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Oh, "Baby"!
Mister-615 December 2001
Dumb laughs are easy to come by. Dumb characters are even easier. But when you get a movie that is so endearingly, goofily dumb as "Baby's day Out", you can't help but love it!

The plot is straight out of Cartoon Land, with a low bow in the Three Stooges' direction compliments of scripter John Hughes (surprise!). Three of the dimmest kidnappers in history (Mantegna, Pantoliano and Haley) make the mistake of kidnapping a rich couple's little baby, who turns out to be far more resourceful than all three of them combined. And a lot more ruthless.

During the course of the day, baby Bink (Warton and Warton) leads the dumb bad guys throughout the width and breadth of Chicago and leaves them all bruised, beaten, burnt, plummeted from innumerable high drops and otherwise humiliated ("we've had the living hell torn out of us by a baby," screams Mantegna at one point). And all the while, we're laughing.

I saw this in the theatre when it first came out and, I must admit, the entire packed-in audience was laughing hysterically at every single pratfall, gag and slapstick business that occurred. I love this kind of movie and seeing the great Joe Mantegna take his lumps so valiantly brings a smile in itself.

It's nice to play dumb once in a while. And even nicer to witness it.

Eight stars for "Baby's Day Out". If you like such laughs, it'll make your "Day".
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Ludicrous But Cute & Very Funny
ccthemovieman-116 February 2006
Credibility-wise, this is one of the most ludicrous movies you'll ever see, but it's fun and I would think almost anyone would enjoy it. It's basically "Home Alone" out on the streets and with a baby instead of a small boy.

A baby goes wandering all over the big city with two kidnappers chasing it. People are everywhere but nobody sees the baby but the bad guys?! Hey, I told you it made no sense, but there are so many laughs in here, so many goofy slapstick routines that work that it's worth your time to check it out. I've seen it a couple of times and throughly enjoyed it each time, as have my guests - from kids to older folks.

To movie buffs, it's kind of fun also to see Joe Pantoliano and Joe Mantegna playing roles in which profanity is at a minimum, and they are in it only for laughs. It's a long way from most of their roles. Mantegna is especially impressive with his comedy. I was shocked how funny he was.

The only criticism I had, other than totally preposterous story being a little too far-fetched, is that one scene (at the construction site) went on too long. The movie as a whole would have been better had it been cut about 15 minutes. It's basically a one-joke movie and 99 minutes is too long for that.

Overall, this is a nice entertainment with a lot of laugh-out-loud scenes. If you get a kick out of seeing a baby constantly laugh, giggle and have a great time, then you'll really love this.
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Excellence at it's gist.
hmm_5 January 2002
This movie is worth checking out. Even though it's predictable, the events that happen as this movie unfolds are funny as hell. Especially the part when Eddie has the baby in his lap under his coat and the police are asking him whether or not he has seen any babies today. The baby lights Eddie's lighter - - the rest you'll have to see to believe. I rated this 10 out of 10 stars, and I agree with the first person who said "Drink your bottle of milk and enjoy this predictable film," because that's exactly what you should do. Don't take it seriously or else you'll miss the point.
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It's childishly crude but very funny if you're in the mood!
bob the moo26 February 2002
Despite being the heir to a small fortune Baby Bink has never had his picture in the paper like other rich babies. However his mother hires a famous photographer to take his picture. However when the photographers arrive they are actually kidnappers who steal away baby Bink and demand a ransom. However Baby Bink manages to slip out of their sight and begins a journey through the city of his story book. The kidnappers try to catch him but seem to be always one step behind.

John Hughes won't be remembered in the same way as ‘great' filmmakers will be - but like it or not, he knows how to do this type of film with his eyes closed. This never gets above the same cartoon humour of Home Alone, but it still manages to be very funny. The story is daft - the baby going through the city by recognising things from his story book, however the cartoon humour is very good throughout. Some scenes (with the worried mother) and the ending can't help but lapse into sentiment, but for the most part it's sheer comedy antics.

