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Fyre Fest Is a Lot Like Seth Rogen and Lonely Island's New Movie

Fyre Fest Is a Lot Like Seth Rogen and Lonely Island's New Movie
Seth Rogen and The Lonely Island took to Twitter to share details about their upcoming Music Festival Comedy that might have just gotten some new source material. The poorly planned Fyre Festival for the wealthy was supposed to start yesterday on a "private" island, reportedly once owned by drug lord Pablo Escobar in the Bahamas. But the event crumbled under its on weight. The VIP packages promoted in a viral campaign across social media by models and celebrities cost tens of thousands of dollars for no more than tents with mattresses and cheese slapped on bread as reported by a few Fyre Festival attendees. Headliners Blink-182 dropped out at the last minute and now the whole festival has been postponed. As more and more frustrated festival goers took to social media to vent, so did Seth Rogen and the comedy act The Lonely Island, but for a completely different reason.
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MacGruber 2 Script Work Begins, But Will It Actually Happen?

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MacGruber 2 Script Work Begins, But Will It Actually Happen?
MacGruber may wind up being only the second Saturday Night Live movie to get a sequel, which hasn't happened since Wayne's World 2. While the first MacGruber didn't do much at the box office, it looks like MacGruber 2 is in active development with the creative team and star Will Forte. Things appear to be very early on in the process, but we have a less than subtle clue that signifies the movie very well may be getting made sometime in the future.

Jorma Taccone of The Lonely Island fame, who directed the first MacGruber, recently took to his Twitter account to declare that he and Will Forte have at least started writing the script for MacGruber 2. One of the photos that he posted featured he and Forte standing together whilst eating a burrito with text saying "MacGruber 2 Boyz!!!" over their faces. The caption stated that "The writing hath begun!" The
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Wayne's World 3 Could Happen Says Mike Myers

Wayne's World 3 Could Happen Says Mike Myers
Are we about to get a Wayne's World revival? Arriving in 1992, the first Wayne's World movie was nothing short of a phenomenon. The character was a break out on Saturday Night Live and hit the big screen in a timely fashion to capture that zeitgeist. The sequel, which arrived just a year later in 1993, didn't fare so well, and there was a lot of turmoil around the set, with Mike Myers said to be feuding with both the director and his co-star Dana Carvey. After just two movies, the saga was short lived for many reasons. But now, it sounds like Wayne might be gearing up for another big screen adventure.

In the twenty-four years since Wayne's World hit theaters, Dana Carvey and Mike Myers have patched up their differences, and have even appeared together in character on SNL in the years since, including a very popular sketch they did
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'Wayne's World 3' Crowdfunding Campaign Launched by Crazy Fan

'Wayne's World 3' Crowdfunding Campaign Launched by Crazy Fan
Anyone who's ever written a screenplay knows how hard it is to break into Hollywood, with all of its gatekeepers in place to keep unsolicited material out of the system. Canadian writer Trevor Schindeler has spent over 23 years trying to get someone in Hollywood to read his story idea for Wayne's World 3, which is entitled Wayne's Leisure World, and now he's taking another approach by asking fans to help through the crowd-sourcing website Go Fund Me. The writer is seeking $2,500, not to help fund the production himself, but to purchase billboard space in Los Angeles, in hopes that someone in "Fortress Hollywood" will notice it. Here's what he had to say about how he started this Wayne's World journey.

"Wayne's World, starring Mike Myers as Wayne and Dana Carvey as Garth, was released in 1992. Wayne's World 2 was released in 1993. Shortly thereafter, the plot line for Wayne's Leisure World came
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The 1990s comedy sequels that deserved better

Bill & Ted, Addams Family Values, Wayne's World 2 - the 1990s wasn't short of good comedy sequels. It's just not enough people watched them.

