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1 Apr. 1995
Out of the Hive
Helicopter pilot Ed, electronics expert Ros Henderson and government agent Nick Beckett find themselves working together in an attempt to prevent the theft of a powerful satellite device from a government agency.
8 Apr. 1995
Assassins Inc.
When Ed, Ros and Beckett set out on a mission to bring down hi-tech weapons dealer Irene Campbell, she targets the team with her latest and most lethal technology.
15 Apr. 1995
All Under Control
When a passenger aircraft is hijacked by remote control, the Gizmos team is called in to investigate the plane's state-of-the-art navigation system.
22 Apr. 1995
Down Among the Dead Men
Hired to investigate the link between the theft of ship components and the former employee of a large city bank, the Gizmos team encounter theft, murder, and a bank heist by submarine.
29 Apr. 1995
Shotgun Wedding
When the team's plan to protect Italian politician Anna Fabrizi from a lethal assassin goes horribly wrong, Ed is forced to go undercover and must make an impossible decision - kill Anna Fabrizi or die.
6 May 1995
When Gizmos are hired to provide security for the launch of a new sports car, they instead become caught up in the theft of a prototype nuclear-powered stealth tank, which could destroy the city if not recovered.
20 May 1995
Manna from Heaven
Phodex is a revolutionary type of food which could end world famine. When an attempt is made to steal samples, Gizmos are called in to investigate - and they discover that Phodex holds a deadly secret.
27 May 1995
Hot Metal
When a new type of metal is discovered to have explosive properties, Gizmos are brought in to prevent it's theft by a mercenary who has developed a way to silence explosions.
3 Jun. 1995
A Sporting Chance
Gizmos stumble across the sinister plans of mercenary Colonel Easterhaus when they investigate the collapse of several athletes at a sports institution.
10 Jun. 1995
Whilst investigating the disappearance of several company executives, Ed, Ros and Beckett stumble on to a plan to destroy the economic centers of London and Geneva, devised by a criminal mastermind.

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