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Not As Good As The Original, But Good None The Less
kylehodgdon11 November 2009
The crew of "Wayne's World 2" had a nearly impossible task of following up the amazingly successful "Wayne's World". Needless to say, this does not compare to the original.

However, this film is pretty good. Myers and Carvey are back with just as much wit and splendid timing as the original. This time they are opposed by the brilliance of Christopher Walken who, as usual, plays his part to a tee.

The plot of setting up a festival does not have the power of that of the original and I was not crazy with the Jim Morrison character.

The amount of cameos was a bit too extreme at time as what seemed like every other shot had some other famous person wanting to be part of the film.

You would think that a film like this would not be as good hearted as it is, but it really is just a good film on so many levels.

It's not a must see like it's predecessor, but I would still recommend it to anyone.
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It's party time again!
Smells_Like_Cheese18 November 2003
Warning: Spoilers
In 1992 we were given the comedy classic, Wayne's World, it was stupid, immature, and silly, but it's what we needed for a great laugh. Mike Myers comes up with a lot of creative characters and he hit the nail in the head with Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar. After the huge success of Wayne's World, it was pretty obvious that they could go for another round. Unfortunately Wayne's World 2 wasn't as big of a splash as the original, but it still made me laugh so hard. As stupid as it was and some of the jokes were a little recycled, I still had such a great time watching this movie. It's silly and over the top, but how could you not have fun with Wayne and Garth? This is a fun sequel that should be given a fair chance.

Wayne and Garth are a year older and everything has stayed basically the same, except Wayne has moved out of his parents' house and lives with Garth in an abandoned factory loft in Chicago. Wayne has a dream where he meets Jim Morrison and a weird naked Indian, in which Morrison tells Wayne that his destiny is to organize and put on a big concert. Cassandra, meanwhile, spends a lot of time out of town where she is working with record producer Mr. Big on recording music. Her new producer, Bobby Cahn, slowly tries to seduce her away from Wayne. After Wayne admits that he was spying on her, Cassandra breaks off the relationship and hastily gets engaged to Bobby on the rebound. Garth meets a beautiful woman, Honey Hornee, at the laundromat, and she quickly ropes him in with her charms. Wayne and Garth re-enter Wayne's previous dream and meet Jim Morrison again. They decide to go for one more try and make "Waynestock" a success, get Cassandra back, and see if Garth can find real love since his new girl is kinda homicidal.

Honestly if someone asked me if Wayne's World 2 is worth the watch, I'd definitely say yes. This is always guaranteed a good laugh, just Garth's story alone with Kim Bassinger as Honey Hornee is worth the look. I also love the scene where the guys end up in a gay bar and end up singing "Y.M.C.A." song, I nearly died laughing. Also Christopher Walken is in this movie, what more do you need to watch a movie? Christopher was such a great addition to the characters and made a great villain. It was great to see all the characters back together and this was a fun sequel, so if you need a good laugh, don't hold back, this is a movie that is sure to tickle you're funny bone.

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How Is This Movie a 6 out of 10!?!?!?!?
joerowling27 April 2013
I am shocked to find that this classic movie is so poorly reviewed. This movie is very funny and has fantastic cameos. I know that many people have a real hate on for Mike Meyers which I don't particularly understand. I do think that the Austin Powers Series is overrated but still good. The first Wayne's World is a great movie. The sequel is one of the best comedy movies ever made. If you don't like comedies don't waste your time, that is pretty simple. If you like to laugh give this movie a try. The cameos alone are quite impressive. Couple that with the great writing that reminds me of The Simpsons in the earlier best years they had, and add in great comedic actors and you have a comedy classic that is worth watching.
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One of the greatest sequels
joe_bassist8917 January 2006
In general, sequels tend not to be such a good idea. There are many examples where a sequel has been utter rubbish and it is rare that a sequel can match up to its original, even if it is a good film. However, every so often a sequel comes along that can match its counterpart and even have some better points. Wayne's World 2 is a prime example of this.

Mike Myers and Dana Carvey are back as Wayne and Garth and this time the embark on a quest to stage a concert in Aurora after Wayne is visited in dream by an all time great of the music world. Another strong plot and some great new characters to go with the originals make this film very watchable and there are possible even more laugh out loud funny moments than before.