In recent times, Hollywood has enjoyed going back into the 1990s to come up with belated sequels to previous hit movies. So, we finally got Dumb & Dumber 2, for instance, whilst a third Clerks, a second Mallrats, a new Sister Act and a Naked Gun reboot are being cooked up somewhere. Further belated sequels? Zoolander 2 finally arrives next year, and Anchorman 2 celebrates, quietly, its second birthday this Christmas.

It was only at the end of the 1990s that comedy sequels suddenly really took off. There were exceptions beforehand of course, but few things raise the eyebrows of Hollywood high brass than lots of cash. This, whilst the enormous box office takings of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me were in part down to an utterly inspired marketing campaign,
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Steven Tyler Goes 'Crazy' on ABC's 'Nashville'

Steven Tyler Goes 'Crazy' on ABC's 'Nashville'
Steven Tyler has planted new roots in Nashville, immersing himself in the local music scene as he records tunes for his upcoming solo country album. While living in Music City, the Aerosmith legend is not only adding an unexpected new chapter to his monster of a music career but also adding another line to his acting resume.

After a late night Monday watching Sheryl Crow perform at the Rolling Stone Country/Rolling Stone Films party in downtown Nashville, Tyler was up early to sing with another Hollywood-gone-country celebrity, Hayden Panettiere.
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What's New to Stream on Amazon Prime in July 2015

With the TV season over, now's the perfect time to binge-watch those shows you've been meaning to catch up on all year. July brings several dozen new TV and movie titles for your viewing pleasure on Amazon Prime. When the temperatures skyrocket, blast the A/C and start streaming in cool comfort.

Here's the upcoming lineup (Amazon Originals in italics)


"Under the Dome" season 3 - June 30

"Downton Abbey" season 5 - July 1

"Annedroids" season 2 - July 2

"Extant" season 2 - July 5

"Boardwalk Empire" season 3 - July 16

"True Blood" season 5 - July 16

"Glee" season 6 - July 18

"Newsroom" season 1 & season 2 - July 23

"Behind the Candelabra" - July 30


July 1

Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid

Drive Me Crazy

The Day The Earth Stood Still




Wayne's World 2

48 Hrs.

The Bad News Bears

The Brady Bunch Movie

The Butcher's Wife

Cadillac Radio

Dirty Dancing



Friends and Lovers

Harlem Nights
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21 mainly forgotten Us number 1 movies from the 1990s

The 1990s: a time when Sleepwalkers, Burt Reynolds, No Escape, Chevy Chase and F/X/2 could top the Us box office...

By the 1990s, studios were waking up to movie marketing, and the era of the blockbuster. Tim Burton's Batman, released in summer 1989, had introduced the idea of a big opening weekend, and modern movies now target their promotional work to get just that. As such, it's harder and harder for smaller films to snare the top slot at the Us box office, even for one weekend.

In the 1990s, particularly the first half of the 1990s, that wasn't so much the case though. In fact, many films that have long since fallen from the public conscious topped the chart. And in this piece, I've tried to capture some of them.

Inevitably, you're going to have heard of some of them, and what a UK dweller sees as a
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2015 Jameson Empire Awards Arrivals Gallery

2015 Jameson Empire Awards Arrivals Gallery
If you build it, they will come. What worked for Wayne's World 2 rang equally true for the Jameson Empire Awards 2015 with the red carpet rolled out at London's Grosvenor Hotel and an array of stars, filmmakers and movie luminaries striding it on their way into Empire magazine's night of nights.  Manicams were out; movie lovers were in, with this year's carpet thronged on all sides by a fan phalanx. In attendance were Jessica Chastain, her Interstellar director Christopher Nolan, Karen Gillan, the Paddington ensemble, Hayley Atwell, Daniel Radcliffe, Olga KurylenkoAndy Serkis, Mark Strong, a Westeros house's worth of Game Of Thrones cast members, Simon Pegg, Henry Cavill and Ralph Fiennes. Click on the images below for the full gallery.  © Getty Images  
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New on Netflix Streaming: January 2015

With the new year comes a slew of new movies and TV shows on Netflix, and everyone's favorite streaming service is adding some great titles in January 2015.