The reason the comedy works is not due to the baby - he is cute but he never dominates the way Mulcaly Culkin did, instead he haplessly crawls his way around using `baby luck'. What makes it work are three really funny performances from the kidnappers. One of my favourite actors Joe Mantegna is usually above this type of stuff, but he's really funny here. Similarly Joe Pantoliano has been in his share of blockbusters and is funny here with Haley. The support cast has it's fair share of famous faces - Boyle is lumbered with all the emotional scenes and Matthew Glave (The Wedding Singer) doesn't have much to do. An uncredited Mike Starr as an informant, Fred Dalton Thompson as the cop, Cynthia Nixon (Sex and the City) as the nanny and Anna Levine (Bad Boys, Unforgiven, The Crow) as an understanding mother make interesting appearances. However when the kidnappers are off the screen things aren't as good and start to drag.

Overall you know what to expect from this. If you're in the mood for Tom & Jerry style cartoon humour (as opposed to Jerry & Tom humour - Mantegna fans will understand!) then this is a really good laugh. Simple, unmemorable but fun!
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Cute, friendly, and smelly diapers.
Angel-9325 April 1999
Great film in my opinion. Baby Bink is unbelieveably cute. With his dimples, playfulness, and giggle, it is hard to believe why it bombed. I think it deserves major props for being kid-friendly, instead of the hard-core things people are used to seeing. It is great for all- ages, a 10 out of 10, spectacular!
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I hurt myself laughing!!!
Bronco4624 March 2002
This is one of those films that should be watched when ever your feeling really down. I have found it impossible to not laugh and then feel better while watching this film. You can't take this film seriously however. It's as if a Warner Brothers cartoon was brought to life. So, you have to suspend your disbelief and just enjoy Joe Mantegna and his hapless lackies. Joe does a great job with character. Please, if you watch this film and don't like it; write me, and let me know why you didn't like it. I like to know.
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Guilty pleasure, perhaps...
rbsjrx17 May 2009
...but I really love this movie! It's a pity this was released on the coattails of "Home Alone", since it's inevitably perceived as a knock-off. But the comparison is really unfair. "Home Alone" featured McCauley Culkin as annoying, precocious, and self-sufficient far beyond his years. The criminals who were his foils were reminiscent of The Three Stooges in their ineptitude. The one quality both Culkin and the criminals shared was a being mean spirited to some degree.

Baby Bink in "Baby's Day Out" is a true innocent who survives on luck while remaining adorably unaffected. His criminal foils are more reminiscent of Laurel & Hardy than The Three Stooges - cleverer and more subtle. In this case, the quality shared by Baby Bink and the criminals is innocence and an underlying decency.

The supporting cast is superb, led by Joe Mantegna in one of his best comic roles.

If you're not too jaded to appreciate it, I highly recommend this movie.
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An all round classic!
mojo_isking24 April 2006
I saw this movie five years ago and thought it was funny and then watched it again yesterday (23rd April 2006) and i think i laughed even harder! So i give this film a full 10, cause i believe it deserves to be a lot higher than 4 out of 10! It is another classic from the same mind of the creator of home alone, which by the way is another great movie. I know that this movie is aimed at children, but the acting from the three main characters that kidnap the baby is funny! And just to here that one line to the fat lady, "Give her a sandwich", puts me in stitches of laughter every time. So watch it and enjoy it as much as i did!
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Young Baby Kicks The Bad Guys Butts (In A Figurative Sense)
Big Movie Fan3 December 2002
Baby's Day out is pure fun. If you like movies where young children outwit stupid grown-ups then this is the movie for you.

Joe Mantegna performs wonderfully as the leader of a trio of kidnappers who kidnap Baby Bink but soon find him causing more trouble than they can handle. If you liked films such as Home Alone then this movie will suit you.