A very good, funny film that does justice to the great original
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Party On.
JMG-229 October 1999
I think this movie is pretty underrated. I think it was just as funny as the first one the movie was very funny. Every scene from the Village People spoof to the scenes with Jim Morrisson and the naked indian to anything involving Garth and Honey Hornee(bodacious Kim Basinger) and the scene were Wayne fights with Cassandra's father(the movie's highlight) were just hilarious. I found this to be a most excellent sequel and I'm just hoping that Mike Myers someday makes a third one he probably won't do that now since he is milking Austin Powers to death. Anyhow this is one of the better SNL based movies out there along with the first "Wayne's World","Coneheads" and "The Blues Brothers" and I reccomend it to anyone looking for a good laugh.
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One of the few sequels that is better than the original!
jellyneckr17 June 2004
One of the biggest hits of 1992, the original WAYNE'S WORLD is a definite classic and is one of the funniest movies of 1990's, but I am not a big fan of sequels so I tried to avoid watching WAYNE'S WORLD 2 for a while. Eventually, I finally got around to watching WAYNE'S WORLD 2 and found it to be surprisingly better than the original. Part of the reason the movie succeeds is because it has one of the greatest casts in movie history with appearances by Christopher Walken, Heather Locklear, Bob Odenkirk, Robert Smigel, Kevin Pollak, Kim Basinger, Chris Farley, Drew Barrymore, Ted McGinley, Tim Meadows, Jay Leno, Charlton Heston, Ed O'Neill, and Aerosmith. I'm not saying that a good cast automatically makes a movie great, but in this case, it certainly helps.

The gags in WAYNE'S WORLD 2 are definitely more random and bizarre than the ones in the original, making it even more fun than I expected it to be. Some of these random jokes don't work as well as they should, though overall it's still a hilarious movie that is good to watch with your friends. ***1/2
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Good Sequel
cosmicstallion22 May 2001
This is a good sequel to the original film. The part that stands out in this that i loved is when Wayne and Cassandra's father fight. I have always loved martial arts movie spoofs and this is funny. From the impossible kicks to the poorly dubbed voice of Cassandra's father. All the other characters from the original reunite for this good sequel. It will have u in stiches.
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Much better than the first one
Cass1us14 October 2000
I thought Wayne's World 2 was much funnier than the first one. The jokes are much better as is the storyline which is unusual for a sequel. I think this is one of Mike Myers best ever films and probably the funniest he's ever been in. The great thing is, you don't even have to watch the first film to understand what goes on in the second film either. A fantastic film full of great jokes and if you don't laugh, you can't be human.
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Wayne and Garth are still great together
SnoopyStyle1 February 2015
Wayne Campbell (Mike Myers) and Garth Algar (Dana Carvey) are back and now they're set up in an abandoned toy factory still doing their cable show. Cassandra Wong (Tia Carrere) is cutting a demo but record producer Bobby Cahn (Christopher Walken) is trying to steal her away from Wayne to L.A. Wayne dreams of a naked Indian and Jim Morrison who tells him to put on a rock festival in Aurora called Waynestock. They go to England to find Jim Morrison's concert organizer Del Preston. Garth has a new dreamgirl Honey Horneé (Kim Basinger) while they try to raise the money for the festival.

The guys are still loads of fun. They have great chemistry together and that's what works for this franchise. The story meanders and is basically a spoof of various movies. They even go off and do one for 'Jurassic Park'. There are very good sly jokes but not all of them work. There is a good kung fu spoof with James Hong as Cassandra's father. Although sometimes I do want the story to just move on.
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Ash-is-evil4 April 2006
I recently bought this film, I'm a long time fan of Waynes World 1 and 2. Bit disappointed that the DVD didn't have any extras but i can settle for just owning this film. My favourite parts of the film are the parts with Jim Morrison (mainly because I'm a huge fan of The Doors).

Wayne: "Who are you?" Jim: "Im Jim Morrison" Wayne: "Who's he?" Jim: "..A weird naked Indian" Wayne: "Cool"