On the movie side, a bevy of box-office heavyweights are being added to the instant mix, including Disney's live-action "101 Dalmatians," Jim Carrey's "Bruce Almighty," and Michael Bay actioner "Bad Boys II." Some smaller favorites are also coming to Netflix: Internet obsession "Mean Girls" returns (to stay?! Please!), Reese Witherspoon dark comedy "Election" gets a run, and this past summer's little-comedy-that-could, "Chef," makes its subscription service debut.

But wait, there's more!

"Friends" fans have been dying for the series to come to Netflix, and now that dream is coming true! Beginning January 1, subscribers will be able to watch every single episode, catching up with Monica, Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, and Phoebe whenever and wherever they want. Other great shows being added in January
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14 iconic movie quotes: Can you guess the film from the one-liner?

14 iconic movie quotes: Can you guess the film from the one-liner?
Everyone loves a good one-liner. Arnold Schwarzenegger in particular has practically built a career around that famous 'I'll be back' moment.

But plenty of others deserve some of the limelight for classic phrases. Below are some of our favourites, but can you guess the movie?

Some are harder than others, but we like it that way. Just click the phrase to reveal the answer!

1. "Shooot her... shooooot her."

Click to reveal

It's Jurassic Park!

2. "Remember, Sully, when I promised to kill you last, I lied."

Click to reveal

If you guessed Arnie in Commando, you guessed correct!

3. "Red light. Green light."

Click to reveal

Tom Cruise with his exploding chewing gum in Mission: Impossible.

4. "Get busy living, or get busy dying."

Click to reveal

It's the greatest film ever made (according to IMDb's top 250 chart) - The Shawshank Redemption.

5. "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that."

Click to
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Films that'd get a fairer hearing if they weren't sequels

Some sequels are doomed to live in the shadow of the hits that triggered them. Here are a few examples...

Following up a successful movie with a sequel is a tough proposition for any writer or director, and it's often the case that such follow-ups fail to recreate the magic of their predecessors. But sometimes, sequels can offer a different yet entertaining experience of their own, and it's even possible that, if they didn't happen to share the same name as an earlier hit film, they might even have been better received.

This article's dedicated to a few of these kinds of films. They offer lots of excitement, comedy, jolts of terror and a smattering of great performances, and might have fared better with audiences and critics had they not been sequels. At the very least, they attempted to do something a little different than the films they followed. While other examples undeniably remain,
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20 Greatest Movie Cameos and Small Roles

I love it when I'm watching a movie and all of a sudden, out of nowhere there's a surprise appearance by a big, well-known actor. Sometimes the roles are funny, sometimes actors parody themselves, and then there are times when we get an incredible dramatic performance. There are a ton of great movie cameos out there, but I thought I'd put together a list of 20 cameos and small movie roles that I have enjoyed over the years.

There are some famous cameos such as Stan Lee's Marvel movie cameos and the Anchorman cameos that I purposely left off the list because they seem to be obvious choices.

Look over my list and let me know what your favorite movie cameos are in the comment section! 

Bill Murray - Little Shop of Horrors

This is by far my favorite movie cameo of all time. Murray is absolutely hilarious in every way.
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What the superhero squeezes did next

Margot Kidder was Lois Lane in Superman, Kim Basinger was Vicki Vale in Batman. But what happened afterwards to their careers, and those of other well-known love interests?

Had been a Hollywood siren since 9 1/2 Weeks in 1986, and cheerfully satirised herself in Wayne's World 2 and Cool World but disaster struck when she pulled out of Boxing Helena, Jennifer Lynch's directorial debut, and had to pay back more than $3m (£1.8m). Her career high point came in 1997 when she won best supporting actress Oscar for La Confidential for, essentially, impersonating Veronica Lake, one of the greatest of all Hollywood sirens. Since then it has all gone a bit flat.
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Watch a Mind-Blowing Supercut of Christopher Walken Dance Moves

Watch a Mind-Blowing Supercut of Christopher Walken Dance Moves
Sure, Christopher Walken is one of his generation's most versatile thespians, with a distinctive speaking voice that could make a wolverine purr. But, as any true Walken disciple knows, the man's greatest strength is his smooth-as-silk dancing.

