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  • The inseparable duo try to organize a rock concert while Wayne must fend off a record producer who has an eye for his girlfriend.

  • Wayne is back, this time trying to organize a rock festival with help from friend Garth and the spirit of Jim Morrison (Doors). Meanwhile, his girlfriend's manager is busy trying to woo her away from Wayne and move her to LA. Life gets interesting when Wayne must rush from the concert to try and stop the wedding. Aerosmith are featured at the concert.


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  • Wayne's World 2, while retaining Wayne Campbell, Garth Algar, and Wayne's girlfriend Cassandra Wong, has a much more serious tone and outcome than the first Wayne's World movie. The movie opens with Wayne explaining that the course of the 'past year,' in this case the year between the two movies, has seen a lot of changes in his life. Although he still hosts his television show Wayne's World, he now lives in an apartment building which was once a doll factory. He is very proud of the fact that Cassandra's carrer is taking off and they are still very involved with each other, but talks about how people are telling him he needs to find focus in his life and 'grow up.' In a dream, Wayne sees singer Jim Morrison, who tells Wayne to put on a music festival in Aurora, Illinois. The festival itself makes Wayne go through the process of booking bands and getting permits for the event, although the event itself isn't truly the core to the story. The festival takes a back seat to Wayne's romance with Cassandra, who he comes to acknowledge he truly loves and wonders about their future together. Wayne, about half way through the film, has to prove himself to Mister Wong, Cassandra's father. In a satire of classic Kung Fu movies, Wayne and Mister Wong battle each other while dubbing themselves. Wayne proves himself to be a worthy warrior, but does not earn the complete respect of Mister Wong. Cassandra's carrer now centers around her producer, Bobby Kahn, played by actor Christpher Walken. Wayne is suspiscious of Cassandra and Bobby's relationship together, as it becomes obvious to Wayne that it sees that where ever Cassandra is Bobby is also. Wayne spies on Cassandra and later confronts her about what he witnessed, causing her to punch him in the face and seeminly ending their relationship. Wayne struggles with this throughout the rest of the movie, wanting to make peace with Cassandra and win her back. Wayne later discovers that Cassandra is about to be wed to Bobby, forcing Wayne to abandon his post on the day of his festival to stop the wedding and pronounce his love for Cassandra. At the very last minute, he interupts the wedding ceremony of Cassandra and Bobby, where he then discovers that Mister Wong had set up the wedding to gain his green card. Wayne and Cassandra then return to Wayne's music festival where she performs and Aerosmith arrives shortly thereafter. The movie ends immediately after the festival, leaving the viewer to believe that Wayne has finally 'grown up' into an 'adult' now that he has not only confirmed his love for Cassandra but managed to organize and run a music festival without forgetting what it means to 'have fun.' Garth becomes involved with a seemingly older woman in Wayne's World 2, who he later discovers is married and hisentiore relatinship with the woman was a sham to get back at her husband, who she wants dead. Garth's character hasn't seem to have grown or changed much from the first Wayne's World movie, however by the end of Wayne's World 2 it appears as if he has matured emotionally to where Wayne's character was at the end of the first Wayne's World movie, although his character and his problems never appear to have found resolution by the end of Wayne's World 2.

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