Also i like the bit when Dell Preston is showing the groupies the machine gun turrets on the stage model. Funny and exciting this is one of the very few sequels i like. recommended to any fan of Mike Myers work.
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still not bad
jaws!6 October 1999
but like the original this movie doesn't have much laughs,but once again the characters make the movie fun. i iike this one about the same as the original,but for some reason i watch this movie a lot more than the original. i guess maybe more memorable scenes than the first one,im not sure. both wayne's world movies could be even better if they had more laughs,but like i said the characters make it fun,and watchable. both plots for the two wayne's world movies are not as dumb as the plots in the two austin powers movies. but both austin powers movies had a lot more laughs. but the wayne's world movies are still fun. i give wayne's world 2 **1/2 out of ****
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Sad case of Mike Meyers "sequel-itis"
frigmeat9 September 2000
Anyone who has seen the Wayne's World and Austin Powers series would have to agree: brilliant, hilarious movies made into painfully contrived sequels. Bigger budgets and more spoofs won't compensate somebody who enjoyed the very clever comedic situations in Wayne's World. Despite a few chuckles, I was thoroughly disappointed.
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Very funny and is better than the 1st
OriginalMovieBuff2112 May 2004
Wayne's World 2 does have a lot of memorable scenes and probably the best parts are when there taking a scene off of Jurassic Park, when Garth and Kim Basinger are about to make love, and when Christpher Walken is chasing Wayne and Garth after they were spying on Casandra and him. "Wayne's World party time,excellent," is a very funny song and the show Wayne's World was hilarious. Chris Farley, I'd have to say was absolutely hilarious as he usually is in most of his film like Billy Madison and Black Sheep. Often the movie gets a little overhyped and corny. The fight with Wayne and Casandra's father was very corny but also extremely hilarious. A recommendable film, I say

8/10 ***
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An excellent sequel to a brilliant movie.
Silverzero25 August 2002
The First thing I can say about this film is that it has an abnormal amount of cameos. Drew Barrymore,Harry Shearer,Heather Locklear,Kim Basinger,Aerosmith,Charlton Heston, the list goes on and on. That's now become a custom in Mike Myers movies(look at the Austin Powers movies). Otherwise this really is a great movie with some engagingly funny scenes, the Thelma and Louise ending cannot be missed. The films only let down is Christopher Walken's one dimensional acting.He's basically the same actor in every film. The best character is obviously Garth, although he doesn't expanded on his character as he did in the first one. I like the way they mock the movie for being a movie (can we get on another actor). Overall this is really a movie for fans of Waynes World and the comedy genre. As the slogan reads "you'll laugh again,you'll cry again,you'll hurl again". 7.1 out of 10.
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One Classic Scene, But Too Irreverent
ccthemovieman-110 September 2006
Yeah, it's a stupid movie and but I did get some big laughs out of this in a few spots. Admittedly, I watched this twice before trading it for something else. Probably to ogle Kim Bassinger one more time. I also thought this "sequel" was better than the first Wayne's World movie anyway. From what I see here, most people agree with that.

Unfortunately, the second viewing was not as appealing (just too dumb) nor did I appreciate showing a minister blaspheming. That's Hollywood for you. Without the extreme irreverence in here, I might have held onto this just to have something stupid to laugh at once every few years....and to laugh at that scene when Dana Carvey meets Basinger in the laundromat .
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SHWINGGGGG, Party on Wayne.
StuJM2 April 2003
I loved Wayne's World, so imagine the joy when i found out that a sequel was made. And boy i wasn't disappointed. The first film was fall of memorable moments and quotes, but WW2 changes the formula, it now spoofs other films and had the some of the best quote ever. The new characters are brilliant, esspecially Del Preston with his memorable "1000 brown M&M's to fill a brandy glass" speech is by far the best speech ever.

If you loved Waynes world, then chances are you will love this. If you havent seen the first, it'l be better to see it first as some stuff you may not understand.

Excellent, 4/5
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Not as good as the first one but still worth watching
sme_no_densetsu2 July 2017
Just one year after the original "Wayne's World" movie became a surprise hit, Mike Myers & Dana Carvey returned as Wayne & Garth for another cinematic adventure. Although generally regarded as being inferior to the first movie, "Wayne's World 2" nevertheless features several memorable scenes.

However, I think that the main problem with the movie is that these scenes are sprinkled throughout a story that just plain isn't that interesting. After having a dream where he speaks to Jim Morrison about doing something with his life, Wayne goes about organizing a music festival. As you might expect, he quickly finds himself in over his head.

This is a decent enough premise but the actual "Wayne's World" TV show gets almost totally ignored, so this needn't have been a "Wayne's World" movie to begin with. Although the story was supposed to illustrate character growth, the fact is that Wayne & Garth don't actually do a whole lot to make the festival a success. Apart from this, the Wayne & Cassandra romantic subplot mostly seems like a rehash of what we saw already in the first movie.

