what you can live through.

  • Blue Genie : [running up to Jasmine with Abu to catch Sultan and Aladdin]  Make room for the picnic boys!

    Princess Jasmine : They already left, Genie.

    Blue Genie : Without us?

    Abu the Monkey : Without us?

    Blue Genie : No problem, I'll catch up in a flash.

    Princess Jasmine : Wait! Without me, too. Aladdin needs some time alone with Father to patch things up.

    Blue Genie : [to Abu]  You know what this means, monkey boy? More food for us!

  • Blue Genie : [Thinking he destroyed Jafar]  Hahahaha! Who's laughing now?

    Jafar : Hahahahaa!


    Jafar : Why, I believe it's me.

    Abu the Monkey : Argh!

  • Blue Genie : [arriving from his trip around the world]  He's big, he's blue! And he's BACK!

    Aladdin 'Al' : [as he and Jasmine hug the Genie]  Genie!

    Princess Jasmine : You came back!

    Blue Genie : [turning red, yelling and wincing]  Ooh! Ah! Oh, watch the sunburrrn!

    [stops wincing, then turns blue again] 

    Blue Genie : Aha! Kidding. Did you miss me? Be honest.

    [handing his luggage to Abu] 

    Blue Genie : Take care of these, my good mammal.

    Abu the Monkey : [Abu takes the luggage but falls down from Aladdin's shoulder] 

    Blue Genie : Careful they're heavy. Hang on, I've got souveniers for everybody!

  • Aladdin 'Al' : You saw the whole world already?

    Blue Genie : [sings]  It's A Small World after all.

    [turns back to normal and speaks] 

    Blue Genie : But Agrahbah has something that no other place in the world has.

    [Turns into a rocket and shouts] 

    Blue Genie : You guys!

  • [Genie saves Aladdin from being beheaded] 

    Aladdin 'Al' : Thanks for saving me.

    Blue Genie : Oh, come on, Al, you know I had to. Oh, that no head look is just not you. For my next trick: bibbidi-bobbidi-BOO! Ho-ho, and everybody's safe and sound.

  • Blue Genie : [talking about the hula skirt girl]  Oooh, she dances!

  • Blue Genie : [impersonating Jiminy Cricket from "Pinocchio"]  Just let your conscience be your guide.

    Iago : Conscience? Never had one! Never.

  • Blue Genie : And Iago, talk about a rat with wings!

    Aladdin 'Al' : Genie?

    Blue Genie : Whoo! That bird was mean!

    [Turns his head into Iago] 

    Blue Genie : "Sultan want a cracker? Sultan want a cracker?"

    [His head returns to normal] 

    Blue Genie : Remember that?

    The Sultan of Agrabah : I can still taste them - the traitor!

    Blue Genie : Yes, sir! You don't see this guy hanging out with any evil parrots.

    Aladdin 'Al' : Uh, it's funny, you should mention Iago.

  • Blue Genie : Giddy up, slowpoke, what's keeping you?

    Aladdin 'Al' : Nothing. Well, something, but I'll tell you later.

  • [Genie and the Carpet are playing pool] 

    Blue Genie : Your shot.


    Blue Genie : Pool's a man's game; so being a rug, you'll be at a disadvantage.

    [Carpet clears the table with break shot] 

    Blue Genie : Eh, pool's a dumb game anyway.

  • Blue Genie : [chanting]  Without you, the Amazon is just a trickle. Without you, the Sahara's not so hot.

  • Aladdin 'Al' : So Genie, how does it feel to be free?

    Blue Genie : Seriously? I love it!

  • Blue Genie : [downcast]  Three's a crowd you kids go on.

    Princess Jasmine : [assuring]  Genie, I would be honoured if you would join us for dinner.

    Blue Genie : [excited]  You would? You...!

    [Genie grabs everyone with excitement] 

    Blue Genie : COME ON EVERYONE! GET IN HERE! I'm cooking! Let's go!

    [they start walking towards the Palace] 

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