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Season 9

13 Feb. 2002
Breaking Point: Part 1
There is some trouble at the local school where Hayley is. It is found a boy who killed another child is there and this enrages parents. The police have enough to contend with, when the father of the murdered boy turns up and Tess has concerns as Hayley has made friends with the boy in question.
20 Feb. 2002
Breaking Point: Part 2
As Susan is badly injured in hospital, Tom has to make a terrible decision. The hunt for the hit and run driver kicks into gear and Rix boy issue will not go away. Tess and Hayley's relationship is tested, as Bettina Fulton is released from prison.
27 Feb. 2002
If It ain't Hurtin'
A wrestling belt has gone missing from a traveling wrestling group which Jonesy used to be part of. As his old friends and life play on his emotions, so does Tess. He will manage to get himself back in the ring before this case is sorted out. Tess is being given the run-a-round just trying to contact Hayley to see if she is doing all right.
6 Mar. 2002
Down in the Forest
One of the old gold prospectors returns saying he has found a dead body that then can't be found and there are explosions in the forest, that brings the local green group calling. Ben has the flu and is sent home, where his vegetables go missing and where he is seeing things that are actually there, but all P.J. tells him, is to go bed and sleep; so Ben tries to catch the mysterious apparition, which will lead to a situation no one could foresee.
13 Mar. 2002
The Real Thing
Jo meets a man she is keen on, but a death at the local sports ground will test their relationship; as he is a journalist investigating the death and protecting his source, whilst Jo as a police officer, has to try and find out who did what. Can their relationship survive all of this?
20 Mar. 2002
Rainy Night Blues
A washed up musical artist, his organizer and a local farmer come to odds over a festival to be held in Mount Thomas. Tess is a big fan and Jonesy tries very hard to keep the peace and keep the festival on track and something new keeps happening, causing trouble at each turn.
27 Mar. 2002
Jack and Jill
P.J. has visitors, as his mother and her boyfriend turn up unannounced. P.J. just doesn't seem to like Stefan even though he is cordial towards him. Whilst another family and neighbours are at odds over an elderly woman's valuable pottery, which keeps turning up smashed.
3 Apr. 2002
Sons and Mothers
As P.J. goes into work, after his mother has announced her illness, Jo thinks he is in denial. Then the death of a kidnapper in prison, has P.J. and Jo go to St Davids to investigate if it was an accident or something else. People hiding secrets will open this case up.
10 Apr. 2002
Say His Name
P.J. wants to do everything to keep his mother from the inevitable, so she has to turn to Ben for help, as well as others. Everyone tries to help, even a snitch who may be running around with an underage girl, but P.J. still can't seem to deal with it all.
17 Apr. 2002
The Perfect Life
P.J. is back at work and has to get stuck in with the case of a missing woman which seems to be out of character for her; P.J. has a theory but the others investigations just don't seem to prove this out and P.J. sticks to his guns and may be messing the investigation up, the way he is dealing with the case.
24 Apr. 2002
The toilets at the police station are blocked again and out comes Charlie Clark. But Charlie has issues of his own, with the 'Minister for War' gone, he has a new wife and an au pair and both women are at each other's throats and Charlie. What has the sketch artist and his daughter, who are passing through got to do with anything? It looks like Charlie holds the cards again and the answers, especially as lives are on the line.
1 May 2002
Dancing on the Edge
Ben has a run in with a husband and wife police officers. Sergeant Peter is a friend of Inspector Falcon-Price and incidents between Peter and Ben, make Ben come off looking worse each time. Things are only going to get worse for Ben but is he too friendly with the female officer, Peter's wife?
8 May 2002
Those That Trespass
A young tear-away girl gets into so much trouble, her mother finally snaps and wants someone else to take care of her. Her father makes his feelings known too. It's a victim that may hold the answers for the girl. Jo has to deal with her thoughts on this family and about some news from her parents she finds too upsetting.
