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Season 2

30 Oct. 1994
Spider in Spurs
Itsy and Leslie go to a dude ranch run by Adrienne for well-behaved young adults. While they are there, cattle rustlers take over the ranch.
5 Nov. 1994
Itsy's Favorite Haunt
Adrienne discovers her cat, Langston, will inherit million, if only they can spend the night in her crazy old Aunt's castle. In proves more difficult than she thought, however, because the house is inhabited by two children (Leslie and George) in creepy costumes, a Frankenstein-like monster (the Exterminator) and Itsy. Guest starring Liz Sheridan (Jerry's mom on Seinfeld)
12 Nov. 1994
Code Purple
George is in the hospital recuperating from his tonsillectomy when Leslie and Itsy come to visit. They arrive just in time to see George's tonsils being whisked away on a gurney and must search the hospitals for the missing tonsils. Guest starring the voice of Claudia Christian of "Babylon5"
19 Nov. 1994
Beach Blanket Spider
When Adrienne eats Leslie and George's picnic lunch, the children must find a way to get some food on their own, so they enter the sand castle building contest in hopes of winning all the food they can eat. Their castle may not be the most beautiful, but after Itsy and the Exterminator are through, it's the only one left standing.
26 Nov. 1994
Big Time Spider
George needs the autograph of one more wrestler to complete his collection; and he's determined to get it at the Rock-o-Rama Wrestling tournament. With the help of Leslie, Itsy and some disguises, George sneaks backstage where he must avoid the lady wrestler (Adrienne) and her manager/masseur, the Exterminator.
4 Dec. 1994
Deep Space Spider
Itsy becomes an accidental stow-away on a spaceship headed for the planet Poog. Adrienne is the captain who enlists the help of the resident Exterminating Robot to rid the spaceship of earthly pests. Dan Castellaneta (voice of Homer Simpson) guest stars.
11 Dec. 1994
Short Order Spider
Leslie, George and Itsy are off to the local fast-food burger joint to find out how a real business works. When Adrienne discovers Itsy on her french fry, no burger is left unturned as the Exterminator sets his sights on our little hero.
Spider Sense
Itsy decides to tag along with Leslie as she's off to school for the day. When the substitute biology teacher (Adrienne) catches sight of Itsy, the school custodian (the Exterminator) is called to bring some order to the chaos. Laura Leighton from the cast of Melrose Place guest-star.
25 Dec. 1994
It's a Zoo Itsy
At the city zoo, Itsy and Leslie discover Elliott, a rare white elephant who wants desperately to return to his original wild-animal preserve home. Taking in the head zoo official (Adrienne) and her assistant (the Exterminator), Leslie and Itsy try to free Elliott.
8 Jan. 1995
State Fair Itsy
A day at the local state fair becomes an even bigger adventure when Itsy and Leslie have to outwit Adrienne and the Exterminator.
15 Jan. 1995
Spider at Work
Leslie is visiting her grandparents for the day. It's Itsy-to-the-rescue when a greedy land developer and her construction foreman try to evict the tenants from the Happy Meadows Old Folks Home.
22 Jan. 1995
Something Fore Itsy
Leslie is spending her summer as a caddie at a snooty country club, where she is teamed with golf-pro Adrienne and her young nephew Wallace. When the greens keeper (the Exterminator) discovers a spider on his golf course, Itsy must save himself while helping Leslie with the snobbish attitudes. Claudia Christian of Babylon 5 guest-stars.
22 Jan. 1995
Sugar Coated Spider
Itsy, Leslie and George take a tour of Aunt Addie's Chocolate Factory for some free samples.

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