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Sex & Nudity

  • * We see Lauren in a hot-tub in one scene. Gus then joins her.
  • * Amber asks Gus to "make love to me." Amber shows lots of skin, acts suggestively towards Gus throughout.
  • * Teri opens her shirt and reveals her frontal nudity to Peter (but we don't see anything).
  • * In anger, Gus tells Lauren he slept with her friends during their marriage (but of course, he's lying).

Violence & Gore

  • * At the beginning, we see "The Cold Steel Kid" rescuing "The Girl" from her imprisonment and spraying "Killshot" with a hose, weakening him. "The Cold Steel Kid" uses a hand-held automatic gun to blow away random henchman in the trees."Killshot" throws missiles and blow up the heroes as they drive off in the jeep--but all this is just the video game.
  • * "Killshot" is a hulking juggernaut who breaks through Lauren's apartment and throws the front door at Gus, pinning him to the ground. He chases Lauren around the apartment until Gus fires a water gun at "Killshot" which burns him--we see smoke emiting from him. He then leaps out the window and lands on the pavement--putting a hole in it.
  • * "Killshot" lunges at Peter, chasing him around the lab. "Killshot" destroys numerous things as he pursues Peter.
  • * "Killshot" gives a wedgie to a soldier and robs him. Another soldier fires several gunshots at "Killshot," but they just bounce off him. He then throws a "football bomb" at Gus and Lauren while in Gus' car. The two have to evacuate the car and they jump into the pier.
  • * Gus comes across the helicopter while Lauren is captive and prepares to spray "Killshot" with a seltzer bottle, but "Killshot" smashes it. "Killshot" then attempts to tackle Gus, but he dives out of the way and out the door. Lauren sprays his hand with a squirt pistol (burning him in pain) and "Killshot" falls into the ocean and instantly dissolves. Lauren slaps Gus in anger at the end of the episode.
  • * "The Boss" grabs as a truck driver by the lapel and throws him out of the truck--and then blasts his "termination pink slips" at him, dissolving the driver into flaming ash. He does likewise to an employee of an electronics store, but the employee ducks out of the way. Gus and Lauren shoot him with Red Ink, burning him
  • * The Boss later does the same to a security guard. When another security guard holds a gun on "The Boss" and Jackal, "The Boss" simply grabs the guard by the jaw and lifts him off the ground.
  • * We see "Evil Shirley" touch numerous men and freeze them solid. She later shoots Icicles at people, missing a lot--but she hits Lauren and she freezes. She's eventually hit by a motor home and disappears into a white blur.
  • * A security guard fires a shot at Gus who bumps his head against the wall (but the gun the guard had wasn't real). A tanker nearly rams into a building--but it stops there. A bunch of toy remote control tankers run into various people and objects that are loaded with nitro--causing massive explosions. One prepares to blow Harry up, but Gus stops it.
  • * Gus loads one toy tanker in a model cannon and fires it at "The Boss," causing him to explode.
  • * "The Practical Joker" uses his joy buzzer to turn a man into toasted bread (presumably killing him). He later attempts to do the same to Jackal, but it doesn't work. He also uses it to blast laser shots at Peter's feet. The Jackal pushes the key button on the VCR--causing the "The Practical Joker" to disintegrate.
  • * One of the Jackals henchman--a Samurai Sushi-Chef smashes a window with bare hand, steals a knife and demonstrates a cutting trick. He's then erased.
  • * Some goons following The Jackal act threateningly until The Jackal shoots balls of fire at them to make them go away. The Jackal later angrily shoots fire in the lab at Gus and Peter, causing some major damage.
  • * The Jackal uses his cane as a blow-torch to lit the elevator roof on fire. After other occupants flee, The Jackal holds his flaming cane to Gus and they struggle. Lauren places the Jackal's secondary weakness (a Bobby Mercer card) and smoke emits--The Jackals reacts in agony. Then Gus, Lauren and The Jackal get sucked into the video game itself. The Jackal chases the heroes around causing a lot of video-game mayhem--slaying an immobile surgeon, burning through a few doors while dodging the deadly (to The Jackal) Bobby Mercer baseballs Gus/"The Cold Steel Kid" shoots at him. At one point, Jackal hits an automatic door button, knocking the launcher out of Gus'/"The Cold Steel Kid's" hand. He gets one last ball (thanks to Peter) and hurls it at The Jackal, causing him to go up in light and smoke.
