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Season 1

5 Feb. 1995
In the late 19th century, several nouveau riche families find they are having difficulty breaking into the upper crust of New York's social set. All are concerned that their daughters have the correct social standing. The Clossons arrange for their daughter Conchita to marry an Englishman, Lord Richard Marabel. The St.Georges hire and English governess, Laura Testvalley, for their youngest daughter Nan who is upset her older sister Virginia has more freedom than she. It's Miss Testvalley who suggests that the girls go to London for the season after which they should ...
12 Feb. 1995
The young ladies have little trouble attracting men. Even the married Conchita has sound someone to replace her much absent husband Richard. Virginia is attracted to Lord Seadown but so is Lizzy Elmsworth. A surprise visit from their landlady and Seadown's lover, Idina Hatton, forces everyone's hand. Virginia and Seadown are married but she is somewhat shocked to learn on her wedding day his real reason for marrying her. Nan meanwhile is upset to learn that the handsome but penniless Guy Thwaite is leaving for South America after having signed a two year contract to ...
19 Feb. 1995
Some time has passed. Virginia has given birth to a boy, much to the excitement of Lord Brightlingsea. Her relationship with Seadown however has grown cold however and when her father informs them that he has lost everything in a stock market crash, her use is further diminished. Nan doesn't suffer from money problems but has difficulty in her new role as the Duchess of Trevenick, now responsible for a large household and all of the estate's finances. She and Julius eventually consummate their marriage and she becomes pregnant. Tragedy ensues however. Lizzy Elmsworth ...
26 Feb. 1995
Conchita turns to Nan for help in dealing with her unwanted pregnancy. Nan, who has been kept on a short leash as far as money goes, opens her heart to her and says she would like nothing better than to turn back the clock to a time before her marriage. She asks Julius to give her the £500 Conchita needs and he eventually does so. Her misunderstanding of the situation leads to a major row. Sir Helmsley has taken an interest in Laura Testvalley but her friend Jackie warns her there are several women in his life. Nan and Virginia's father has had a run of good luck and ...
5 Mar. 1995
Nan returns to her husband's home where she and Julius strike a truce of sorts. Julius' mother, the Dowager Duchess, tells him to wait six months so as to ensure she is not pregnant by another man. Nan visits her husband's bedroom late one night to find him asleep in bed with someone else. Julius and Guy Thwaite argue over Guy's proposal to abolish the House of Lords but jealousy is clearly part of the difference between them. Seadown learns of Idina's death and he and Virginia start anew. At the village fête, Guy and Nan make a final decision on their future together...

 Season 1 

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