There are wonderful scenes throughout. Baby Bink escapes his captors and starts crawling round the city and oddly, not one single adult seems to think this is out of the ordinary. The fun is seeing the blundering trio try to recapture him. There are some great moments, particularly when Baby Bink ends up in the gorilla cage at the zoo and when the trio arouse the suspicions of a policeman and Joe Mantegna hides Bink under a coat on his lap.

Whilst children will really enjoy this movie, adults will also get a kick out of it. Worth viewing if you can.
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TheEtherWalk26 November 2002
This movie is incredibly underrated. It has some of the funniest scenes I have ever seen. The park roshambo comes to mind. "THAT'S how you put out camp fires!" I had never laughed so hard in my life (until i saw Austin Powers 2)! Don't take it too seriously and just enjoy it, people. 7/10
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A must watch for everyone. Great comedy for all the ages.
dwivedi_ab14 November 2006
Its simply one of the best movies I have watched. Superbly created movie about a child who tackle 3 bad guys(with god always being on his side) who tried to kidnap him. Very cute kid, funniest scenes and non-stop comedy make this one as great movie. Its difficult to believe that how a child can be made to act like the way one did in this movie. The things simply happens with him. He no where seems to be working in a movie. And this is a great thing to watch.

In the last child is shown watching a book called "Baby's trip to China". I am eagerly waiting for any such sequel of the movie.

Good work and a must watch.
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It made by daughter well it should.
MartinHafer17 November 2018
This story is about three idiot criminals who kidnap an adorable baby. However, the baby turns out to be smarter than them and again and again, it manages to not only get the upper hand but horribly hurt them in the process.

"Baby's Day Out" was a HUGE money-loser...and it's sad, as it was a clever and funny film. In so many ways, it was like "Home Alone" but with a baby instead of McCauley Culkin...combined with huge amounts of Sweetpea from Popeye cartoons. I only saw the movie because the studio was giving out free passes...desperately hoping the film would gain traction, which it didn't.

When we went to this free showing, we took my daughter...who wasn't quite 4. And, I was so glad we did because she spent much of the film laughing so loudly everyone around us was the perfect film for small kids. But I also had a great time because although the movie was about a tiny baby evading some idiot criminals, it also managed to be very funny and well constructed. Overall, a terribly underrated film that manages to entertain everyone in the family.
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Drink your bottle of milk and enjoy this predictable film.
emm13 January 1999
If you remember that old TOM & JERRY cartoon about a baby who crawls out of home and onto the skyscraper, then chances are you know what to expect in BABY'S DAY OUT. After all, somebody finally had a way to translate a familiar and risky situation to the big screen, which is fine and dandy, tried and true. However, it duplicates itself as a hybrid of HOME ALONE all the way, as we've gotten used to booby traps, pitfalls, and other obstacles before. For a comedy, the cartoonish acting fits well for a movie that makes complete idiots suck on a patsy. The tiny toddler provides us a good time with his sense of wit and bravery in outsmarting the crooks and on his long journey back home. Not as bad as some people believed, but a lot of what's going on here is way too predictable. It's amazing why this one bombed the box office!
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Ordinary and absolutely not funny
verminoz24 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I just caught that film on TV and I took the time to watch it. To be true I never expected something really good but I was surprised by how ridiculous and awful it was. What we have here is a bad Home Alone copy with a lost baby outside of his home instead of a young boy inside his home.

So we're starting already with a suffocatingly trivial storyline. Then there comes a series of jokes which again are very ordinary. A lucky and smart baby makes fool of the, almost-stereotype, silly bad guys. A smart boss with two goofy partners find themselves in trouble trying to catch the baby! All these scenes not only are very unreal but they are not funny at all. Some reminded me of the death plans in Final Destination 3. For example there's a scene in a construction site where the three bad guys fall in traps a science fiction novelist would not imagine. And then the boss slips and falls down, gets smacked in the face by a flying hammer (what is so funny about that?) and then an extraterrestrial slime (which is very commonly found in construction sites) falls on him. Hmmm, I think I've seen that before in like 100 films.

