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Season 1

4 Nov. 1994
Episode #1.1
Tim takes over an antiques shop, the lovely wobbly randy old ladies go to the launderette, Kevin turns 13, a man with a high voice gets confused by everyday occurrences, Ben Elton becomes a feminist version of Benny Hill, and Waynetta kicks Wayne out.
11 Nov. 1994
Episode #1.2
Des Lynam and Jimmy Hill guest star as Harry Enfield and his chums bring us more comic creations. The gasman visits the Lovely Wobbly Randy Old Ladies, Lee and Lance become cowboy builders and do a kitchen refit, and Mr You Don't Want To Do That comments on a Manchester United game.
18 Nov. 1994
Episode #1.3
Martin Clunes joins Harry Enfield in the new Hollywood blockbuster Terminator 3. There's a television appeal for the Scousers after they carry out a bank job, Alf Git has an out-of-body experience, and Mr Cholmondley-Warner gives lessons in methods of self-defence.
2 Dec. 1994
Episode #1.4
Waynetta tries in vain to arouse Wayne, Stan and Pam are flashing their cash in Spain, Lee and Lance are working in a butchers, Kevin won't go to bed, Tim gets engaged to a royal, and Alf Git meets an old flame at a funeral with explosive results.
9 Dec. 1994
Episode #1.5
More from Harry Enfield's gallery of odd-balls as The Wobbly Randy Old Ladies take a trip to the petrol station to fill the car up. Frank Doberman lectures Damon Hill on abiding by the Highway Code, and the Scousers visit London and get a lot more than they bargained for.
16 Dec. 1994
Episode #1.6
Tim goes to a school reunion, one-off character "Mr. Got Out of the Wrong Side of the Bed This Morning" has a day full of mishaps, and Kevin and Perry try to organize a party.

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