I'm probably being a bit harsh on the screenplay, though. As I said before, there are several memorable scenes which are brought to life by a pretty good cast. Particularly notable is Ralph Brown as British roadie Del Preston. Other memorable moments are provided by the likes of James Hong, Kim Basinger, Harry Shearer & Drew Barrymore. Christopher Walken is also here in a prominent supporting role but, unfortunately, I find his character to be pretty colourless.

Behind the camera, Penelope Spheeris didn't return as director due to clashing with Myers the first time around but "Kids in the Hall" alumni Stephen Surjik did a respectable job in her place. Of course, being "Wayne's World", music plays an important role in the movie. Overall, the soundtrack is probably better this time, even though there's nothing as iconic as the uses of "Bohemian Rhapsody" & "Dream Weaver" from the first movie.

Ultimately, "Wayne's World 2" mostly avoids feeling like a retread but it seems to me that it works better in individual scenes than on the whole. It still makes for an enjoyable hour and a half but it's missing the indefinable spark that made the original stand out.
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ehhhhhhhhhhhhh not the best........
Irishchatter8 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I mean, i didn't think the first was the greatest either but it was good. However this movie was just so boring, the scenes were dragging on and it was always the same with Wayne & Garth. Their jokes were getting more cruder and stupid, it just disappointed me.

I think it would've been better if Wayne's World didn't have a sequel at all because this movie is just rubbish. I don't find anything funny but the only thing that was funny, when they were dancing to 'YMCA' accidentally. The rest is awful. They shouldn't have added in Christopher Walken even if he is a legend, this film didn't really suit him.

Its just disappointing, I would just leave at the first movie, thats all!
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Wayne's World marked the end of the '80s -- Wayne's World 2, the beginning of the '90s
wedigclassics13 April 2012
I first saw Wayne's World in the theater when I was around 15 or so. It's impact on kids during that time rivaled things like the NES, Beavis & Butthead & Nike Air Jordan's. I think many people, several years older or younger than myself could see both movies back to back and love them equally. Everyone sees things differently for their own perspective.

For about a year after the release of Wayne's World, I'd heard practically every single line from that movie repeated in conversation, multiple times at one point or another. The references to that movie were used so frequently, it was almost becoming a new language spoken by everyone under 20.

Then, it became much like a really eccentric person you befriend who quickly goes from being interesting -- to just plain annoying...

By the time Wayne's World 2 was released, the quirky, spontaneous, "feel good" personality that everyone loved about the first one, was basically absent and the gimmick was totally worn out.

It's extremely hard to put into words, but the first one just had a fun, hilarious, intimate feel about it that people could relate to. By Wayne's World 2; Wayne, Garth, and even Wayne's girlfriend had all gone in different directions and it lost the fun, friendly, "party" feel to it. The spontaneous nature of the jokes were gone and everything felt scripted. It was no longer "fun" to watch, but rather -- tedious.

In my opinion, the pop culture icon known as Wayne's World, marked the end of the fun, good times, partying and close friendships of the '80s. Wayne's World 2 marked the beginning of the stale, rehashed, lazy & alienated '90s. As most people realize, the generation/era that was the '80s (and everything that made it iconic) didn't end on Dec, 31 1989. Just as every other generation, it carried on for a few more years into the beginning of the next decade.

I've never found a better example to demonstrate the end of one generation and the beginning of another as I have by watching Wayne's World & Wayne's World 2.

At least from my perspective...
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Concept seemed stale by then.
TOMASBBloodhound12 June 2010
Wayne's World as a brief SNL skit was always quite hilarious, and the first movie was one of the better ones made from an SNL skit. However by the time this movie had made it to cable TV, the entire concept just seemed way over done. Having a profitable movie can cause these types of situations. Of course a sequel will be made, and then the goal is keeping the material fresh, and finding new things for your characters to do. Wayne's World 2 is really just a rehashing of the same ideas from the original mixed with numerous cameos, other movie references, and ideas that just don't always pay off with the laughter that Myers may have intended.

The story picks up with Wayne and Garth still doing their public access TV show, just like in the original. Wayne is still jealous of his girlfriend Cassandra's career and male attention, just like in the original. In order to prove his own worth, Wayne decides to throw a huge outdoor music festival to apparently make things right with the world again. Things culminate with the appearance of Aerosmith making their second cameo of the movie. There are some truly funny moments that mostly involve Chris Farley as a roadie wanna be, and Garth trying to woo Kim Basinger. Christopher Walken's appearance is welcome of course as a romantic rival for Cassandra's affection. Also a funny cameo from James Hong as her father.