So we come to the ending where the "wisdom wind" strikes the baby's nanny and she finds out that the baby has followed the exact story as in a fairy tale she used to read to him. How touching!!! The happy ending comes and reassures the audience that there's absolutely nothing new and nothing funny at all. In my opinion this film is a loss of time.
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This film kind of reminds me of The Stooges
ROCKGOD18 April 1999
The Three Stooges never took the punishment this kid dishes out. The first time I saw this movie, I was at a drive-in with some friends and we were all sitting on the hood of my car. As Baby Bink kept getting the better of the kidnappers I actually laughed so hard I fell off the car, which prompted my friends to laugh even harder. (So I too was a victim of Baby Bink). This is a great family film, even with all the groin jokes (i.e. baby kicks Joe Mantagna in groin, Joe's groin gets set on fire in a scene that makes me sure my son will not touch a lighter until he's 35). Even if you can't suspend belief that a baby could do all the things this kid does, any film with Joe Pantiliano is worth seeing. Parents let the kids watch it, just pray they don't try some of these things on you.
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If you ever need a information out of a terrorist...
iroquoisjoe14 March 2012
Warning: Spoilers
...make them watch this movie.

I was seriously praying for it all to end long before end credits scrolled ( end or the movie's end. I wasn't choosy at that point).

I laughed once. It was a moment of weakness. I'll tell you exactly when it came. After the excruciatingly unfunny (and unnecessarily long) baby-burning-man's-crotch scene there was the actual moment when the fire had to be put out and watching one of the kidnappers vigorously stomp on Joe Mantegna's groin in an enthusiastic attempt to extinguish the flames actually made me chuckle out loud. The happiness was short lived.

Eventually, I was fantasizing about someone kicking me vigorously in the gonads to distract me from the rest of the movie. It was seriously that bad.

The 'who cares' implausibilities about what was happening to the baby in question was only separated by the melancholy acting of the 'mother' and 'nanny'. I don't know which was worse.

Ultimately...torrent it (don't ever pay for this) and keep it on hand in case you have to go all Jack Bauer on your neighborhood Al Qaeda suspect. Otherwise, keep it from your eyes. It will hurt.
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I think it's safe to say....
sirloinsovereign13 February 2006
All movies in which a baby is the main character tea bag. Lets look at some examples: A) Baby's Day Out B) Son of the Mask C) Super Babies Look Who's Talking wasn't too painful. . . . .

I remember seeing this movie during a day camp field trip when I was 8 or 9 years old. Although I hadn't yet developed my current taste in movies, I could tell even at that young age that this was a steaming pile of sh*t.

URC: I hate that blond woman from the West Wing because she was in this movie.

Blah blah blah Ten. There now shut up!
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Baby's Day Out
jboothmillard20 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This comedy from writer John Hughes enters the same territory as Home Alone, with bad guys being humiliated and hurt by the force of kids, and does it nearly as well. Basically Baby Bink Cotwell (twins Adam Robert and Jacob Joseph Worton) has everything he needs, a huge home, a loving mother Laraine (Men in Black II's Lara Flynn Boyle) and father Bennington (Matthew Glave) and his favourite book, read loads of times, "Baby's Day Out", or "boo boo" to him. The parents plan to have the baby's photo taken, and in the process fake photographers and kidnappers Eddie Mauser (The Simpsons' Fat Tony, Joe Mantegna), Norby LeBlaw (Joe Pantoliano) and Veeko Riley (Mars Attacks! actor Brian Haley) take the baby demanding a $5,000,000. Unfortunately Baby Bink escapes, and he follows all the pictures he has memorised in his favourite book, e.g. a pigeon, a taxi, etc, the three bumbling criminals follow and try to get him back, and end up in more painful and comic situations. Also starring Cynthia Nixon as Gilbertine, Fred Dalton Thompson as FBI Agent Dale Grissom, John Neville as Mr. Andrews, Home Alone 2's Eddie Bracken as Old Timer and an unlisted Mike Starr. With a cute baby and some pretty dumb crooks getting hurt and humiliated along the way, you are bound to get a few good giggles, not a bad comedy. Worth watching!
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They actually spent money on this?
ZED-303 September 1999
I cannot believe that they would actually make a movie this bad. I'm no movie expert (at least probably not by the standards of some of you that will read this), but this movie was horrible. It was a two hour version of that Popeye cartoon where Sweet-Pea was crawling around a construction site. And what was Joe Mantegna thinking when he signed on for this movie? Surely business wasn't that slow. Not that I don't like physical comedy, but this cartoonish type of comedy only worked for three people in movies: Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, and Peter Sellers.
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Worst Movie Ever Made
bttflf31 July 2006
This pathetic excuse for a movie is an embarrassment to John Hughes' other masterpieces such as Home Alone. Even Home Alone 3 is better than Baby's Day Out.

