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  • After going to a Aerosmith concert, Wayne Campbell (Mike Myers), host of the Friday night public access cable TV show Wayne's World has a dream about a naked Native American Indian (Larry Sellers) and deceased rock star Jimi Morrison (Michael A. Nickles). Jimi Morrison tells Wayne that he should put on a rock concert and that he must go to England and find a roadie called Del Preston (Ralph Brown) whom will help put on the concert. Wayne and his best friend and co-friend Garth Algar (Dana Carvey) goes to England to meet Del and begin the impossible mission of putting on the Wayne's Stock rock concert in Aurora and get rock bands such as Aerosmith, Peal Jam and Van Halen etc. to perform at the concert. But, complications begin to emerge, when Wayne gets jealous of record producer Bobby Cahn (Christopher Walken) whom has come to Aurora to help Wayne's girlfriend Cassandra Wong (Tia Carrere) put together a record demo and becomes suspicious and believes that Cassandra is cheating on him with Bobby and Garth finds himself attracted to the beautiful and seductive Honey Horne (Kim Basinger). As Del sets out to help Wayne and Garth put on the concert and Wayne and Garth set out to sale tickets and try to book the bands for the concerts. Wayne soon discovers Bobby schemes to break up Wayne and Cassandra and move her out to Los Angeles to finish the record demo and Wayne freaks out when he learns Bobby is marrying Cassandra and sets out to stop the wedding and stop Bobby from stealing the woman he loves. Edit (Coming Soon)


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