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MPAA Rated PG for sci-fi action and some mild language

Sex & Nudity

  • Two female Klingons reveal large amounts of cleavage through their metal clothing (hard to see.)
  • No sex scenes. Only one or two very mild references.

Violence & Gore

  • Hand to hand combat. Someone falls many stories to their death and we see a small trickle of blood from their mouth. People are killed aboard a space station by a mysterious energy and on a ship in space combat. Another person is killed by an explosion and very briefly we see their body fly back and become engulfed in the flames. There are a couple of science fiction weapons fired, but no one is ever hit.


  • God's name is said in vain once.
  • "Hell" (several times) and "shit" (one time)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some casual drinking. (Though it is unspecified whether it is alcohol or not and played for laughs)

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Perhaps the most emotionally intense and disturbing film of the Star Trek Film series.
  • A man shows his friend a picture of his nephew and begins to weep explaining that his nephew and family had just recently burned to death in a fire.
  • An intense scene where a ship crash lands on a planet. People go flying inside from the impact.
  • The part inside the Nexus can be very emotional and Kirk's death.

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