During the movie I actually got up, left, and smashed my head against the bathroom wall. This was far less painful than watching this pile of garbage.

It was infuriating to watch this terrible movie knowing I had wasted so much money going to the drive-in. The only redemption I got was when the movie ended, and thousands of other drive-in goers booed it. At least the rest of money was reasonably spent when the 2nd movie of the night showed: True Lies.

Every actor in Baby's Day Out should be smacked in the face with a hammer.
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A must see movie for all the family.
amasterblaster3 June 2000
I laughed all the way through the movie. If you have seen Home Alone and enjoyed it, this is a must see movie for the entire family. The young and old will enjoy this movie. You just want to keep watching to see what the baby will get into next. Will the kidnappers survive?
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An hilarious comedy.
husnain_0518 October 2005
If you liked films such as Home Alone then this movie will suit you. This film is about a little baby(Bink)who gets kidnapped by kidnappers (Norby,Eddie and Veeko). But the baby is just to clever for them and causes more trouble than the kidnappers thought.

Unfortunately baby Bink escapes and now the three crooks are trying to get the baby back in order to get their money.Baby Bink has heard a book by his mother about kidnappers and he does whatever the hero does in the book and the kidnappers get all the punishment that the kidnappers get in his cartoon book.This movie is one of the best movie I have ever seen because it is an hilarious comedy.
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Its better than the stupid rating at least
mockay24 July 2006
The movie appeared to be quite popular when it released and compares nicely to the Home Alone series. For the most part of this movie, the concept actually does work. The baby is just an ingrediant of the underlying plot and concept but the villains really make the movie worth watching. I can't really recall if the plot was so very predictable or not but it have some tense moments despite many many flaws.Sure you've probably seen this 'baby' theme is pretty much every cartoon since Tom and Jerry but this is the only movie that implements something similar, but should certainly not be confused as exactly the same. Whatever the critics may barf, this is one movie you would enjoy with your family.
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Perfect example of Cinema Verite
BentCrewStreak10 February 2004
When my good buddy Wingnut(don't ask) raved about this movie, I was, to say the least, suspicious. "How is a movie about a baby who outwits would be kidnappers gonna fit into my rotation of Cambodian porn flicks?"

Well, I'm here to tell does. I'm sorry I doubted this movie. It is, without a doubt, one of the funniest "laugh out loud" movies that I have ever seen. I'm not going to try to recap the movie. Others on this site have done a far better job than I could. I thought it was going to be a "baby" version of "Home Alone". But, it's actually closer to "Citizen Kane", with it's subtle majesty on display during each and every frame. The inspired antics of little Baby Bink will tug on the most hardened of heartstrings.

Superb performances throughout, especially Joe Pantoliano in the role of a lifetime as Norby. Rudy and I laughed many many times at the bumbling idiots as they tried time and time again to capture Baby Bink, but failed every time! It just never gets old! I've heard that the the best way to experience the rich detail in this tapestry of expert filmmaking is to see it with someone you love...or want to impress. I wholeheartedly second Hckyfn17's enthusiastic exclamation of "Wicked Awesome!" and also musts wonder "Where is the sequel".

John Hughes, why hast thou forsaken me?
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