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8 Apr. 1996
The Easter Bunny
With Lent approaching Geraldine suggests that everybody give something up and contribute a pound to charity if they fail - in her case chocolate,which is difficult,though she succeeds. Mrs. Cropley,who has agreed to give up making strange food combinations,dies but,on her death-bed,charges Geraldine to dress as the Easter Bunny and dole out goodies,a job Mrs. Cropley had always done. Geraldine agrees but in fact finds that everybody else has also dressed up as the Easter Bunny.
25 Dec. 1996
The Christmas Lunch Incident
Geraldine is so popular that everybody wants her round for Christmas dinner so she won't be alone - Jim and Frank, Alice and her family,who are even more bizarre than Alice herself and the Hortons. Geraldine is protective of Hugo when David bullies him and indulges in a sprout-eating contest. As a consequence she has to be taken home on a bulldozer to sleep it off. And then Owen turns up wanting company since he has spent every Christmas alone since 1971.
14 Mar. 1997
Catholic Father Peter comes from Ballykissangel in Ireland for a cultural exchange. Geraldine's explanation that her parishioners are normal are sabotaged by Owen, who hates all Catholics and verbally abuses Peter, Alice, dressed as a bee and Hugo, who has been sponsored to add 'Wibble' to his every sentence. Eventually Geraldine settles down to sell Peter kisses for charity when they are rudely interrupted by his girl-friend Assumpta.
12 Mar. 1999
Comic Relief Special 1999
A film crew comes to Dibley and Geraldine throws a party for Johnny Depp and other celebrities. David does not attend and frankly disbelieves Geraldine when he goes to the vicarage next morning and she tells him what happened. Then Sarah Ferguson,the Duchess of York,arrives,having left her tiara behind and tells Geraldine how much the other famous names enjoyed her bash.
11 Mar. 2005
Comic Relief Special 2005
The television Antiques Road Show comes to Dibley. Alice is convinced that a small plastic model of a Smurf given her by her father must be valuable. To prevent her being disappointed Geraldine bribes expert Hilary Kay to say it is worth two thousand pounds. When Alice wants to sell it to an antiques shop for charity,Geraldine offers to do it for her but has to sell her own belongings to make the two grand.
16 Mar. 2007
Comic Relief Special 2007
Geraldine and Harry agree to a wife-swap,as in the TV show. He goes to live with Trudie Styler for a week while her husband Sting moves in with Geraldine. Alice warns him off the vicar using Police song titles and Geraldine gets him to do the housework in the nude. On the last day he tells her that if her marriage ends she should come and live with him -but only as his cook. Then Trudie comes in,having got a little too flirtatious with Harry. Mr. and Mrs. Sting both end up with a cake in the face,thanks to the vicar.
15 Mar. 2013
Comic Relief Special 2013
Geraldine and the parishioners head to London to vote on allowing women to become Bishops. She flirts with an attractive vicar, Frank's failing hearing leads him to make some major slip-ups, and they also make the mistake of sending Jim to cast the vote.
13 Mar. 2015
Comic Relief Special 2015
After taking part in the Ice Bucket Challenge, Geraldine gets an offer to become Bishop. A confusion on her behalf, however, leaves her last in the running when other, more successful, candidates turn up for the interview process.

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