15 May 2002
Tom is receiving an award but an aboriginal woman can't stand to listen to the platitudes, as she recounts her story of being taken away years ago when Tom Croydon was part of it. Not to mention the theft of money from the pub and Jo defending the woman, but there is a lot more to the story than Jo bargained for.
22 May 2002
Jonesy meets an old friend who saved his life on the roads and does the man a favour. Jo is not too happy about this and neither is Tess. When Jo recognizes a criminal, it's not that simple and with an undercover team in the station who only inform the senior officers on a specific case on a 'need to know' basis. This will have unforeseen consequences for Jonesy, his friend and the undercover cops.
29 May 2002
Sins of the Father
A national politician is visiting Mount Thomas and passes away there, where plenty of people remember him. But there is a possible case of foul play and a secret daughter he had, and a son who may stand for the leadership of his late father's party.
5 Jun. 2002
Broken Dreams
There's been a bunch of mobile phones stolen and a car chase leads to an accident at some new lights. Ben's sister comes to town. One of P.J.s snitches dies and P.J. is a little upset?
12 Jun. 2002
An Old Fashioned Man
Gossie and Tom are at an auction where Gossie buys an expensive Elvis item for a lady he is involved in. But it's a fake and then there is a break-in. Plenty or suspects, from the dealers who sold the item, to Gossie's lady friend, Her ex (an Elvis impersonator), her daughter and just about anyone else seeking Elvis memorabilia. P.J. and Liz are getting closer but are hiding their relationship from Ben, though Jo knows something going on.
19 Jun. 2002
Of Middle Eastern Appearance
An incident at a school with Deniz Demir, who is now a teacher; has her suspended and with a racist headmistress and in the wake of 9/11, things go from bad to worse for Deniz, as bombs and middle eastern men are hanging around Mount Thomas.
26 Jun. 2002
The Best Man
A woman has a young man as a boyfriend. Her ex husband is seething with anger towards her, and their daughter is getting married. Jonesy is a friend of the groom and is present at his stag night. Then things go wrong and Jonesy is in the middle of it. But will there still be a wedding?
3 Jul. 2002
Wednesday's Child
There seems to be a crazy lady outside a school. This brings Charlie to the police's attention, a pushy and funny little girl. Jonesy has to deal with women issues, one of them is Tess and then another. Then he has to deal with Jo who has overheard something she shouldn't have.
10 Jul. 2002
Finders Keepers
When an old woman dies, two warring brothers, who are no spring chickens themselves, are at each other's throats over the farm and other things. There are two younger men on the scene as well, one being bashed and the other fleeing the scene. Liz Stewart is in the middle of it and then gets seriously injured for her troubles. P.J. will get some bad news before the end of it all.
17 Jul. 2002
Burning Desire
Clancy and his friend Trevor meet the police at a supermarket over an incident. This leads the police to the men's workshop, which subsequently burns down. Trevor is accused and confesses. But what is going on with Trevor and his mum, and will Clancy ever find a new job?
24 Jul. 2002
Naked Lady
Jo and Jonesy find a dead body in a car. Tess and Ben find a naked lady on the highway. Are these two cases linked by any chance? Jo and P.J. have an awkward morning after and Jo's exam results are in.
7 Aug. 2002
Private Lives
A terrible car accident at a junction will set in motion anger and upset for many people and will have far reaching consequences and will bring trouble for Grace. Ben tries to help one accused man, but there is plenty of pain for many people to come.
7 Aug. 2002
Inside Outside
A mother, a son, a criminal and another called 'Toes'. The twists and of a case will land some in hot water. And are P.J. and Jo moving out and in?
14 Aug. 2002
The Last Jar
A woman has a new jam and contract to supply nationally. But someone has poisoned some of the jars. Can the police locate them all in time as people start to get sick? Tom's has a honeymoon to plan and everyone has ideas on what he should do and where he should go.