Whether he's gracefully frolicking around in a music video (the Spike Jonze-directed clip for Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice") or randomly hamming it up on the big screen (as he did in classics like Pulp Fiction, The Deer Hunter and the undisputed comedy masterpiece Wayne's World 2), Walken's got serious skills.
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Anchor Management

Anchor Management
On a sunny May morning in northwest Atlanta, Will Ferrell ambles into the warehouse at 2282 Defoor Hills Road – a windowless, 31,000-square-foot behemoth that has been transformed, thanks to low rents and generous Georgia tax incentives, into a makeshift movie soundstage. The warehouse is typically home to moving companies, but today the tenant has a much higher profile: Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, a.k.a. the most hotly anticipated comedy of the year, and the most buzzed-about sequel in comedy history. Ferrell is starting his workday as the film's hero,
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Ron Burgundy Uncensored: Inside the New Issue of Rolling Stone

Ron Burgundy Uncensored: Inside the New Issue of Rolling Stone
"Comedy is built on surprise," Anchorman director and comedy legend Adam McKay tells Rolling Stone. "So sequels are hard. We didn't want to repeat ourselves." So how did Will Ferrell and Co. actually get their heads around the most anticipated follow-up in comedy history? Contributing editor Jonah Weiner went behind the scenes on the set of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues for a first-hand look at just how many masturbation jokes went into the production of the most buzzed-about sequel in comedy history. (The answer: Too many to recount here,
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'Big Trouble In Little China' Star -- Yes I'll Sign Your Ass, Wonder Woman!

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James Hong -- who famously played Lo Pan in the 1986 classic "Big Trouble in Little China" -- is still an ass man ... as in, he recently signed one at a comic book convention in Austin. It all went down when a superhero nerdette dressed as Wonder Woman approached Hong at Comic Con in Austin this week and asked for his John Hancock on her right butt cheek.  Hong obliged -- and included a strategically placed
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Big Trouble in Little China to debut on Blu-Ray in December

A firm cult favourite among film fans, John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China is heading to Blu-Ray and Limited Edition Steelbook for the first time ever via Arrow Films.

Re-uniting Carpenter with Kurt Russell (Escape From New York, The Thing), Big Trouble in Little China sees Russell plays Jack Burton, a reasonable guy who is about to experience some unreasonable things in San Francisco’s Chinatown. As his friend’s fiancée is kidnapped Jack becomes embroiled in a centuries-old battle between good and evil. At the root of it all is Lo Pan, a 2000-year-old magician who rules an empire of evil spirits. Jack goes to the rescue dodging demons, goblins and the unstoppable Three Storms as he battles through Lo Pan’s dark domain.

The film also features Kim Catrall (Sex and the City) and the legendary James Hong (Blade Runner, Wayne's World 2).

The press release reads:
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The top 25 underappreciated films of 1993

Odd List Ryan Lambie Simon Brew 10 Oct 2013 - 03:27

Another 25 unsung greats come under the spotlight, as we provide our pick of the underappreciated films of 1993...

What a year 1993 was. It saw the release of Star Fox on the Super Nintendo. Bill Clinton became president. Season three of Deep Space Nine premiered on Us television. UK politician Douglas Hurd visited Argentina. Cyndi Lauper released her album Hat Full Of Stars.

Aside from those earth shattering events, we'll probably remember 1993, in cinema terms, as the year Jurassic Park dominated the box office like an angry Tyrannosaurus. A true phenomenon, its profits doubled those of the second most watched film in 1993 cinemas, Mrs Doubtfire, and almost three times as much as the movie below that - the Harrison Ford thriller, The Fugitive.

But as ever, there was so much more to the 1993 movie landscape than dinosaurs and Robin Williams dressed as an old woman.
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