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Psychological thrillers are only as effective as their villains, and The Vanishing serves up one hell of a specimen.
A good, psychological thriller that, I suspect, packs more of a wallop if you have not seen the original.
The new film is twice as busy as its quiet predecessor, and perhaps half as interesting (which still places it several notches above run-of-the-mill studio fare).
[Sluizer's] original, pitch-black ending would have sent people out of the theater giddy with shock; it’s doubtful anyone will remember his new one long enough to tell their friends.
Some last-reel thrills and cathartic violence provide commercial oomph to the otherwise tedious thriller The Vanishing. This is one remake that sacrifices much of what made the original work so well.
While the original was a rather cerebral exercise in suspense, the American version has predictably been given a more visceral dimension. The new version is more simplistic, but still works on its own level.
Screenwriter Todd Graff makes an inept, quasi-formulaic rehash of everything. He duplicates many of the original scenes but does so mechanically.
Boston Globe
The reconstituted Vanishing is a pretty banal proposition. [05 Feb 1993, p.27]
Washington Post
A case study in how Hollywood can make a complete mess out of what was previously a marvelous film.
The Vanishing is a textbook exercise in the trashing of a nearly perfect film, conducted oddly enough under the auspices of the man who directed it.

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