The Ref (1994) Poster


Richard Bright: Murray


  • Murray : Gus?

    Gus : What?

    Murray : When are we gonna open presents?

    Gus : Presents? Is that what you said? Presents? We'll open them when we get there. No, in fact, I'll save you the trouble. Your present is a giant fucking cannon. And you're gonna crawl in it. Then I'm gonna get 2 pounds of gunpowder and I'm gonna shoot you right out of Jersey! And then I'm gonna drive to Jersey, and pick up all the parts of your body and put them in a plastic bag. Then I'm gonna drive to my house with you in the bag and toss you into the fireplace. I'm gonna get my glass of whiskey and watch the Charlie Brown Special with your ashes burning IN MY FUCKING HOUSE! AGH!

    Murray : Gus?

    Gus : What?

    Murray : What's that smell?

    Gus : Shut up.

  • [Gus on the phone with a bartender] 

    Gus : Is there a Murray there?

    Bartender : [to the patrons]  Is there a Murray here?

    [Into the phone] 

    Bartender : I don't think he's here, pal.

    Gus : See if there's a waste of fucking life named Murray, try that.

    Bartender : [to the patrons]  Is there a fucking waste of life named Murray here?

    Murray : Gussy? Yeah that's me.

  • Murray : [On the phone]  How do I know this is Gussy?

    Gus : Because the next time I see you I'm gonna tear all the hair outta your balls ONE BY ONE, you fuckin' mule! How about that?

  • Gus : [into phone]  Murray! How are ya, pal?

    Murray : I'm fine Gussie. How are you?

    Gus : Oh, just a little tired after running for ten hundred


    Gus : fuckin' miles because there was no fuckin' car waiting for me!

    [beats the phone against the counter numerous times, then back into phone] 

    Gus : What did I tell you? I told you to act like a drunk vagrant imbecile! Is that too much of a *fuckin'* stretch?

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