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Season 9

1 Feb. 2002
Life After 9/11/01
[HBO] HD. Guest: Ben Stiller; topic: has the world really changed?
1 Feb. 2002
Who Can We Trust?
[HBO] HD. Guest: Ron Insana; topic: trust.
15 Feb. 2002
Sports Obsessed Parents
[HBO] HD. Guest: Martin Short; topic: sports-obsessed parents.
22 Feb. 2002
Civil Liberties
[HBO] HD. Guest: Gloria Allred; topic: the ACLU.
1 Mar. 2002
Religious Zealots
[HBO] HD. Guest: Jon Stewart; topic: religious zealotry.
15 Mar. 2002
Airline Security
[HBO] HD. Guest: Mary Schiavo; topic: airline security.
22 Mar. 2002
The War on Terrorism
[HBO] HD. Guest: Frank Gaffney Jr.; topic: the war on terrorism.
29 Mar. 2002
The End of Class
[HBO] HD. Guest: Adam Carolla; topic: the end of class.
5 Apr. 2002
Truth in the Media
[HBO] HD. Guest: Alec Baldwin; topic: where is the truth in media?
12 Apr. 2002
[HBO] HD. Guest: Andy Richter; topic: bullies.
26 Apr. 2002
Commitment Phobias
[HBO] HD. Guest: Garry Shandling; topic: commitment.
3 May 2002
Freedom of Speech
[HBO] HD. Guest: Bill Maher; topic: the freedom of speech.
10 May 2002
Exploiting Tragedies
[HBO] HD. Guest: Larry Elder; topic: the exploitation of tragedy.
17 May 2002
The Catholic Faith
[HBO] HD. Guest: Ray Flynn; topic: Catholic faith.
31 May 2002
The Middle East
[HBO] HD. Guest: Larry Miller; topic: the Middle East.
7 Jun. 2002
[HBO] HD. Guest: Adam Sandler; topic: selfishness.
14 Jun. 2002
Fast Food
[HBO] HD. Guest: Moby; topic: fast-food nation.
21 Jun. 2002
[HBO] HD. Guest: Craig Venter; topic: cloning.
28 Jun. 2002
Women Who Want It All
[HBO] HD. Guest: Tina Fey; topic: can women have it all?
19 Jul. 2002
The Third World
[HBO] HD. Guest: Geraldo Rivera; topic: Why Can't the Third World Get It Together?
26 Jul. 2002
Our Corporate Culture
[HBO] HD. Guest: Christopher Hitchens; topic: our corporate culture.
2 Aug. 2002
The Drug War
[HBO] HD. Guest: Asa Hutchinson; topic: the drug war.
16 Aug. 2002
The Changing American Family
[HBO] HD. Guest: Jim Belushi; topic: the changing American family.
23 Aug. 2002
[HBO] HD. Guest: Christopher Guest; topic: inconvenience.
30 Aug. 2002
[HBO] HD. Guest: Vince Vaughn; topic: confidence.

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