  • * "The Camp Counselor" fires shots from his Swiss Pocket Knife/weapon at a TV-talk show guest--causing damage to the TV-show set itself. He also knocks a security guard aside. Gus fires an arrow from a bow at him, but misses. He later misses again. "The Camp Counselor" fires at Gus and Amber, but misses. Lauren shoots charcoal at "The Camp Counselor," which hurts him and causes him to "smoke" in pain. Gus misses "The Camp Counselor" with an arrow, puncturing a tire. "The Camp Counselor" fires at Lauren (and Red who has the "Fireworks" stand) and ignites all the fireworks, causing a jubilee of explosion. Gus unloads a ball-launcher loaded with charcoal at "The Camp Counselor" with hurts him--he reacts like he's getting hit with B.B. bullets. Gus then shoots "The Camp Counselor" with an arrow, causing him (and unfortunately Lauren, as well) to dissolve.
  • * When two "Ambers" appear, they cancel each other out and both obliterate.
  • * Nathan Abrahams, "The Motivation Speaker" shoots a man with an audiotape from his Walkman-Gun and dissolves him to a pile of smoldering audiotape. We later see a mugger knocking off a Quik-Stop and Nathan steps in. The mugger shoots Nathan twice to no avail. He then fires a test shot at a bag of popcorn, which explodes. The mugger tries shooting Nathan again who afterwards just shoots the mugger with his cassette gun and turns him into a pile of audiotape. Nathan attempts to do the same to Lauren, but she ducks out of the way in time and he does it to a display stand instead. Gus comes rushing in and shoots Nathan with a paintball gun, which does effectively wound Nathan and sends him crashing into a display stand. Gus holds the paintball gun on Nathan again, but it jams. Gus and Nathan each hold a weapon on each other, but when Nathan holds the gun on Lauren, Gus surrenders. Gus sneaks an audiotape into Nathan's sandwich and it causes Nathan to obliterate.
  • * "The Car Mechanic" tasers a man with his weapon, a stun-gun shaped like an old-fashioned calculator. Detective Torn grabs The Jackal by the lapel, but the Jackal pulls Dorn's grip off him. Dorn holds a gun on The Jackal and The Car Mechanic. Gus fires his squirt-gun (with brake fluid) at "The Car Mechanic," burning him. Dorn fires a bullet at The Car Mechanic, but The Jackal merely catches the bullet and breaks Lauren's mirror (the key weapon against "The Car Mechanic") and tasers Detective Dorn, nearly killing him. "The Car Mechanic" tasers numerous other people. The Car Mechanic breaks the side car door open. Dorn fires bullets from his .38 at "The Car Mechanic" (but of course, it doesn't work). Peter pulls Dorn out of the way before he gets blasted by a laser--there's a massive explosion. Peter holds a huge mirror up to "The Car Mechanic"--then he's obliterated.
  • * "The Trash Man" shoots a real garbage man with his special weapon conversion gun, turning him into a literal bag of garbage. He then throws trash all over Gus' lawn and breaks one of his house windows. "The Trash Man" sprays poison all over art at a museum, defacing a lot of art--and injuring people. Lauren sprays cleaning supplies on "The Trash Man," hurting him. Gus attempts to hit "The Trash Man" with his Kryptonite, but misses. He climbs on top of "The Trash Man," but is tossed to the ground. Lauren strikes "The Trash Man" with said Kryptonite--and he disappears.
  • * We see several demos of the game where "The Cold-Steel Kid" and "The Girl" are battling the foe-of-the-week and are shooting at said henchman, with lots of open-fire and explosions. Someone ultimately gets killed in the end of the scene.


  • A few very mild obscenties throughout.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • * The Jackal is often seen drinking champagne and sometimes smoking a cigar.
  • * In "The Motivational Speaker," people are seen drinking at a New Year's Eve ball.
  • * Danny Schlect is seen smoking in his office.
  • *In two instances, The Jackal gives Gus champagne.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • None, really. Much of the action is very mildly PG and not especially realistic.

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