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Season 6

10 Feb. 1999
Dancing with the Devil: Part 1
An elderly resident reports a prowler who assaulted her and it was the devil. As more assaults are reported, the police have to investigate the problem. A new probationary police officer, Jack Lawson comes to town with his horse in tow.
17 Feb. 1999
Dancing with the Devil: Part 2
The prowler is getting more bolder and assaults a police officer and then taunts them. The mother of one victim is so upset and angry that the police have to resolve this but its taking time. The local clergyman is trying to help some men, with just this sort of issues but won't give the police the information on who they are.
24 Feb. 1999
Winning at All Costs
Dash's teacher brother Alec is accused of inappropriate behaviour with one of his female students. Meanwhile, Chris runs for election.
3 Mar. 1999
Love Is the Drug
Maggie and P.J. are trying to be alone, out in the local couple's spot. Another couple arrive and someone is filming. A fracas occurs and P.J. has to get involved and this means the people are processed and then the tape made has gone missing, with P.J. and Maggie on the tape as well. Other incidents are someone spiking girls drinks and assaulting them and Dash meanwhile is using the internet to talk to people online.
10 Mar. 1999
An Eye for an Eye
Dash and Jack are witness to a terrible accident with fatalities. People are vying for blood and everyone seems to get dragged into the ongoing anger, including Chris and her chance to become a councilor. As some people want revenge, the police are doing what they can before another tragedy occurs.
17 Mar. 1999
Wishful Thinking
Ben's daughter Emma sets about getting her dad and Maggie together but she has to get rid of PJ first. Jack is also troubled after his routine roadworthy check of a semi-trailer puts its driver off the road and out of a job unless the driver can finds $20,000.
24 Mar. 1999
Pillow Talk
An elderly lady is beaten up and the number one suspect is smart and knows his rights. As more attacks happen and the suspect is known for his excessive violence, no one is willing to speak up. This case will test Tom and Sally on several occasions.
31 Mar. 1999
The Good Weed
A potential business that will bring in jobs to Mount Thomas is demanded by a lot of people needing jobs, though Chris, who is now on the council, warns against making a rash decision without getting all the facts. Chris then becomes a target for her opposition and farmers who are also at odds, including a new wave herbalist farmer come under scrutiny, as people are poisoned.
7 Apr. 1999
By the Book
Jack pulls over a mean and nasty criminal but as he is new, does not realise how potentially dangerous he is. With Jack discharging his gun by accident, this is only the start of his problems as more people and accusations come thick and fast against him. This brings in Inspector Falcon-Price to sort out the mess and there are rumours about the Inspector as well on a personal level, that makes Maggie wary.
14 Apr. 1999
Dirty Money
Pat turns up and catches Maggie and P.J. but his visit is because he is on the case of a killer. He confides in P.J. but the delicate nature of his investigations means he can't tell anyone else, including his own daughter. Then Pat gets investigated himself and then charged, leaving Maggie distraught as neither Pat or P.J. will talk to her.
21 Apr. 1999
Married to the Job
Ben is having women trouble, he gets Maggie mad at him and Vanessa Mackay makes advances on him, as he tries to help her with her violent husband, and then his ex wife turns up with a proposal. Maggie is not coping so well with her dad's apparent guilt and P.J. not being forthcoming and so she asks Tom for leave, that he has already suggested she take.
28 Apr. 1999
Web of Lies
Everybody is reeling at the body in the burnt out car and Monica Draper comes to take charge of the investigation. Pat has his own theories and he and P.J. investigate on their own and this will lead to surprises and revelations.
5 May 1999
End of the Road
When a player on Jack's football team is killed in a road accident, he takes it seriously when he has to bring in a football mate, Matt Waldron, who have been drinking and driving. This will bring in reprisals and a football game that will cause more trouble for Jack than he bargained for. Senior Constable Robyn Taylor comes in to investigate the original crash in the meantime.
12 May 1999
Lies and Whispers
Money goes missing from a school and rumours are flying about one of the female staff members being gay, who happens to be Monica Draper's friend. She lets P.J. take the lead whilst its investigated, but the rumours begin to cause harm to others.
19 May 1999
Jack of Hearts
School girls at the high school seem to all have the 'hots' for Jack. But all is perhaps not as it seems and when one girl goes missing and her father's business has serious problems. Are the two linked and who is not telling more than they know? There are temporary new coppers for Mount Thomas and Jack's problems with the school girls just won't go away.
26 May 1999
The Grace of God
Jack stumbles across a terrible scene whilst out riding. We then see investigation unfold with flashbacks of each Mount Thomas police officer from when they heard of this incident as the story continues to unfold, as this will affect them all.
2 Jun. 1999
The Stag
Hunters and their guns come to the area and so does Molly, Jack's girlfriend. Jack goes hunting with his cousin and this will lead to a whole lot of trouble for Jack.
9 Jun. 1999
The Good Life
A neighbour has to destroy his sheep as they have been contaminated. Fingers are pointed at constable Robyn Taylor and her husband, with sheep they brought in to their new farm. Things are going to get a lot more rough for Robyn and her family.
16 Jun. 1999
Perfect Match
An armed robbery, a very sick little girl and a mother who is supposed to be dead, are all linked. The police need to investigate and they will get some help, as Maggie comes back.
