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  • Sunil and some of his friends start a band and perform at weddings and special occasions. Sunil is in love with Aana but Aana loves Chris; when Sunil finds out about this he decides to utilize the best of his powers to prevent the couple from meeting only to stand exposed in the eyes of Aana who throws him out from the music band. He finds an opportunity coming his way when Chris' parents arrange his marriage elsewhere but another calamity occurs when when Chris finds out that he failed his exam forcing him to forge a certificate which states that he is successful at the exam in the eyes of his parents.

  • Sunil is a carefree guy whose father expects every year that he would pass in his final year.But he is mostly interested in music and loves Anna.His friend Chris to likes Anna.The trio belong to musical band and are awaiting for their break.Mr Patel offers them to sing in their club but Sunil is left from the group as he tried to badmouth Anna's character when he found Chris to likes her.During their first performance the group is attacked by drunkards in the club which they usually do when they don't like a band.Sunil comes to their rescue and his performance with others inspires the local Don Anthony Gomes who becomes his fan.The band forgives Sunil and he rejoins them.Sunil feels that he should propose Anna now.But is left broken when he finds Anna loves Chris and they are planning to get married soon.

  • Sunil belongs to a middle-class family, and is intent in pursuing his career with a music group, despite of his dad disapproval. Sunil is also in love with Anna, but Anna does not really love him but actually likes him as a friend.


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  • The movie begins with Sunil (Shah Rukh Khan) being woken up from his dream of marrying the girl he loves, Anna (Suchitra Krishnamurthy), by Sunil's sister (Sadiya Siddiqui). Sunil is a happy-go-lucky scamp who loves music and is not interested in studies, which bothers his father, Vinayak (Anjan Srivastav). Sunil, Anna and Chris (Deepak Tijori) are 3 members of a 6-person music band, who are looking to make it big. Anna rejoins the group after being away for a while, which makes Chris happy too, as he too loves Anna. After Anna reenters his life, Sunil begins to try and change his ways in order to get Anna to fall in love with him.

    During a performance at a friend's wedding, Sunil realizes that Anna and Chris have some chemistry between them. Sunil is devastated, so he decides to create a rift between Anna and Chris. Sunil eventually gets caught in his own web of lies. Anna, furious with Sunil for such a betrayal, slaps him and decides to never talk to Sunil ever after. Sunil is thrown out of the band for being a miscreant. However, as luck were to have it, fortune favors Sunil who saves the band from being heckled at a local club performance by putting on a stellar show, so the entire band forgives and forgets.

    Meanwhile, Anna's father has been giving thought to getting her settled in life, and decides that Chris is worthy of the honour. He makes his intentions known to approach Chris' parents with a proposal. However, Chris' parents have other ideas, and decide Chris' marriage to their friend's daughter. Anna and her family are dejected.

    Sunil consoles Anna during this time, and the tide slowly turns in his favor. Anna's father, having realized that Sunil will love and take care of Anna, convince Anna to marry Sunil. Sunil is overjoyed, until he realizes Anna still loves Chris. Sunil decides to reunite the two and get them married. On the wedding day, as Chris and Anna are about to exchange rings, Chris' ring slips out of his hand and rolls out of sight. Everybody starts searching for it. Sunil spots the ring but feigns ignorance, even as his younger sister gazes at him with a heavy heart. Eventually Chris locates the ring and the couple get married.

    Just after the wedding, Sunil is shown sitting on the sidewalk, dejected and heartbroken. By happenstance, a random girl (Juhi Chawla), who is lost and is seeking directions, approaches Sunil. Some time later, Sunil and the girl are seen walking in the moonlight and talking merrily.

    The movie ends with Anthony and Vasco, two criminals who are a part of the story, see Sunil with the new girl and break the fourth wall, saying that Sunil will be alright. The criminals hear the police siren and immediately scamper away as the credits roll.

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