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Director & Actor Teams: The Overlooked & Underrated (Part 2 of 2)

Following are some supplemental sections featuring notable director & actor teams that did not meet the criteria for the main body of the article. Some will argue that a number of these should have been included in the primary section but keep in mind that film writing on any level, from the casual to the academic, is a game of knowledge and perception filtered through personal taste.


Other Notable Director & Actor Teams

This section is devoted to pairings where the duo worked together at least 3 times with the actor in a major role in each feature film, resulting in 1 must-see film.

Terence Young & Sean Connery

Must-See Collaboration: From Russia with Love (1962).

Other Collaborations: Action of the Tiger (1957), Dr. No (1962), Thunderball (1965).

Director Young and actor Connery teamed up to create one of the very best Connery-era James Bond films with From Russia with Love which features a great villainous performance by Robert Shaw
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Manning up for The Expendables 2 - The Dolph Lundgren Rampage

Tom Jolliffe mans up in preparation for The Expendables 2 with an overdose of explosive action cinema, beginning with 'The Dolph Lundgren Rampage'...

Over the course of the next 6 weeks, I will be getting myself ready for the action spectacular that is The Expendables 2. This will be possibly the manliest film ever made, so with that in mind I feel it necessary to man the hell up in preparation by re-watching films from the Expendables themselves. Each star, a load of action, and possibly a whole bunch of dead brain-cells by the time the release date rolls around.

The rules are simple. I shall be avoiding the most iconic roles, like Rambo for Sly, the Terminator for Arnold etc., with the exception of naff sequels. I will be thinking randomly, delving into some of the darkest recesses of these muscular CVs, as well as some films that simply get forgotten.
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Dolph Lundgren is out for Round 2!

Tom Jolliffe discusses the ins and outs, ups and downs, past, present and future of Ivan Drago...

One of the Reagan era children, from the taut, muscular womb of 80’s action cinema, Dolph Lundgren never quite hit the big league. In the shadow of Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Willis were Van Damme, Seagal, and Norris. Then you’d say next in line was Dolph Lundgren. So why, off the back of hitting it big, and hitting it fast, did Lundgren never achieve a sustained career in the multiplexes?

Lundgren is a genuine, bonafide genius. Having studied chemical engineering in his younger days, obtaining a masters, he was offered a Fulbright scholarship at MIT. However the lure of acting was too much and a career in Hollywood beckoned. In fact he did not have long to wait for his big break at all. That break of course, being Rocky IV (1985). Aside from Lundgren being,
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Welcome back, Dolph Lundgren! We...okay, I missed you

Welcome back, Dolph Lundgren! We...okay, I missed you
This weekend, I will be front-row-center at The Expendables. I’ll be the guy with the drool bib on. Now, let me be clear: It’s not because I’m dying to see the side of aged beef that is Sylvester Stallone or soak up the chrome-domed Cockney bad-assery of Jason Statham (who I like a lot). It’s not because of Jet Li, who I could take or leave. And since I never really got all that geeked up about mixed martial arts or professional wrestling, the presence of Randy Couture or “Stone ColdSteve Austin doesn’t mean that much to me.
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