21 Aug. 2002
Stewart vs Stewart
Liz is back and she is defending a teenager accused of robbery. Her brother is prosecuting and P.J. is still investigating. With Ben helping the little brother of the accused, who is backed into a corner in court, and an angry victim, there is only going to be more a lot more trouble before this court case is over.
28 Aug. 2002
Fishing for Dummies
Jonesy comes back from a fishing trip via the hospital with multiple injuries. He insists the people he met at a camp are criminals with kidnapped backpackers. The police investigate and the group says they are all related and every location Jonesy takes them too, has nothing there. Is Jonesy just too delirious and hallucinating?
4 Sep. 2002
Salvation: Part 1
Grace's ex husband turns up and has some personal news that means Grace will postpone the wedding. But the husband seems to be up to old tricks and Daniel is acting up.
4 Sep. 2002
Salvation: Part 2
With the dead body outside the pub, P.J. has to investigate, even though Tom was there literally one minute beforehand. Chris and P.J. rally around Tom to try and protect him, leaving Tom to make sure the investigation is handled correctly. But this puts a visiting vicar, Daniel and Tom in the spotlight. This will also put Grace and Tom's relationship under greater strain.
18 Sep. 2002
In Another Place
Trouble with a young refugee boy at school, leads to a whole family whose terrible experiences at a camp has traumatized them all. This leads to bad words and violence, most of which is not directed towards others; such is their trauma, which the police struggle to cope with, as they try to help this family.
25 Sep. 2002
There are protests outside an abortion clinic with those against and those trying to keep it open for those that want to use it. Violence follows and with the doctor injured and a teenage girl confused, Daniel has a confession, which will throw Tom and Grace.
2 Oct. 2002
Boys Will Be Boys
The Wilson boys are out of court and free to carry on their trouble in Mount Thomas. The older members of the town want the kids sorted and the police try to intervene to get something done for the kids, to have something to do and places to play. This situation will only get worse as townspeople up their game and this will put the kids in danger.
9 Oct. 2002
Deep Water
Ben is in deep water when he says no to a teenage girl he is coaching, when she comes onto him and then she makes complaint against him. Inspector Falcon-Price comes in more concerned about his reputation and the half of Ben's colleagues who try to help him and not let procedure take its course, makes things even worse. Then there is a woman from Ben's past that turns up.
16 Oct. 2002
Nothing Personal
Ben has someone from his past visit him but things are not quite as they seem. Elderly people and their gambling habits come to the police attention as old friends get accused of stealing. This brings Ben into helping a neighbour and this will lead him into trouble as he is then accused of robbing the elderly himself and there is evidence to prove it.
23 Oct. 2002
Missing cars, a missing child, a mechanic in the hospital and girlfriend who has a secret. Then Jonesy does not seem to learn the meaning of teamwork, even though Tess tries to tell him over and over again. This will have Jo do something she has trained for but never had to do before.
30 Oct. 2002
Stable Mates
Two couples get into an argument and Jo is acting by the book and hard after the shooting she was involved in. A runaway horse and the couple's problems will come back and take a dangerous turn, forcing Jo to confront what happened three days earlier.
6 Nov. 2002
Some Days
There is an investigation with flashbacks as Jonesy and others are quizzed about the relationship Tess has with a non convicted suspect in serious crime. As Jonesy investigates on his own and sees more and more, he causes more disruption and destruction with his accusations. He is trying to save Tess, but keeps on causing trouble for himself and everyone else.
13 Nov. 2002
Body of Evidence
An old man comes looking for his daughter after many years. Jo tries to get them back together, but the daughter is having none of it. At a funeral home, there are bodies that there is something not quite right about them. By coincidence Jo will end up at the funeral home, get into someone else's personal life, that they were keeping quiet.
20 Nov. 2002
All You Need Is Love
Two brothers love the same women and when she goes missing they accuse each other and there is more to come. As for workplace relationships, P.J. and Jo are moving up, though its driving P.J. up the wall. And is Tess finally giving in to Jonesy?

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