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More bizarro film making from Hong Kong!
Captain_Couth10 July 2005
Baby Bomb (1994) was a weird film starring Anthony Wong and Sean Lau, they play best of friends and they both work for the Bomb Disposal Unit for the Hong Kong Police Department. One day after work, the two buddies head for their favorite watering hole. Inside they meet a young lady (a very attractive looking Esther Kwan). After a wild night of partying a drinking through a large plastic sack of Heinekens, the two friends find themselves both sprung for Esther. A few weeks later she learns that she's pregnant. Who's the father? To even complicate things further a serial bomber is terrorizing Hong Kong! Can Anthony and Sean continue to work together or will the arrival of the stork destroy their friendship?

A very funny movie and it's highly entertaining and strongly recommended.
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