The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure (Video 1994) Poster

Heather Hogan: Ducky



  • [Ducky falls into a pit screaming] 

    Littlefoot : Ducky!

    Cera : It's all right. I got her.

    Ducky : You mean I got you!

  • [Ducky's stomach growls] 

    Ducky : My tummy is making it's hungry noise again.

    Petrie : My tummy talk too.

    [stomach gurgles] 

    Petrie : It say, "Feed me."

  • Cera : I suppose you all got the same lecture I did?

    Petrie : Me too young to wander far.

    Ducky : We are not grown up and should remember it.

    Littlfoot : There are many dangers. I should always be careful.

    Cera : Don't hang around with longnecks, big faces, and spike tails.

    [the others glare at her] 

    Cera : Well, it was... mostly the same lecture.

  • Cera : We can't keep him, and that's final!

    Littlfoot : But Cera, he's just a baby! He needs us.

    Petrie : He need me too much!

    Ducky : No, Chomper! You cannot eat Petrie! No!

    Chomper : Huh?

    Ducky : Huh? I said no! Just like my parents! Oh, no no no no no!

  • Ducky : Let's play! Let's play!

    Littlefoot : Not it!

    Ducky : Not it!

    Cera : Well, I'm not it.

    Petrie : Me not it either.

    Ducky , Littlefoot , Cera , Petrie : Spike's it!

  • Cera : That wasn't any fun at all.

    Ducky : Yep, yep. No fun at all.

    Petrie : Boring.

    Littlefoot : So what do you want to do now?

    Spike : [very pathetically]  I don't know.

    Ducky : I know! I know! We can go to the Sheltering Grass... and play Sharp Tooth Attack!

    [Ducky immitates Sharp Tooth as the others laugh] 

    Cera : No way! Not if I have to be the Sharp Tooth again!

    Petrie : Hey! Why not Spike be Sharp Tooth?

  • Ducky : Hello, baby brother or sister.

  • Cera : Chomper? What's a Chomper?

    Ducky : It is his name, silly.

  • Petrie : Good shot, Ducky!

    Ducky : Thank you, Petrie.

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