23 Jun. 1999
Oil and Water
A woman who killed whilst drunk driving goes to court 5 months after the incident. Sally Downie is going to defend her and try to get her off on any legal way she can and Tom and the other police officers are determined to keep her behind bars. Then Sally starts to tear the case apart and then there is more bad news for the prosecution. Then Sally really lays into the police.
30 Jun. 1999
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
There's an underage smoking problem in Mount Thomas. One young girl Tiffany, will bring in her once famous grandmother Audrey Ropers, who is on a crusade to ban smoking in Mount Thomas. She will be whirlwind and stir things up with everyone, including the police.
7 Jul. 1999
King of the Kids
A troublesome kid seems to be more trouble than he is worth, though he lays charges against his own father. When the boy goes missing, the search is on for him and the truth.
14 Jul. 1999
The Full Circle
Dash is trying out for detective job in Melbourne and her mum goes with her. Meanwhile in Mount Thomas, a judge and a criminal have words outside of the court room, as the judge's car is vandalised. Then a hit and run will occur that will affect Dash completely.
21 Jul. 1999
Behind the Badge
Chris and Maggie are off on a trip to Melbourne. Stopping off at gas station they are involved in an armed robbery. After the incident, both women try to cope with the trauma in different ways. Pat Doyle comes up from Melbourne and he has his own demons to sort out, as Maggie and P.J. point out to him.
28 Jul. 1999
The Angel Cruise
Two residents of Mount Thomas come into a lot of money on a cruise scheme, which just looks like another pyramid scheme. Those desperate for money are drawn in and Ben is too, as he suddenly needs money for his kids, but will he succumb to the temptation as well?
4 Aug. 1999
Country life has changed. Chris tells Tom the Vic Bank is closing for good. Unnerved by the bank's closure and noticing the Heelers under pressure, Chris spreads word around town that the station may also be in danger of shutting down.
11 Aug. 1999
The Deepest Cut
When a gay hairdresser moves into town there is going to be problems for him. He is an old friend of Ben but as they go to dinner and meet up, the homophobia follows them both as this is not the big city and Ben will be on the receiving end of bigotry even though he is not gay himself. Maggie gets a new hairstyle herself but tragedy is looming on the horizon.
18 Aug. 1999
Hello Goodbye
Constable Joanna Parrish arrives by arresting a couple before she can put on a uniform. She then has to deal with a complaint, being sued and an ex-boyfriend who will not take 'no' for an answer. Then, things get nasty.
25 Aug. 1999
Whip Crack Away
A local trick shooter/whip artist, a gypsy and two low level criminals all clash and this gets the Mt. Thomas police involved. But all of them have something to hide.
1 Sep. 1999
The Price of Silence
People are being assaulted and it all revolves around one sleazy politician. Maggie has to make a decision and as more people find out what's happened, they are angry and also determined to find the culprit and the truth.
8 Sep. 1999
Without Judgement
A gay man turns up at the police station looking for his missing partner who had returned looking for reconciliation with his parents. Maggie has to deal with her father and his new fiancée and a revelation.
15 Sep. 1999
Smoke Without Fire
When a crooked cop is arrested, on the news a list points to two people in Mount Thomas, one a serving police officer. As tongues wag, there is also a drug problem at the local high school and problems for one teacher.
22 Sep. 1999
Starry Starry Night
Strange characters are appearing on this full moon and starry night. Dancing at a club leads to tension between PJ, Maggie and Ben. Tom has a heart to heart and a stranger has words of wisdom for others at the pub.
29 Sep. 1999
Paradise Lost
Ben's daughter comes for a visit and then there's a case of mushrooms poisoning people and this leads the police to locals and a commune. But when people clam up and more people get sick, this can only lead to disaster.
6 Oct. 1999
The Game
There's a big game on and everyone is looking to Jack to win for Mt. Thomas. Marnie Sommers is accused of stealing and she and Jack keep running into each other. With the game and the Marnie's family issues, Jack is in the thick of it.
13 Oct. 1999
Miracle at Rabbit Creek
Tom pulls troublemaker Tim from Rabbit Creek, but gives him last rites, the paramedic also pronounces him dead. When Tim comes back to life, everyone sees Tom as a miracle healer and Tim's life is also changed driving both up the wall.
20 Oct. 1999
Second Chance
Travis Watson is out of prison and is rubbing PJ up the wrong way. As Travis helps the police and they start to defend him, only PJ does not trust Travis. Is Travis trying to rebuild his life or is he up to something?
27 Oct. 1999
The Price of Friendship
There's been an armed robbery at the race course, as suspicion falls on the likely candidates and evidence is found, and people confess, who is guilty and who is protecting whom, with a baby on the way and a sick young man?
3 Nov. 1999
Under Fire
Three vehicles, one a bus, are involved in a major road traffic accident with more than fifty people involved. But it's not over when all the emergency services turn up, as a new threat emerges that will test them all.
10 Nov. 1999
The Fordham's have vicious arguments that bring their daughter Amy into the firing line and bring out the police on more than one occasion. Amy has had enough and the police have to deal with this and crimes at the Fordham's business.
17 Nov. 1999
Ben's daughter Emma, does not want to return to her mother and throws a tantrum. Then a spate of burglaries also has her as a potential suspect, but what does she know and why isn't she saying?
24 Nov. 1999
Be Prepared
With the turn of the millennium descending and the threat of blackouts, people are arming themselves for a potential doomsday scenario. And a survivalist family has run-ins with the police, each incident getting worse than the one before.

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