Alas, the magic just isn't there this time, and it was certainly time for Mike Myers to move on from this character. Penelope Spheeris was not on board this time as she, like so many others, found Mike Myers impossible to work with. Now after the failure of The Love Guru, it is unclear if Myers has anything new left in him. If Wayne's World 2 comes on, you might want to keep hitting buttons on your remote control every few minutes to see if something better is out there. 5 of 10 stars.

The Hound.
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Wayne's world 2 ...come on now
tipperburly16 February 2007
Honestly, what is a matter with the snobs of this world!!!! This is the funniest film ever, watch this 10 times in your week and i guarantee it will get funnier. what is wrong with this country!!!!! Gullibull!! Or a Gullicalf!! Cheya Right Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Presbertarian 2nd Church! And i never learnt to read!! there's a lot of people girlfriends in there! We had to beat them to death with their own shoes! I f you Book them, they will come!! My mom gave me a dollar and dropped me off at the park and ride!! pearl Jam, Aerosmithh, Rip Taylor!!
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"Don't forget to cross your T's and dot your...lower case j's!
Twins652 May 2003
Warning: Spoilers
***SPOILERS*** ...But then again, I think pretty much everybody's seen this by now, right?

Funny sequel, with more jokes from the "Dynamic Duo from the Basement". The gags are all pretty funny (i.e.-incl. Field of Dreams mantra, broken glass set-up, YMCA bit, "The Graduate" send-up, and early '70's anti-pollution commercial). It was also nice to see Charlton Heston poke a little fun at himself for a change.

Look for members of The Gin Blossoms and the great Nash Kato of Urge Overkill (unbilled) getting out of the limos at "Waynestock".

Myers knew when to quit with his Wayne Campbell character, something I'd wish he'd consider before "Austin Powers VIII" opens at your local multi-plex in July of 2011.
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A Good Sequel
Uriah4313 July 2019
This film essentially begins with both "Wayne Campbell" (Mike Myers) and his good buddy "Garth Algar" (Dana Carvey) having finally moved out of their parent's houses and living life to the fullest on their own. As it so happens, Wayne's girlfriend "Cassandra Wong" (Tia Carrere) is on the verge of stardom in the rock music industry and has attracted the attention of an unscrupulous record producer by the name of "Bobby Cahn" (Christopher Walken) who is trying his best to sabotage Wayne's relationship with her for his own personal gain. Meanwhile, Garth finds himself being seduced by a beautiful blonde named "Honey Horneé" (Kim Basinger) who also has her own secret agenda. And it's during this time that Wayne has a dream in which "Jim Morrison" (Michael A. Nickles) advises him that the way out of his current situation is to produce a rock concert there in Aurora, Illinois and invite the biggest bands at the time with the promise of success if he books them. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that, although it lacked the novelty of its predecessor, this sequel seemed to be a bit more polished. Likewise, although some of the gags were recycled the film itself turned out to be just as humorous as the original film. In any case, I enjoyed this film for the most part and have rated it accordingly. Slightly above aveage.
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Not bad
djfrost-4678627 August 2018
This movie isn't bad for a number 2, but it's not great either. Really 2 funny scenes. The fight between the dad and the bar shwing scene. Other than that it's a spoof movie. With tons of other movie stuff in it.
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For a Specific Audience
bradencn15 December 2016
Make sure that you watch this film knowing what it is: an outrageous comedy, generally wholesome and clean, that makes you face palm over and over again. Do not watch this if you are looking for a classy Cary Grant comedy...think along the lines of Dumb and Dumber and you'll know how you'll like this.

What makes this comedy fly is that Mike Myers and Dana Carvey aren't "just being themselves." I'm thinking of other comedies, such as Grown Ups, and 60% of other Adam Sandler films, where you can tell they were produced halfheartedly, where Sandler knew the film would have his name on it, so even if it wasn't the best, at least he would make some money. He films in a spot he wants to vacation in, makes up a quick story, and voila. I DESPISE those kind of films. Wayne's World is not one of them. Myers and Carvey are actually trying to create comical genius that will be quoted and talked about literally forever in the film world. Even looking at the rating I gave this movie, I laugh because I see in parenthesis the word "excellent," which is a hilarious tag line throughout the whole movie.

There is maybe one or two sex innuendo scenes in this movie, lots of just dumb laughter that makes you face-palm, and many many quotable lines. Worth the watch if you are not turned off by this genre.
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