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Season 2

6 Apr. 1996
What Goes Up...
Ed goes undercover on a space program to oversee the deployment of a new satellite. But as the seconds tick down to the launch, a saboteur prepares to strike.
13 Apr. 1996
...Must Come Down
Whilst Ed is stranded aboard the crippled shuttle, Ros and Beckett attempt to unmask the saboteur within Ground Control. Meanwhile, a more deadly enemy resurfaces.
20 Apr. 1996
Bugged Wheat
The team comes up against a pesticide company's scheme to spread worldwide famine, using genetically engineered insects infected with a deadly micro-virus.
27 Apr. 1996
Whirling Dervish
When a consortium of airlines plans to use a stealth plane to bring down a rival passenger airline, Ed goes undercover as a fighter pilot. Meanwhile, the team realize that someone is manipulating them.
4 May 1996
A guided tour of a hi-tech nuclear power station turns into a hostage crisis for Ros when the building is stormed by eco-terrorists. However, the situation is not what it seems.
11 May 1996
Gold Rush
The Monetary Commission recruits the team when a microbe is released into their gold vault which will literally eat their gold reserves. Whilst Ros goes after the antidote, Ed becomes trapped in the vault as lethal security countermeasures are activated.
8 Jun. 1996
The Bureau of Weapons
The Gizmos team race to stop Jean-Daniel after he unleashes an artificial intelligence across the Internet - leading Ros to make a terrible sacrifice.
22 Jun. 1996
A Cage for Satan
As Jean-Daniel puts the final stages of his master-plan into action, Ed and Beckett must prevent Ros from unwittingly activating the deadly computer virus stored within her mind.

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