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Well played out mystery
helpless_dancer20 January 2000
After a bizarre murder/suicide, a lady reporter begins an investigation into the causes. Along the way, she discovers the murderer had a twin sister who was adopted as a baby. Worried that the adopted child had also grown into a killer , the reporter has to choose between the daughters of 2 separate families as to who the sibling is. Tense and exciting right to the end, and still I was left wondering....
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Confusing but great
Georgina12 August 2003
I first watched this film when I rented it from a local video shop at the tender age of 14 for a sleep over party.

When I was 14 the film made no sense and I was left confused at the end although I enjoyed the suspense and story line. I was left thinking about the end for days.

9 years on and after years of searching for the film to buy I finally have my own copy. I have watched it again and again and again and never tire of the film. Although I am still completely confused at the ending - you really are left wondering, there are so many possibilities of what really happened!

I would recommend this film for a Sunday afternoon when you have nothing to do - I can guarantee you will be thinking about the ending for days. The story itself is interesting and the acting is really quite good - whilst its not a film that is going to win any awards, it certainly kept me interested for an hour or so and was very entertaining.
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Joan van Ark smokes cigarettes
Knotslanding199318 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Joan van Ark smokes cigarettes and drinks and slaps her daughter! Watch this for the character acting talents of Joan van Ark. Joan's character is a total mess! She smokes, drinks and slaps her daughter. She has several breakdowns in front of the neighbors and paints her nails and drinks in bed all day. This is a must watch for any knots landing fan to see Joan's great acting range! She blew me away, just fantastic. The rest of the movie is pretty good and interesting too in a dark way. Just when you think something is one way, the ending will blow you away! Another cute thing for knots landing fans in Emily Ann Lloyd who played Val's daughter Betsy on Knots Landing shows up in the film. Also, some fabulous acting by Raquel welsh! I'd recommend the movie for everyone to watch. It's a bit dark and shocking, but good!
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Mrs. Hayes you are a prime example why our birth records have to be kept secret
kapelusznik1824 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS*** This movie about madness in the family starts with honor student Ryan O'Connor, John Tomson, going completely nuts and on a whim blowing his parents away as well as himself for what seems like no reason at ail. It's writer Elizabeth Hayes, Raquel Welch, who sees a connection to Ryan's actions and that has to do with him being adopted from a mental hospital where his mother was a patient! With that information Hayes is out to find out not just why Ryan's mother was institutionalized but if he had any sibling who may be as mentally unstable as he was!

As Hayes is searching for the late Ryan O'Connor's possible brothers and sisters we see the Patterson family having trouble with their adopted daughter Tori, Terry Green, who suddenly meets and becomes best friends with her next door neighbors daughter Lissa Drew, Natasha Gregson Wagnar,who's you guessed it is also adopted! It becomes apparent to us watching that there's a blood connection between the two girls and Ryan but the person who's trying to find it, and stop a future massacre, Mrs. Hayes is totally out in the dark. That in Ryan's records sealed by the state so it won't- with him being dead which by now makes no sense at all-affect his future employment & marital status!

***SPOILERS*** Writer Elizabeth Hayes works against the system not only in getting the big story but also preventing a future mass murder that the system is frustrating her at every turn from happening. As expected Tori's parents Mr.& Mrs. Pattersen are torched in their sleep and Tori is suspected of doing the torching but then there's no evidence of her doing it. We soon get to see that not only Tori is a bit off the wall but her friend Lissa isn't playing with a full deck either! That leads to the final confrontation with Mrs. Hayes who by now discovered the two girls identifies, as being adopted at the very same hospital where the late Ryan O'Connor was, coming on the scene in the films mind boggling climax! In a very controlled role, without once taking her cloths off,Raquel Welch as writer Elizabeth Hayes is very effective in her part as writer Elizabeth Hayes without exploiting her very curvy and ample,to the male audience, T & A. And the ending that has to be seen to be believed more then proves her point in what she did in trying to find Ryan's siblings before they end up imitating him!
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Sit back and watch how histrionics should be done!
scotthumphries3 November 2004
First things first: if you plan to watch this 1993 telefilm, suspend your disbelief immediately.

Now, onto the film. An all-American clean-cut kid murders his adoptive parents and commits suicide. A gorgeous crack reporter (Welch) is on the case, writing a book about kids who kills their parents and digging into the dirt of this baffling case. After two brief "moral issue" scenes (one questioning, for half a second, the role of the media in perpetuating violence, the other questioning the role of genetics in shaping future society), her investigations lead her to a shocking discovery: not only was the kid's murder of his parents caused by a genetic deficiency, but he also had a twin sister and she, of course, could blow at any time and murder her adoptive parents. Looking quite lovely throughout, Welch is on the case, cool and glam as she hunts down this genetically pre-disposed murderous teen.

Cut to Suburban USA, where two adopted teen girls live across the road from each other. One has the sane Alley Mills from "The Wonder Years" as her mother; the other suffers the far more fascinating Joan Van Ark from "Knots Landing" (expanding admirably on her histrionics from telefilm "Always Remember I Love You" a few years earlier, where she also played the highly-strung adoptive mother of a troubled teen).

This film is quite implausible and unbelievable, but it is diverting enough if you have nothing better to do - and it is watchable for Van Ark's scenery-chewing performance alone (although the rest of the cast do their share of scenery-chewing too!)
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Good thriller!
Movie Nuttball7 July 2005
Tainted Blood is a very good film that has a good cast which includes Raquel Welch, Alley Mills, Kerri Green, Natasha Gregson Wagner, Joan Van Ark, Lewis Arquette, Tom Ashworth, Charmaine Charles, E. Bruce Davis, Mary Egam, Richard Gross, Janet Haley, Kathy Horton, Justin Isfeld, Emily Ann Lloyd, and Molly McClure. The acting by all of these actors is very good. The thrills is really good and some of it is surprising. The movie is filmed very good. The music is good. The film is quite interesting and the movie really keeps you going until the end. This is a very good and thrilling film. If you like Raquel Welch, Alley Mills, Kerri Green, Natasha Gregson Wagner, Joan Van Ark, Lewis Arquette, Tom Ashworth, the rest of the cast in the film, Thrillers, Mystery, Horror, Dramas, and interesting films then I strongly recommend you to see this film today!
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