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  • The movie is about a young couple who their life change dramatically after discovering that their two young daughters have Xeroderma Pigmentosum which makes sun light and some unnatural light dangerous so they have to keep the their two girls in the dark in order to keep them safe.


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  • The movie begins with an attack on the Harrison's family home and then flahes back several months. Jim Harrison and his wife Kim have three children, a son from her first marraige Bobby (Who Jim regards as his) and two daughters Jamie and Sherry, who refuse to play outdoors, infact at one point Bobby refers to his sisters as the moles

    At the local park during Bobby's birthday party Jamie begins screaming and is rushed to a local hospital, sevearl expensive tests later, (Jim has to sell his beloved bike to pay for them) They are giving the diagnosis. Soon after they learn Sherry has the disease as well.

    The Harrison's board up windows in a desperate attempt to keep their daughters from harm, but they are unable to ignore the taunts from neighbors or the violent attack on their home. Finaly fed up Jim and Kim decide to take the chilren to California and doctor who' reseaching a cure.

    They have a run in with a cop who at first doesn't understand about the disease, but in the end helps them on their way.

    Finally ariving in Calfornia thye learn the doctor is years from a cure. Upset and despereate they pull into field to spend the night. Only to be awoken by the man who owns the land and his dog. When the guy discovers the girls he becomes even more angry. Kim tells him her daughters are sick and he asks why. At his beaking point Jim tells him "If my little girls get light on them they can die."

    The man turns friendly and invites them for breakfast, an act that seems farfetched until the Harrisons meet his son, who is bobby's age and has down syndrome. The farmer and his wife help the Harrisons get odd jobs and find a place to live.

    At a Christmas party a few weeks later Kim notices no one will take their food. A little boy literally says "no way." When she offers him her cookies. She explodes that they only want to be left alone, telling Jim they think they can catch this.

    One by one though the townfolk come forward to reasure her that the Harrison's have a place here. Infact the boy simply doesn't like oatmeal cookies. The people of the new town also talk Kim into teaching ballet and the movie ends at the first rehearsal.

    The movie ends wth the following informaton.

    The Harrisons live in California Jamie and Sherry are still alive They still live in the dark They are loved

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