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Glynis Johns: Rose



  • Gus : You know what, lady? I'd like to tie you to the back of a fucking truck.

    Rose : You don't have the balls.

    [Gus leaps up from his chair toward Rose and is intercepted by Lloyd] 

    Lloyd : Don't do it! It's not worth it.

    Gus : I fucking hate her, Lloyd!

    Lloyd : I know, I know.

    Gus : What is the matter with you? I thought mothers were sweet and nice a-a-and Patient. I know loan sharks who are more forgiving than you. Your husband ain't dead, lady. He's hiding.

  • Rose : You're a "Wong"?

    Gus : Well, my mother was Irish.

    Rose : And your father?

    Gus : Wasn't.

  • Lloyd : Mother.

    Rose : What?

    Lloyd : Is it possible for you to shut the fuck up for five minutes?

  • Rose : What difference does any of this make now? You're getting a divorce.

    Lloyd : Mother.

    Rose : What?

    Lloyd : Is it possible for you to shut the fuck up for ten seconds?

    Rose : Lloyd, don't talk to me like that in my own house.

    Lloyd : You know what, Mom? You know what I'm going to get you next Christmas? A big, wooden cross. So anytime you feel unappreciated for all your sacrifices, you can climb on up and nail yourself to it.

  • Rose Chasseur : Gary, get me my bags!

    Connie Chasseur : Oh, get them yourself! He's not your errand-boy!

    Rose Chasseur : Has everyone gone nuts? Who the hell do you think you are?

    Connie Chasseur : Slipper socks! Medium!

  • Lloyd : Caroline? Why don't you eat something?

    Caroline : [Drunk]  Loyd? Why don't you eat me?

    Connie Chasseur : Kids, go to into the den. This not a conversation for children.

    Rose Chasseur : It is not an apprioprate conversation for adults either.

    Gus : Where are you going?

    Rose Chasseur : To the living room. To leave you to your quilting. I be there to open presents. If my plans change I will contact you.

    Lloyd : Why don't we all go into the living room, we'll have our drink and deserts in there.

    Caroline : [to Loyd]  Phoney Bastard!

    Gus : Caroline, shut up.

    Connie Chasseur : Let's all go to the den...

    Gus : Sit down Connie sit.

    Connie Chasseur : Excuse me, I am not one of you patients.

    Gus : You're going to be somebody's patient if you don't get your ass back down in that chair.

  • Rose : Sounds too sweet!

    Caroline : Then don't eat it!

    [Throws pie down on the table] 

  • Lloyd : Coffee, Mom?

    Rose Chasseur : Is it real coffee? Or some Scandinavian Christmas potion?

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